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Senator Ron Paul wins MSNBC Republican Debate. Please support him!

Posted by truthpills on 2007/05/04

By: Truth Pills

Please support Senator Dr. Ron Paul for 2008 President!!!

All popular candidates promoted by mass media are neo-cons, new world orders fronts.  They want to:
— Destroy America by open borders [ NAU ]
— Destroy the economy by eliminating the middle class
[ Stock market record highs are caused by inflation of 12%.  The Fed is printing money like there’s no tomorrow.  The USD is worth only 3 cents. ]

— Replace America dollar with Amero
— Ignore the Constitution.
= No freedom of speech, religion, assembly
= No rights to bear arms
= Total surveillance society
= Checkpoints across the country
= Arrest you and put you in jail indefinitely without charge
= Dictatorship, Police state
— Support huge government
— Make new law to restrict your freedom and to jail you for petty mistakes
— Create Socialist agendas
— Create Communistic agendas
— Take parental rights away
— Many others to name…

Now compare current Imperialist America or Nazi Germany just before WW2; they are so similar.  It’s scary.  We need to take the country back!

Did you know the European Union celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year?  Most people never heard about it until maybe 10 years ago.  Well, did you know that we have entered into the North America Union since March 2005 through the SPP agreement?  Google it!!!

Do you hate the IRS & Taxes?  So does Ron Paul.   He’s  one of the best monetary policy expert in the US and he likes to abolish the IRS & Federal Reserve as soon as possible.   Most economists and MBA grads do not understand monetary policy and the Federal Reserve.  They’ve been brainwashed by the university.  If you seek the truth on the Federal Reserve and how it controls monetary policy, it will scare you.  Fed chairman Bernanke said the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression of 1929.  There’s another one coming in the next 2-3 years.  They hype up the market then yank the rug under you.  This is one of the major way the international bankers make money.

Anyways, support Ron Paul for President.  He’s the only one with USA founding father material.

Please join the fight.  http://www.infowars.com You can listen anytime.

Spread the word.

Ron Paul steps into national spotlight

May 4, 2007

ARLINGTON, VA – Congressman Ron Paul finished first in the MSNBC poll following the GOP primary debate last night held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Dr. Paul received 43 percent, beating the second-place finisher by five points, and crushing the rest of the field.

“Last night, Americans met Ron Paul and loved what they heard,” said Ron Paul 2008 campaign chairman Kent Snyder. “Dr. Paul’s message of freedom and limited government resonates with Republicans hungry for a return to their party’s core values.”

“Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the GOP race. Americans saw that last night,” continued Snyder. “The campaign looks forward to further debates and opportunities so even more Americans will discover Dr. Paul’s message of freedom, peace and prosperity.”

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