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YouTube: Police Tasered UCLA student 5 times for not leaving the library fast enough

Posted by truthpills on 2006/11/22

By: Truth Pills

This is your Patriot Act at work in America, I mean the New World Order.   There’s no such place as America according to President Bush.  First, it will be North America Union (This will be a big issue on 2008 election), then the New World Order.

Bush doesn’t think America should be an actual place

The police love the taser because it tortures you without killing you to show you who is the boss.  The police says jump, you say how high.  If you don’t do what the police says, he will give you some taser.  The police are having so much fun with the tasers, it’s like the little boys with squirt guns.

Here’s the articles and YouTube video.  It was very difficult for me to watch this video without feeling angry and to plead for mercy.

UCLA Police Taser Student in Powell

Student to file suit in Taser incident

Taser Incident at UCLA Under Review

If you don’t complain about these government injustices, they’ll think it’s okay.  They’ll turn up the heat a little bit at a time until you are cooked.

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Article: We’re All Prisoners, Now: US Citizens to be Required ”Clearance” to Leave USA

Posted by truthpills on 2006/11/04

By: Truth Pills

This is an interesting article.  It says that the Homeland Security will have this system running by Jan 2007 that will require US citizens to get clearance to leave the country.  It’s talking about vacation purposes and not immigrating to another country.  The next time you leave the country, you may have problems coming back in too.

This is all done in the name of your safety.  The Homeland Security keeps on taking our rights and Constitution away from us.  When will they stop?  Until you ask permission to go to the grocery store?

You can’t believe it?  You can read all about it in. http://sianews.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3023

This is not the first article on this issue.  There are many radio talk hosts discussing about the disappearing Constitution such as Alex Jones at http://www.prisonplanet.com, http://www.infowars.com.  Several members of Congress, Jerome Corsi, Michael Conner (Seizing America), and thousands of others authors, talk hosts.  You are going to hear more about it.  If you ask, you’ll receive; if you search, you’ll find; and if you knock, the door will open to you.

I watched “Broken Government” in CNN yesterday.  CNN said that Congress only works 100 days in a year, that’s 2 days in a week.  Now, that’s a dream job!  They don’t read the bills they pass.  Now that’s scary!

Have fun and enjoy your rights while you have them!

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