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2 (30 sec) important videos

Posted by truthpills on 2008/03/14

By: Truth Pills

This link contains 2 (30sec) videos that will bring perspective into your life.

Well folks, gold hit $1,000/oz Thursday! I’m expecting gold to hit $1,500 or more in the next 12 months. In the last 12 months, gold returned over 50% and Dow Jones was flat. So far this year, gold is up 15+% while DJI is down 15%. The IMF & central banks have been dumping massive amount of gold to suppress gold prices. IMF was expecting gold to drop to $500/oz. They already dump 1/2 what they wanted to dump this year but gold just kept going up. China and Arab central banks are just buying all the gold they can get. The gold mining companies oversold gold and now they are buying gold back! There isn’t much gold to go around. It is not that gold went up in prices but the dollar is worth less. The dollar is dropping like a rock in the ocean. So, expect oil to go up to $150 then $200/barrel. Greenspan has been telling people outside the US to dump the USD! The USD will be worthless and gold might go up to $6,000 or even a million dollars/oz depending how bad the USD will be. If you have to carry a suitcase of hundred dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread, gold might be worth a million/oz.

If you decide to buy gold, buy rare coins (pre-1933) or www.bullionVault.com & store in Switzerland vault! This is required because the government might confiscate gold again.

The stock market and fiat money (paper money without backing) are scams controlled by the international bankers. They can create cycles in the stock market at anytime they want. The can print as much fiat money as they want. The Federal Reserve, a private corporation like Federal Express, and Federal Reserve Note (USD) is like Walmart’s gift card. Walmart can have as many gift cards as it wants and as much as it wants. All the credits just chase the same merchandises in Walmart. Walmart can turn them off, takes a lot of credit to buy their stuff, or go bankrupt. This is the same situation with USA.

Here is a caveat. The Federal Reserve expanded and exported too much money all over the world, it might create a global depression and many fiat money in many countries might go down along with the USA.

In the next two years, the economy is going to get really bad. You think the 1-2 trillion subprime is bad, wait until the derivatives blows up, it’s 516 trillion USD!!! There’s another hundreds of trillions in CDS (credit default swaps). There’s only a few trillion dollars worth of real hard assets! Be prepare for a possible global depression.

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