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Are your prescription drugs slowly killing you? [Death by Medicine] Western Medicine kills 150k+ people per year.

Posted by truthpills on 2006/12/28

By: Truth Pills

John 8:32 [Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free ]

Are you in bondage to the drug companies because of their prescription drugs?  Many Kids today are taking prescription drugs for asthma, ADHD, Autism, neurological and psychological changing drugs.  Most people in their 40’s are taking at least one drug; 3+ drugs in their upper 40’s, and a whole lot by 50’s.  What’s going on?  High Blood pressure, High cholestrol, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzhimer, Arthritis, Obesity, and so on.  How much money are people spending on health insurance, copay, deductables, drugs, surgeries, and other hospital bills.  Your money is going down the tubes.  Companies are bleeding over health care costs.

What is a major source of all these problems?  Drugs specifically Prescription drugs and vaccines

Prescription drugs are dangerous because they are highly toxic.  The new classes of drugs–ACE Inhibitor, COX-2 inhibitor, Beta-blockers are even more dangerous.  The side effects can be fatal–multiple organ figure, e.g. heart attack, stroke, liver and kidney failure.  Here are some of the recent drugs that were pulled of the market or had new warning labels:

* torcetrapib [ cholestrol control ] – This is a clinical trial drug that was terminated due to high deaths.  81 died compare with Liptor 51.  Participant size is small=% of deaths is high.  They are making billion$ a year with Lipitor that kills people.

* Vioxx [ pain killer, cox-2 inhibitor  ]– can kill after just 30 days of use (over 50,000 deaths)

* Tylenol (acetaminophen) — liver failure can happen if taken above recommended doses or used with alcohol

* Celebrex [ pain killer, cox-2 inhibitor ] — look at the link under “Main Side Effects”  Where does it end?

* tamiflu [ flu management ] — one of the many side effects is it can cause psychiatric (suicide) episodes.
Regulator queries safety of anti-flu drug

* Biogen, Genentech issue warning for Rituxan


1 Timothy 6:10  [ For the love of money is the root of all evil ]

Why is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approving drugs with fatal or near fatal side effects?  The government/media makes you think the FDA is watching your back.  But in reality, they are watching the drug companies’ backs.  The drug companies and Western Medicine are using the FDA to eliminate competition.  Only FDA approved drugs and procedures are allowed for treatment.  To discourage other alternative therapies and precedures that are not patented or offered by conventional medicine, they are labeled as quacks.  They are not covered by insurance.  If the therapy is very successful at treament and gaining momentum, the FDA will be right there to shut it down.   The AMA (American Medical Association) and FDA will get the FTC to try to kill it by suing the companies and/or doctors. They use marketing deception to financial ruin anyone against them.  Many doctors that practice alternate cures and therapy are kicked out of the country.  Their philosophy… If the treatments are not toxic substance or scapel, it’s quackery.   Most holistic doctor have low profiles and operate in their homes.  Only Chiropractic therapy survived the assault from the AMA.  If vitamins were to claim to be treatments, they will be regulated and eliminated.  So, vitamins are called daily supplements.  In most states, it’s illegal to sell raw milk.  If a farm is caught selling raw milk, the farm is force to pay heavy fine or shutdown.  Raw milk is very good for your health while Homogenized and Pasteurized milk are barely acceptable for human consumption.  The FDA will scare you by blaming raw milk has e coli. The calves are just fine.

[ See Dr. Jonathan Wright December 2006 newsletter page 6 “WAR on holistic medicine ]
Holistic doctors are being persecuted the worst in the state of Washington. They needs to help.  Tell their House of Rep and Senators that everyone should have a right to choose the treatment they want without government interference (read attachment page 6).

There are so much corruption by the FDA and all federal agencies. The FDA board are controlled (paid) by drug companies or people who have an outside interest, i.e. drug company consultants.  Talk about Corporate fascism!  That’s definitely a conflict of interest!  Don’t the the government tell you what you can and can’t eat or what kind of treatments are best for you.  You should be able to decide.

Anti-Constitutional Activities and Abuse of Police Power by the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other Federal Agencies

What about the AMA on the FDA board?  The AMA doctors are the vehicles to sell the drugs. For the newest drugs, doctors give you samples kindof like drug dealers.  You can’t just get the drugs by yourself, the drugs are dangerous plus the doctors want a cut and the perks that goes with it.  If the drugs are self-serve and “too many people” gets killed, the whole business (drug companies, FDA, AMA, pharmacy) would collapse.  If the patients dies when “prescribed” by a doctor, the doctor can have excuses of other causes of death.  The media advertisement makes “health experts” and doctors the gods over your health.  You have to ask your doctor for any vitamins, minerals you take because it will interact with your drugs.  Many doctor will tell you, “Don’t take anything else other than my drugs.  The other stuff don’t work and may kill you.”

Revelation 18:23  … for by your sorceries were all nations deceived.
[Relevation was written in Greek.  Sorceries in Greek is ‘pharmakeia’ meaning pharmaceuticals or drugs.  In the old days, sorceries stir the pot of potion with sticks, today, they stir the pot with robotic arms. ]

This bill, Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act (AER) HR 6168, is on Bush’s desk ready for approval right now [ Senator Levin confirmed to me personally ].  The HR 6168 is not about protection of consumer but to point out, regulate, and eliminate dietary supplements that have any reaction against prescription drugs.  Vitamins will be to blame for drug reactions.

Get Ready for the Vitamin Police [ 2004 ]

Canada already has regulation on vitamin especially on manufacturing

Learn How the Pharmaceutical Industry & the FDA are Endangering Your Health for Profit in this Highly Recommended Video

Are Your Painkillers Actually Killing You?

Chemo damages brain, study says

What is your faith on your health? sorcery? science?
If your faith is science, is it real science or junk science?  How Do you know for sure?

Anyways, When your doctor gives you drugs to take, make sure you know what you are taking because it could be your last pill.  The  doctor doesn’t know or even care.  They just get perks from drug salespeople. You just become statistics that is one of the 100,000 that dies every year due to prescription drug reactions especially multiple drug reaction.  No drug companies test every combination of drugs for every race for every genetic mutation.  If you take several drugs at recommended doses, your toxicity level can be multiplied of the safe doses level.  Don’t just trust your doctor, do your own research before putting it into your mouth.

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U.S. dollar facing imminent collapse?

Posted by truthpills on 2006/12/16

By: Truth Pills

I don’t like to bring bad news but if you haven’t paid attention to the independent news lately…  Check out the links below to see what’s going on in the currency market arena.

The international private company known as The Federal Reserve manipulated our government in 1913 to give them power to control the monetary policy, stoled our gold and silver, took charge of creating fiat money, raised the ratio of fiat to backing to more than 10:1, and the USD is about to collapse very soon.

There’s no backing to your dollar.  It’s just a piece of paper.  The value of the paper money is your faith in the strength of the US economy as said by the Fed chairman.  If americans spend more money than they earn, how long can the current economy lasts?  All over the world, countries are slowly buying the inflated dollar and others are selling big time.  China is about to sell a good chuck of their $1 trillion holding.  Iran and a few OPEC countries have already starting to trade oil using Euro instead of dollar.  Can you see the supply/demand?

Some economists said that the collapse of USD will result in a new currency called amero (Canada, US, Mexican pesos).  This is the North American Union (started with the NAFTA agreement).  All it takes is a crisis like 9/11 and you’ll have both (Read the http references below).  There are lots of Globalist, NWO, Socialist, and Communists would like to see this happening.  So, if there’s a crisis like 9/11 or worse happening on the horizon, it should not surprise you.  Hitler did the some thing.  Create a crisis and offer the solution that will fulfill your goals.

If you know Bible prophecy, this should not be new to you.  You can just watch it getting fulfilled and know the Bible is true.  Also pay attention to the Israel-PLO peace treaty situation.  I believe when Israel signs the peace treaty agreement and says, peace peace,  and suddenly comes destruction for them. The downfall of world peace could start soon after.

The question for you is what are doing to do with your money between now and when it collapses (or devalues 50-75%)?  My suggestion is to diversify.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  The rest is up to you.

U.S. dollar facing imminent collapse?

North American Union leader says merger just crisis away

Analysts: Dollar collapse would result in ‘amero’

London stock trader urges move to ‘amero’ Says many unaware of plan to replace dollar with N. American currency

Fiscal Wake-Up Tour issues warning on U.S. economy

US setbacks see dollar plunge to 15-year low

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FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

Posted by truthpills on 2006/12/11

By: Truth Pills

The FBI can activate your cell phone mic even if your phone is “off” (hibernate) mode and snoop on you.  You don’t think they would do that.  Actually, they don’t.  The computer will do that.  The computer listens for trigger words.  If it finds them, it will dispatch to a live person + recording.

FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

See what the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says about spying with the Patrioit Act 1 on page 2.

You say, I am a Christian in a Christian country, they don’t have any reason to spy on me.  But I say to you, you are a Christian now labeled as a hate group terrorist under the Patriot Act I & II.  The US is a humanist religious country and no longer a Christian country for decades.  See the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force guideline flyer sent to the police in Phoenix (back page) [ attached ].

Some FBI guidelines of domestic terrorist:
– Defenders of US Constitution – against federal government and the UN
Christian Identity, Skinheads, Black Separatists, KKK, White Nationalists
No license plates, No drivers license, Refuse to identify themselves
– Claim driving is a right, not a privilege
– Attempt to “police the police”
Animal Rights, Lone individuals
Make numerous references to US Constitution

If the police pulls you over and says “Can I search your car?”  You say, “Do you have a warrant?  The 4th amendment of the Constitution protects from against illegal searches without probable cause.”  This will label you as a domestic terrorist.  Then this will give them the power the search your car because you are a domestic terrorist under the Patriot Act.  The same thing can apply for house searches.  The police can knock on your door and ask, “Can I search your house for illegal guns?”  You say, “no!”.  He says, “well, what do you have to hide?” You say, “nothing, the US Constitution ….”  You are then a domestic terrorist and they can search your house.  Will this happen to everyone? No.  Will this happen to you? I don’t know.  It has happened to many people across the US .  This is a power corrupt cops can use and abuse. ]

Defenders of US Constitution  – against federal government and the UN
[ You cannot trust the UN. It puts corruption to a new level. Oil-for-food program corruption by Anna Kofi’s son and gang, Human slave trade, peacekeeper abuse, and etc. etc.
UN official admits peacekeepers abuse of citizens, expresses “outrage”

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