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FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

Posted by truthpills on 2006/12/11

By: Truth Pills

The FBI can activate your cell phone mic even if your phone is “off” (hibernate) mode and snoop on you.  You don’t think they would do that.  Actually, they don’t.  The computer will do that.  The computer listens for trigger words.  If it finds them, it will dispatch to a live person + recording.

FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

See what the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says about spying with the Patrioit Act 1 on page 2.

You say, I am a Christian in a Christian country, they don’t have any reason to spy on me.  But I say to you, you are a Christian now labeled as a hate group terrorist under the Patriot Act I & II.  The US is a humanist religious country and no longer a Christian country for decades.  See the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force guideline flyer sent to the police in Phoenix (back page) [ attached ].

Some FBI guidelines of domestic terrorist:
– Defenders of US Constitution – against federal government and the UN
Christian Identity, Skinheads, Black Separatists, KKK, White Nationalists
No license plates, No drivers license, Refuse to identify themselves
– Claim driving is a right, not a privilege
– Attempt to “police the police”
Animal Rights, Lone individuals
Make numerous references to US Constitution

If the police pulls you over and says “Can I search your car?”  You say, “Do you have a warrant?  The 4th amendment of the Constitution protects from against illegal searches without probable cause.”  This will label you as a domestic terrorist.  Then this will give them the power the search your car because you are a domestic terrorist under the Patriot Act.  The same thing can apply for house searches.  The police can knock on your door and ask, “Can I search your house for illegal guns?”  You say, “no!”.  He says, “well, what do you have to hide?” You say, “nothing, the US Constitution ….”  You are then a domestic terrorist and they can search your house.  Will this happen to everyone? No.  Will this happen to you? I don’t know.  It has happened to many people across the US .  This is a power corrupt cops can use and abuse. ]

Defenders of US Constitution  – against federal government and the UN
[ You cannot trust the UN. It puts corruption to a new level. Oil-for-food program corruption by Anna Kofi’s son and gang, Human slave trade, peacekeeper abuse, and etc. etc.
UN official admits peacekeepers abuse of citizens, expresses “outrage”

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