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Vaccine Recalled…Doctors should defer booster shots of vaccine-CDC…AIDS cure?

Posted by truthpills on 2007/12/21

By: Truth Pills

Common Infant Vaccine Recalled
“Merck & Co. has recalled 1.2 million doses of a common childhood vaccine due to potential contamination during the manufacturing process” …  “Merck identified an issue that creates the potential for microorganisms to survive a sterilization step performed during manufacturing,”

Do you know how vaccines especially the ones containing live viruses are manufactured?  The viruses need to be grown by serum–Human, Horse, Cow, Monkey, etc and sometimes eggs.  Human serum are best.  Human serum that are fed to viruses are from corpses especially aborted babies.  They mash the aborted babies like apple sauce to create the serum.  Aborted babies are the safest because they are usually disease free.  If one aborted baby contains HIV, the whole batch contains the virus.  If not caught, or purposely injected for Africa, thousands of thousands of people would get HIV.  In the US, there are more scrutiny of vaccines by independent scientists but very few are tested.  In Africa there’s no scrutiny by the government or government scientists.  A few independent scientists found out smallpox and polio vaccines were load with HIV and as a result HIV rates in children of many African countries are about 50%.  The African’s run for the hills when they see western doctors.

Depopulation Linked Merck Pharma Announces “Philanthropic Initiative” in Africa

All this is done by design by eugenicists a.k.a global elites a.k.a new world order a.k.a. Bilderberg GroupBill Gates Foundation including Warren Buffet are included in this group.  Bill Gates’ ancestors are big time eugenicists.  Ever wonder why he doesn’t promote clean food and water for African children but vaccinations (666)? If you google “Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS”, you’ll find lots of references that AIDS originated in Africa but most do not know that AIDS/HIV spread in Africa but was created in US labs.  It was tested in Africa. HIV is a synthetic virus for non-pure Anglo Saxons.  I’ll tell you about a cure for AIDS that the global elites don’t want you to know. All known people who took this cure were cured including Magic Johnson.  The global elites don’t want you to know because they own everything from pharam, mass media (tv, cable, newspaper, magazine,…), government and etc. It’s a conflict of interest. The rest of the world population owns very little.  I hope to have something written up around Christmas.


The War Against The Third World

Here’s a very important documentary by Dr. Horowitz you should watch (all 16 parts):
In Lies We Trust Part 1 of 16

Sorry for the digression, we all know that sharing dirty needs will gives you all the disease on the needle.  This is because it bypasses the bodies defenses like the skin or stomach lining, and etc.  If a sterile needle is inserted into a bottle of vaccine that is contaminated and then injected into your blood, you will get whatever germs or disease that are contained in the needle or syringe.  Now if the vaccine contains AIDS or cancer causing virus or DNA spliced recombinant germs, you would get it too.  This is regardless of whether it was done on purpose or by accident.  If you trust an industry that makes money betting on you getting sick, then be a sheep and follow them without questions.  The best weapon for making money is putting cancer causing viruses in vaccines that causes cancer 10 or 20 years later.  Do we have a cancer epidemic today?  Do doctors, healthcare, pharmaceuticals make a killing on cancer patients?  The US government grows as problem grows.  Any collusions? They create the problem, the people react, and they provide the solution–problem, reaction, solution.  This is the tool to control the people.  It’s called gradualism or incrementalism.  The same method to cook a frog.  Get the pot warm and slowly crank up the heat.  It’ll be dead in no time and it doesn’t complain.   The Bible talks about evil in high places–The power, money, greed hungry shepherds hawking on their flocks.

Did you know that the virus especially the DNA recombinant and gene spliced ones incorporate parts of their DNA into your DNA?  Scientists in the Human Genome Project call them “junk” DNA.  Last month they retracted saying that it’s not junk.  Many of them are DNA bits of virus and they can be activated when the right pieces are added to the right places.  Also, did you know how scientist do stem cell therapy?  They use germs and virus to attack the cell and inject their DNA into the host and therefore replacing the original cell in future copies.  This is related to probably the darkest secret of mankind.  I am not going to say it here or anywhere since all communications are monitored by CIA and NSA.  Christians better get out their Bible for it was prophecied thousands of years ago.  The good thing is that Jesus (bright and morning star) will be back very soon.  Rejoice!  It might be very dark now but those who walk in darkness (sin) will be destroyed by the light.

Oral Live Virus Polio Vaccine Can Mutate Causing Disease

Rotary and Gates Foundation Donate $200 Million to Eradicate Polio
” …And in India, the vaccine is less effective, due to poor sanitation and the fact that children are often infected with intestinal viruses.”

[MC – vaccine is less effective due to poor sanitation … People are spreading the disease because of poor sanitation.  If sanitation is improved, the disease would be isolated and disappeared.  In the US, vaccinated persons get infected too.  Because sanitation is good in the US, it gives the illusion that vaccines are working ]

“Experts are also concerned about the use of the oral vaccine, which contains live polio virus. In rare instances, the virus can mutate into a dangerous form capable of causing the disease.”

[ MC – as I’ve discussed earlier, virus are enabling the junk DNA to create new virus.  The animal-human DNA cell fusion and genetic engineered animals (glowing cats, mice, etc) will create even more new disease when the virus can jump between species.  The pale horse prophecied by the Bible will be running at full speed very soon. Rather you believe in the Bible or not, this is real! ]

Rethink on human hybrid experiments

Doctors should defer booster shots of vaccine-CDC

Baby vaccine recall may cause shortages

Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines

Nationwide Revolt Against Dangerous Vaccines Accelerates

Vaccine information:
http://www.momvaccines.org/index.html (Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines) for MI waiver forms

How Mercury Kills the Brain

Dr Dan Speaks on Autism

Drugging of our children

Who Runs The World… Why You Need To Know Immediately
The Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commision, CFR…

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