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U.S. Gov and Obama wants your retirement fund (IRA, 401k, Pension)

Posted by truthpills on 2008/11/12

By: Truth Pills

The American people has chosen Obama for President. The Bush dynasty continues for another 4 years. Obama is George Bush’s 13th cousin. These Skulls and Bones (322) secret society of Yale University sure has influence. The New World Order global elites control both parties but they really like how well the Bushes follow their orders.

The American people were suckered again by the most effective delphi techniques. The two techniques they used were limited choices and terminology. Limited choices: Republic or Democratic (the left and right legs of the same body) while there were 3 more parties that you’ve never heard from any mass media. Terminology: they used mind triggers but neutral terms that sound good like ‘vote for change’ on the Democrat side, ‘country first’ on Republican side. However, ‘Change’ can be good, neutral, or bad. Country can be a dictatorship or Freedom. Every one has something they want to change. They think Obama will change to whatever they think/want. Don’t just blame Obama when the change is much worse than G.W. Bush’s.

You need to questions those neutral terms. You need to see concrete terms like ‘vote for freedom’ ‘vote for the Constitution‘, ‘Liberty first’, ‘American People first’, …!

Obama said the change would be:
1. You had it easy, things are going to be hard for you
2. You can’t drive big cars, you’ll need to pay (carbon taxes or environmental thugs slashing your tires)
3. You can’t leave the lights on in your house anymore (coal plants that provide 50% energy for country will be shutdown by carbon taxes, and energy will sky rocket. Environmental thugs in your house)
4. Spread the wealth (from you to bankers). This is Socialism/Communism. High taxes, Retirement funds sifted to government control like the defunct Social Security (or like in Argentina). Since they stole all the money from SS, they need another bucket to suck your money. Google: confiscate retirement accounts
5. 1st Amendment gone. You can’t have an opinion. Police will arrest you like during his election. If anyone said anything bad about Obama, they had police arrest people and bring in false charges.
6. 2nd Amendment gone. Slaves can’t have guns to defend themselves. There’s a record gun purchase this month especially on AR-15 and AK-47.
7. Whole Constitution trashed. Slaves have no freedom
8. New wars on Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Russia and/or China. Most troops will be pulled out of Iraq to these new countries. Obama said he would pulled troops out of Iraq but you didn’t know he was going to redeployed them in new wars! Hahaha! So gullible to delphi techniques!!!
9. Draft re-instituted for all ages. Women will be required to fight for the empire (World Domination)–Project for New American Century (PNAC)
10. 1 million strong Youth brigade thugs spying and telling you what to do. Read history on Hitler, Mao, and Mussolini.
11. More taxes on the “rich” ($150k+) [ after the coming hyperinflation, it will be like $50+ ], toll roads, sales tax, use tax, … etc
12. Bad times for Christians. Barack Hussein Obama has been brought up as a Muslim. The ObamaNation is an Abomination.

There are a lot more of other “bad” changes coming, I am just listing the top 12 in my head. You asked Obama for change and so you will get a lot more than you bargained for. A major storm is coming. Be prepared! Don’t forget to read Dumitru Duduman. A war with Russia and China is for sure! You won’t like the outcome.

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Democratic leaders in the U.S. House discuss confiscating 401(k)s, IRAs
[ for more info, Google: confiscate retirement accounts ]

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