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Going to Canada? Got a clean record since you are 18?

Posted by truthpills on 2007/02/24

By: Truth Pills

The new border check just started this month.  The Canada Border Crossing Service can now access your government records since you were 18.  Even one minor convictions since 1975, can prevent you from getting into Canada.

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t need to travel to Canada, don’t think you won’t need to clear your record. Lesperance says it is just a matter of time before agreements are signed with governments in destinations like Japan, Indonesia and Europe.”

There’s a way to clear your record for crossing into Canada.  You’ll have to read through the San Francisco Chronicle article. Soon in the near future, the US will be a prison for all people in the country even for illegal immigrants.  Once they get in, they cannot get out.  This will happen when the President declares martial law which is now called Federal Emergency.  Federal Emergency sounds better, right?  Martial Law sounds like dictatorship but Federal Emergency sounds like your savior.

We need people who would fight for our freedom with integrity.  Congressman Ron Paul is the only candidate for 2008 .

Going to Canada? Check your past

Tourists with minor criminal records turned back at border


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