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Along With Everything Else Taxpayers Stuck With Billions In Losses

Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/09

Posted: February 7 2009
Bob Chapman

Ponzi, plans, and plunder, no magic wand from the Fed, investigative ineptitude at the SEC, Fed wont reveal its holdings, credit delinquencies to record highs, jobless rates on the rise, massive budget imbalances, California worst off of all states,

Obama’s stimulus plan, aka the Political Payoff Plan or PPP, together with the second half of the TARP, aka the Paulson Ponzi Plunder Plan or PPPP, will deliver a shot in the arm to our economy that will be both brief and shallow, sending us careening on our way to hyperinflation, which will deepen the depression we are already in by sending interest rates skyrocketing and killing off what little business activity remains. Interest rate swaps, with notional principal in the hundreds of trillions, will also implode at that time, administering the coup de grace to the world economy and financial system from which the Illuminati hope to form their one-world government, economy, currency, feudal society and religion.

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