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USA, Mexico, Canada merging into North America SuperState?

Posted by truthpills on 2006/07/10

By: Truth Pills

I am not sure if you guys have been reading the news.  There seems to be an agenda to create a North America Superstate.  I think this is to challenge the EU.  The EU’s economy (GDP) & population is bigger than the US.  The US needs cheap labor & people to sell goods to.  The American market is saturated and growth is needed.

If the Book of Revelation Ch17 in the Bible is interpreted correctly, the question would be When will (and not if) we create this superstate.   Well, then what form of government will it be?  I think it would be Socialist and not Democratic as we KNEW it.  We are already moving close to a Socialist government.

And…. just in case you didn’t know, “Amaracu [Uh mar oo coo.] According to Pryse, from the latter comes the word America. Amaracu is literally translated land of the serpent.”  America has a secret destiny.  One of God’s modern phophet said, watch out America–California, Las Vegas, NY, DC, Florida, you will burn like Sodom and Ghomorrah????  Your sins have reached heaven?  [ also in Revelation Ch 18 ]

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