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Globalization & Future for the US Constitution. Homeschooling as a first example..

Posted by truthpills on 2006/06/22

By: Truth Pills

The EU has endorsed most of the UN Constitution/Convention laws.  The EU is overriding each member countries with the UN Convention laws.  This is starting to happen in the US by adopting UN Convention laws into our (US) Constitution.  US conflicting laws are being thrown out, that means your freedom and rights.  The UN members that are making the rules include countries such as North Korea, China, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Iran,…  We have already lost so much freedom in the last decade.  In the next decade, freedom will be hard to find.  Just remember what the RIAA (music) & MPAA are doing in the past 2 years.  They are suing kids, and in many cases have the FBI seize equipment without a warrant over little things… a handful of mp3 songs.

The “new laws” will be arbitary, enforcement and prosecution will be arbitary.  Read the crackdown on Homeschoolers in Belgium to get an example of what it will be like in the future.

Crackdown on Homeschoolers: It�s the UN Wot Done It

Canada, the United States, and Mexico…a possible merger?


The ACLU–Not looking out for your best interests

Christians ‘gagged’ on LA courthouse steps

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Can this happen in America?

Posted by truthpills on 2006/06/21

By: Truth Pills

America has the Bill of Rights in the Constitution that grant us 10 freedoms.   Now, they are mostly gone.  Starting from 9/11, 4th amendment (against illegal Search and Seizure) is gone–Patriot Act,  Homeland security, etc.  The 1st amendment is mostly out the door.   Tactics: Crisis then new restrictions.

When I told people that Christians are being prosecuted by the law because they preached about God or displayed about God or Bible verses in public places like parks, subways, and etc, no one believed me.  This is a Christian country, they said this is impossible.  Look at Alliance Defense Fund for some of the cases they are working on.

One group of Christian in Philadelphia may get 47 years in prison because say read Bible verses at public events!  Due to multiculturalism and zero-tolerance, No Christian can say anything that will offend anybody. If you preached about God, you are going to jail.  But, if you preach to people including kids to be gay, to go against God, it’s okay.  The US is preaching that Globalism, Humanism, Satanism, and Atheism are good, and God & Bible are evil.  Did you know that most law enforcement officers are freemasons (low level Satan worshippers)? Most CEO & high level government officials including judges are in the i l l u m i n a t i (high level Satan worshippers).  They are all hiding under a Christian veil.  The veil will be lifted up soon.

If you have kids in public school, the ACLU & gov are starting programs to encourage gay behaviors at public school.  There is a law in the works that will make “home-school” to be illegal.  Then your kids will have no choice but be brain washed by Satan’s lies and be Satan’s slave.  “If you know the Truth, the Truth will set you free!”

The prosecution of Christians in the near future will be bloody as described in the Bible.  For Christians, the only armor & sword is the Bible (Word of God).  It is sharper than any two-edge sword.  It can pierce through the body, soul, & spirit.  It can kill demons and demon possessed people.

Here are the latest articles:
Prosecutor: Bible is ‘fighting words’
Husband and Wife on Trial
Judge rules against Christians who preached to homosexuals
Homosexuals planned Christian harassment
U.S. attorneys complicit in arrest of Christians?

‘Reformed’ gays demand a voice in America’s schools
Gay guarantee for provincial curriculum

Church ‘could be forced to bless gay weddings’

U.S. Court Calls for Deportation of Chinese Christian

There are thousands of new cases everyday. Google will help you find them.

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