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(1/4) Globalism=>US Offshore = Plunder = Pillage => inflation, bank runs, stock market crash very soon and more

Posted by truthpills on 2008/07/18

By: Truth Pills
In the last several weeks, the lies of mass media and government are showing up.  They told you that the global credit crisis is over and everything is fine.  The truth is the international bankers need more time to move their assets from the global financial system of fiat (paper) money without any backing into real physical assets.  All fiat money comes to an end into NOTHINGNESS!!  (get real money folks: Gold and silver before its gone)
One Big Lie governments, economists, university professors, Bankers, Main Stream Media (MSM) [ tv, newspaper, magazines ] used to brain wash the general public is that Globalism, Offshore (Outsourcing), free trade is good for the West especially America.  Using the mockingbird delphi technique of deception, the public have fallen for it. Globalism, Offshore, and free trade are self-cannibalistic, i.e. it consumes itself.  These specialists are paid and funded by the global elites that want to plunder and pillage the USA.
Free trade is not Fair trade. Free trade moves US companies to third world countries for slave labor.  US destroys agriculture in these third world countries like Mexico. e.g. Buying corn from US is cheaper than buying Mexican grown corn.  Mexican farmers go out of business and sneak into the USA as illegal immigrants. Gangs violence, pedophiles, crimes, diseases [measles, lepers, TB ] are increasing across the US  [ Note: Not all illegal immigrants belong to gangs or pedophiles ].  Illegal immigrants are taking over lower to middle income jobs.  MSM deceives you saying the illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans don’t want.  The fact is that Americans don’t want to take jobs at slave wages unless they are forced to in the CURRENT American force labor camps (you read that right).  Americans can’t survive on slave wages.  Illegal Immigrants get multiple welfare checks under different names.  They can get mortgages without IDs (Bank of America).  The Feds trained police to leave them alone when they are pulled over whether for no insurance or drunk driving.  Remember Order of Chaos!  They create the disorder because Americans are upset over the illegal immigration problem.  Their solution is to have police stop and search cars, homes, businesses to root out illegal immigration.  They might sound good–the highway to hell is paved with good intentions–but the real motive is to eliminate the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.  Demanding all citizens for driver license (soon Real ID), searching homes without probable cause and warrant, selective enforcing laws, and making up laws.  This is the beginning of a police state–martial law–federal emergencies; or whatever they spin it!  [ Remember! Order Out of Chaos — Problem, Reaction, Solution — They create the problem, you react to their problem, and they pose as your savior by offering you their worse solution.  This is THE method to create and finalize the New World Order as described in the Bible! It’s almost here.  Count the number of Union being formed.  The Mediterranean Union just formed last week.]

Offshoring is moving US jobs out of the country.  This is sending your wealth out of the country to the global elites [ no, you are not one of them ].   They sold two lies to you: 1. The US has more jobs than people to fulfill them 2. It’s good for the economy–more high-paid service jobs.
The main target is to pillage and plunder the people in the US by lowering wages and increase profit of the corporation.  Companies are still lobbying Congress to increase H1B visa because there are more jobs that needed to be fulfilled.  Some law firms have deliberately created consultation firms to help companies bypass laws so they can exclude US citizens from those jobs.

The top-level government and Feds don’t just lie, they lie all the time.  They fire good people and recruit their corrupt buddies.  The Fed lies about unemployment numbers; they fudge the numbers.  They tell you it’s 5.5%, the real number is around 11% [ goto http://www.shadowstats.com ].  When your unemployment benefits run out, the government considered you as employed even if you don’t have a job!  In order to destroy the US, they need to destroy the middle class and bring in fresh immigrants in huge numbers [ Muslims and Asians ].  All the new immigrants in the country don’t know their God given rights.  So, people don’t complain when their rights are converted to privileges.  Rights are given by God and privileges are given by men by permits.  Now, almost everything you do, you need a permit and soon no permits will be given except to people who serve them (in the future->trans-humanism, post-humanism).

Globalism is the global elites’ way to take the final control of all the countries that are not under their control (which are few).  These are the ‘bad’ countries that the US are planning war against.  The elites are consolidating their assets and taking your wealth out of the country.  Your bank deposits? bye-bye. Your 401k, ira, social security? bye-bye. Pension fund? bye-bye.  They just haven’t told you they stole it yet.  They have all the mockingbird (MSM) telling you that’s a good thing.  You will very soon wake up in the streets with nothing.

The destruction of the US is by design–Raping you and telling you it’s a good thing.  If you don’t like it, just SHUT-UP!!!
On my next issue (2/4), I’ll talk about how they are gutting this country and how they will stop you from rebelling against them.

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