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The stock market is in for more trouble. The world has changed. China is in control.

Posted by truthpills on 2007/08/14

By: Truth Pills

I have written to most of you several times regarding the fiat US dollar, fake capitalism, bad economics and the stock market scam.  The US was covered with riches in the past and was able to take the abuses of the robbers of today.  Now the US is beyond broke, debt beyond imagination, bubbles in every sector, and greedy people all over.  There are no more creative ways for the elite to get us to borrow any more money.  The average American is maxed out on debt.
The axe is coming down very soon. The global stock market is in real trouble.  The US government have built hundreds of FEMA camps ready for any resistance.

The Best of the Best stock investor Jim Cramer is freaking out about the stock market.  Listen to the attached file.

Just look at what happened three weeks ago when the DOW passed 14,120 points.  In the past week, it’s down almost 1,000 points.  I believe it would have gone down 1,000 points last Thursday and Friday alone if it were not for Europe Central Bank that injected $323.3 Billion into the market,

Central banks pour money into bank system

Central banks inject billions more in cash
European Central Bank again leads the pack with $84 billion

and Federal Reserve pouring $24 Billion then $38 Billion into the market.
Fed injects $38 bln, conducts third operation

Fed Pumps Another $38B Into US Financial System Friday to Stem Credit Turmoil

How much money can the Fed print out to put more money into the market.  Every time the Fed prints money, there’s inflation (your money is automatically worth less).  It’s called the Inflation Tax that Ron Paul is talking about.  Your dollar devalues.  What happens to your investment–IRA, 401K, mutual fund, CD,…?   It’s worth less.  If the inflation is 10% and you got return of 10% at the stock market, you are not breaking even.  You are losing your shirt!  The inflation is really more than 10% not the 2.1% the Fed tells you in the news!  They will say—Core inflation exclude food and energy.  Back in the housing market booms, core inflation excludes food, energy, and housing…  Most of my money is spent on food, energy, and housing!  Statistics lies!!!  You just pick the data you want to show.

Most research on Health and Wellness is just statistics and not real science!!!  One research will say breastfeeding may be bad, the next month another
will say it may be good!  May be good, may be bad, may be good, may be bad.  Make up your mind.  Most studies using statistics uses could, may, increase xx%, decrease xx%.  It’s not science!!, but it influence social behavior and purchasing behavior.

While I have divert into the health topic, let me remind you that fluoridated water is bad for you!  It’s very toxic to your brain but good for mind control!
There are many ways for mind control but the general idea is to interfere with your electromagnetic brain waves then use other methods to influence your decisions.  The Chinese just use plain propaganda after numbing the brain.

Ex-official: China news outlets exercise ‘mind control’

Sodium Fluoride (Rat poison) in water doesn’t protect your teeth!  Calcium Floride does that.  The water treatment uses other fluorides, mostly Sodium Fluroide (a Rat Poison!). Bottle water from municipal water does NOT filter fluoride (Aquafina, Daisana, etc).  It filters out some/most pesticides, prescription drugs, oil, antifreeze, detergent, microbs, and a few others. It is very very hard and expensive to filter out fluoride because the particles are very small.  The Water Berkey system is the best filter system out there.  I love it! The normal water filter doesn’t filter out fluoride.  I have to buy the special fluoride filter to do the job.  They are much more expensive.

600 pros urge Congress to stop fluoridation
Docs, dentists, scientists cite new evidence of serious health risks, ineffectiveness

Now back to real economics…
Why is the stock market so bad?
1.  Subprime loans (interest-only, 3-5-ARMS, creative financing (0 down)
a. loans to people who are buying properties for investment
b. loans to people who could not afford them
c. lonas to illegal immigrants without id and credit check!!!
d. jumbo loans
2. people can no longer pay their mortgages it because of interest rate hikes
3. (1) (2) wrapped as CDO (collateral debt obligations) and sell them to the stock market for hedge funds
4. The health of the US economy.  Jobs are offshored.  Jobs are outsourced to short term H1B.  Mass hiring of H1Bs.  Illegal immigrants.
5. Exodus of US Companies to foreign countries.  It’s like the Exodus in the Bible.
6. Devalue of the dollar.  The US dollar is not the only reserve currency.

I don’t have anything against H1B holders or ex-holders.  I have several good friends with H1B.  I dislike the corrupted system. See this video.  Lawyers building businesses to teach companies how not to hire Americans by using loopholes!
H1-B Video Angers Lawmakers

Do you still think the US is the most powerful country?  If so, what century do you like in??? In year 2000, the elites saying the 21th century belongs to China!  Let’s see just what happened last week!
China’s “Nuclear Option” is real

The news article says China can drop a economic nuclear bomb at US.  It will destroy the US without firing a single shot. Last week, the ambassadors went to China to demand an immediate revaluation of the Yuan or face sanctions.  The Chinese said, if you do that I will dump 1.3 trillions of US treasury.  Of course all other countries will follow.  No one wants to hold worthless paper.  The global market bubbles is in the trillions of dollars.  China also says:  I call the shots on interest rates not Fed Reserve.  I am sure China will influence tainted food import s and war with Iran.  The US wants to build permanent militaries bases in Europe and Middle East (Iraq, Iran, …)  to prepare to attack Russia and China.  China knows that. China finances American wars.  The banker (China) now wants to see Uncle Sam.

What should you do to protect yourself and your family?  Get out of debt and get some hard currency instead of holding all soft fiat currency (US dollars).
Hard currency such as Gold and Silver.  Get some silver coins if you can’t afford gold coins.  A silver dollar is now about $30.00.
Current value of the US dollar after devaluation is 1/30 = 0.0333 or 3 cents.
If the US dollar was backed by silver like it used to, it would be still $1.00, not 3 cents.

I am not here to scare you but to prepare you for the coming crisis.  The crash can happen in many ways such as a nuclear “terrorist” attack in as many as 10 US cities. I didn’t make that one up.  The neocons said, we need a new Pearl Harbor event.  So, you got water? food? hard currency on hand?  guns?  You don’t want to go to the FEMA camps for food.  During the Katrina disaster, DHS left all the food outside of the camps and refused to allow people to get it.  Those who went out were shot in the back.  You should google that one too.  See the news/video/pic with your own eyes.

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