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Read this: If you have a child/planning to have one or knows a friend who has one

Posted by truthpills on 2007/03/25

By:  Truth Pills

This important message is about CPS (Child Protective Service).  Alex Jones
(http://www.infowars.com) brought this to my attention since in the last couple of months I have heard from more than one friend that their relatives were investigated by CPS.  In the US today, parents have very little rights over their children.  The social workers are eager to get bonuses at the end of the year by how many families they break up.  Many social worker falsify reports to get year-end bonuses and to brag about how many families they broke up.  I am the “Terminator”, hahaha…  Please listen to the attach audio file!

If your child goes to school/daycare with a moderate “boo-boo” due to an accident at home, his/her teacher or daycare provider may contact social worker to start the investigation.

If your child talks about you beating them up or spank them at school, it is a potential for a social worker investigation.

If you didn’t give your child vaccinations and he/she is very sick, the doctor can call CPS for neglect.  To avoid this situation, never sign papers given to you by your doctor about acknowledgment on dangers of not vaccinating.  The doctors can’t make money if they don’t give your child the vaccination (bioweapon) shots.  If you live in Michigan, use this waiver http://www.momvaccines.org/momform.pdf

There are thousands of little situations that can create situations where CPS will take your child and give your child to a foster parent who will abuse him/her in more ways than you can count.  There are plenty of money to go around for breaking up your family–for social workers, government, and foster parents!

Please Please check out these resources to prepare yourself before CPS comes to your door.  Remember, DON’T let them in unless they have a warrant!  Once they are inside, you may not able to see your child for a long time.

Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations

The Social Worker At Your Door: 10 Helpful Hints

What to Do if CPS Agents Are Investigating You


Escape the Matrix and Seek the Truth:  http://www.infowars.com

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School registration and vaccine info affecting you and your kids

Posted by truthpills on 2007/03/11

By: Truth Pills

Be warned about vaccine dangers for you and/or your family.  You should get educated before you make your decisions to vaccinate yourself and or your family including flu shots.

Next week is school registration for kindergarten.  You will be asked about vaccine records.  I want to point out some education information about vaccinations and schools.  As you may already have known, not all states require vaccination, most of the states recommend your child to be vaccinated.
The media lies about it and says it is mandatory.  In Michigan, it is mandated but you can get out of it by signing a waiver!  Make sure you use the one below and not the one from the state of michigan or the one from the school!!!

More Resources:

For your child’s safety, You should sign this form regardless of your child’s vaccination record and check the “__other”.  This will prevent all new experimental vaccines being injected into your child’s body.  Experimental vaccines such as HPV, addiction (neuron eating virus), and hundreds of new vaccine in the pipeline.  Vaccines can be dangerous for you and your child in the short term–seizure, sudden death syndrome, boils, autism, and etc
Vaccines can be dangerous for you and your child in the long term–autism, cancer, ADHD, Asthma, autoimmune disease, etc.

Big Pharam wants to scare you into thinking vaccines are good for you so that you would be bondage to them.  Most of the “expert” researchers are funded by Big Pharam.  They say the side effects are 1 in a million.  Other researchers says long term side effects are 1 in 100.  The government officials are bribed with soft money to mandate vaccination and Big Pharam are not legally responsible for damages to you and your child.

I know several children that are affected by vaccine either mental development, biological, or death shortly after receiving vaccines.

If you are planning to have kids or you have kids, you MUST know about the dark side of vaccines.  It’s not just your life; it’s his/hers/theirs you have to think about.  Spend some time researching vaccines.  Don’t be dumb down by the money hungry mass media and Big Pharam.
Download them!  Some links will not work after about 1 month.

Remember: A few hours of your time might save your child, your time, and your grief.  If you really don’t have time to go over all the resources, just read the first three links for an overview.

Exemption forms:

Your vaccinated child may not have short term problem but long term problems, nobody knows.  What are the odds?  It’s not 1 in a million but 1 in 100!  What we know is that there’s cancer, autism, and etc on the pandemic proportions verse a few decades ago.  Every few years states are requiring new vaccines.  This year it’s the HPV vaccine.  This is a new vaccine that doesn’t have any safety record, yet it is requiring all girls over 9.  Big buck for Big Pharam ($350 * 3 shots). There are many other vaccines in the big pharam pipeline in the next several year that
will bring $10,000,000,000+ per year.  The vaccines that causes all kinds of problem later in life like cancer, making more $$$billions.

TRUTH: Vaccines are dangerous and ineffective.

Last year, my friends’ friend’s newborn baby became brain dead and died a few days laters after receiving Hepatitis B vaccine.
Most people think that’s almost impossible, it’s 1 in a million.  Where did that number came from?
LIE #1: 1 in a million has side effects
The big pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharam) say vaccine side effects are 1 in a million.  The researchers paid by big pharama says 1 in a million
The American Medical Association paid by big pharama say 1 in a million
The doctors that are member of the American Medical Association says 1 in a million
The government that the Big Pharam paid as soft money says 1 in a million
The media companies that were paid by Big Pharam ads says 1 in a million
The school system that are paid by the government says 1 in a million
You are deceived by the art of deception, i.e. to deceive, you repeat the lie with different sources as many times as possible and they will think it is the truth.  You can twist statistics to confess anything.  You do this by widening or narrowing the data under examination to your favor.

I know several people who were harmed by vaccine.  Yet, I don’t know more than 100 people. You cannot sue the Big Pharam company on mandated vaccine, they are protected by the government.

Most cases go unreported.  Dead cases are caused by SIDS, your
baby shouldn’t sleep on their stomache, and blah blah blah.  All kinds of excuses but not the vaccine.

The government officials are all sleeping with the Big Pharmaceutical companies.
The most independent international researchers that were NOT paid by the big pharam says: 1 to 2 per 100!
Research done on Australia
For every 6,000 born in Australia:
18 die in Asthma
3 have severe autism
12 have cerebral palsy diagnosed after 6 months
300-600 diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
Vaccination – The Hidden truth! (must watch!) documentary in

LIE #2: Vaccine are safe
Vaccine are not safe!  All drugs are toxic!  Your body can handle a lot of toxic before it breaks down. Most of us know that mercury is bad for you.  Only extremely toxic substances are used in vaccine to preserve and weaken the virus.  There are formaldehyde, mercury, aluminium, and thimerosal.
These substances like thimerosal and mercury causes brain damage resulting in Asthma, autism, cerebral palsy, ADD/ADHD, Sudden Infant Death Syndrom, chronic fatigue, diabietes, cancer, lukemia, paralysis, and hundreds of other life long symptoms, …
All disorder like ADHD, cancer in young kids, brain development, autism is almost unheard of.  When states started vaccination of kids, the cases jumped.

Side effects on chronic immune deficiancy:
The second reason they are not safe is because they are contaminated at the manufacturing process.  The main contaminates are other virus, RNA, DNA.  Cancer causing virus, in some cases even HIV virus.  They use monkeys, dead babies, and other animals to grow the vaccine.  The virus are injected directly into your blood.

LIE #3: Mercury is good for you and even nutritious
The CDC knows about this.  Instead of banning Mercury in vaccines,
they tell you it’s good for you.  Then the Big pharam increase the mercury in vaccines to 500-1000 times the safe levels.  You think the CDC, NIH, FDA is working for you?  They are corrupted by the Big Pharam.  Most government officials are  bribed by lobbyists and “outside” interestes.  How do you think Vioxx got approved so fast and causing 100,000+ people to have heart problems?  There is a class action lawsuit right now on Vioxx.  It is proven to cause heart problem after 30-60 days of use.  Are the big pharam testing that?  Are they testing drug reacting with other drugs?  Most elderly are taking at least 5 drugs and as many as 15 drugs by different pharam companies.

Protecting Against the Protectors: Mercury-laced vaccines are a danger to our children’s health

LIE #3: Vaccine are effective
Vaccine as not effective.  The main reason vaccine is not effective is because the bad science (pseudo science = religion) assumption that antibodies = immunity.
Antibodies means that you were exposed to the virus.  This does not mean immunity.  The immunity is created by outer defences in the body that
the vaccine is bypassing. People who have Chronic Hepatitis B condition will have Hepatitis B antibodies and virus for life.  99% of Adults that are exposed to Hepatitis B will get rid of the HVB virus anyways.  More than 50% of children who are exposed to HVB virus will have chronic hepatitis.  But… HVB virus is passed by seman or blood. If needles are sterile, 99% of children are not at risk.  Why put ALL the child at risk with vaccines?  PROFIT!

AIDS victim will have HIV antibodies but not immunity.
When the HIV vaccines come out, do you want to inject the HIV vaccine with a live HIV into your body?  A weaken but live virus.  Can your body defeat the weaken virus?  No? Too bad… You got HIV and possibly AIDS!
Research shows that in some cases vaccine actually cause the problem that they are trying to prevent.  They will show you that they eradicated polio in US.  If you look many years before vaccines were mandated, the cases were in deep decline.  Most of other vaccines were the same story.

Most of the decline was because of better diet and sanitation thru washing of hands, cleaner water, cleaner environment, and etc.

Virus have many many different mutations.  The vaccines only contains a few mutations.  The flu shots are different every year because virus strains are different every year.  They have to pick the right one.  Are you getting all the mutations of the virus?  If not, you will not be protected (assuming that you believe the antibodies = immunity).  The fact is that the vaccine weaken’s your immue system.

When the doctors give the baby vaccine, they ask you to stay with the child that day to see if there are reactions.  If no fever that day then it’s okay.  We never think about the long term effects.

LIE #4: Vaccine are mandatory
When the child is born, vaccines are NOT mandatory!  You might need them when you take them to daycare or public school, but the waiver will take care of it. The public school will tell you that you must have them because the government wants 90% innoculation.  Schools gets more funding for  more innoculations.  You can be exempt for medical and religious reasons.  You don’t have to tell them the reason.
Christians!!!!  Know your Bible, it tells you
1. not to take anything that makes the blood impure.
The vaccine contains many virus, RNA, and DNAs.  They will be added into your DNA.  They will change your DNA and blood.  They will make you and your blood impure. Also, Levitius 19:19 tells us not to mix seeds of any kind. Bioengineering is bad!

2. Be careful of the drug you are taking especially drugs from pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharam).
In the Bible, sorceries means pharmaceutical (greek).  For example:

Revelation 9:21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries (5331), nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.
Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the New Testament
5331 pharmakeia; from 5332; medication (“pharmacy”)

This is what Jesus said in the end times about the USA…
Rev 18:23  And the light of a lamp shall shine no more at all in you; and the voice of the bridegroom [ Jesus ] and of the bride [ Church ] shall be heard no more at all in you: for your merchants were the great men of the earth; for by your sorceries were all nations deceived.

Other Bible references to pharmaceuticals…
Mic 5:12  And I will cut off sorceries out of your hand; and you shall have no more soothsayers:
Nah 3:4  Because of the multitude of the harlotries of the seductive harlot, the mistress of sorceries, that sells nations through her harlotries, and peoples through her sorceries.

Act 8:9  But there was a certain man, called Simon, who previously in the same city used sorcery, and amazed the people of Samaria, giving out that he was some great one:
Act 8:10  To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God.
Act 8:11  And to him they had regard, because for a long time he had amazed them with sorceries.

The pharmaceutical companies are driving any alternative treatments from cancer to HIV out of business.  Herbs, acupuncture, tai chi, chiropractic, minerals, & natural healing are all called Quacks.  If anyone of them draw big enough crowd, they will sue them out of business and out of the country.  They have already started attacking the vitamin industry.

LIE #5: Un-vaccinated kids are carriers of virus
They lie to mothers telling them not to play with unvaccinated kids because they are not safe and are carriers of virus.  This is counter-intuitive, i.e. double-think.
If vaccines protect kids and your kids were vaccinated, you kids are protected.  The unvaccinated kids are the ones in danger.  Vaccinated kids are carriers of the virus especially in the first several days.  They injected the virus into the kids body.  Unvaccinated kids do not have the virus.

LIE #6: Children and Elderly need the Flu shots (vaccine)
More people get the flu from the flu shot.

They scare you in the news like Bird Flu and anthrax to vaccinate yourselves.  There are more died from the common flu than the Bird Flu.  Scare tactics makes bundles of money.  Global warming scare?

This hoax scare everyone into given up their freedom and paying new taxes up the neck.

I was a proponent of vaccines due to ignorance.  I thought vaccine was a magic solutionto taking pills.  Then I got some education.  The most important factor for any organization on services or products is not safety but profits.  A vaccine that costs $360 (life time profit $330?)
The pill (drugs) is about $3-10k year.  Lost profit?  conflict of interest?
What can give a bigger profit?  Vaccines that cause problems like cancer later in life : profit now and defer much bigger profit later.  What a concept!  weaken immune system…  Dr tells you to look for reaction to vaccine…many many high profile doctors say that they don’t work and even counterproductive.
Do your own research.  You child is very important.  cancer,autism, brain dead, death, etc.

There is a Population reduction order by the globalist and elitest in effect.  The first is to enslave and rob people.  This is done by vaccine. The vaccine will cause problems at the time of the innocation or throughout their life, e.g. SIDS,
convulsion, brain dead, to autism and cancer at as early as
10 years old.  They will spend all their money going to doctors and buying their drugs.  You can’t get any lawsuit the Big Pharam because vaccines are
mandate by law (even worst the Patriot Act allows Big Pharam to do experimental drugs and vaccines on you without you knowing about it.  You can’t sue them.  Nazi part 2).  If you seek alternative cures, they will prosecute the kids, parents, and/or alternative  practitioner.
Second, sterile women.  Viruses in vaccines can do this.  Watch out on the mandated HPV vaccine that’s been sloppily tested for safety.  All sexually
active kids/teens female are required for public school by next year.  Where’s the choice!?

Christians, opt out of it!

Third, they program people to be selfish and to indulge on everything so that they won’t have kids.

The developed world such as Europe, Russia, Japan, and US are already declining.  USA is on the slight rise because of illegal immigration.  The developing and third world is booming.  They have to give them free vaccine + famine + disease HIV, Malaria,and etc to reduce their population.  Over 40% of Africans now have AIDS.  This is by design.  They believe too many people in this planet are destroying the environment/planet.

You think I am nuts or this is a conspiracy theory.  You can Google for the declassified documents. Also, you should look around.  Autism was unheard of before 1950’s and they are all over.  Cancer is really rare even in the 1980’s but how many people do you know that have cancer or died of cancer?  The Bible says more than 1/2 of the world population will died at the end times.  If Jesus didn’t come back, no flesh will be saved.

Death by Medicine: 200,000+ people die by medicine (drugs) and doctors every year.

The Vaccines will be coming like a storm, more than 200 in fact.  The government soon will mandate many of them with no liabilities to the pharamceutical companies.  It will destroy people’s immune system.  The use of drugs and vaccines represents an assault on the immune system.  The pharamaceutical companies are creating customers for life.  Follow the Money!!

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