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Firestorm Brewing Between U.S. States and Federal Government

Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/24

Lance L. Landon
February 21, 2009

Could this be an ominous shadow drawing on the end of the United States of America? For years the Federal Government has presumed to be the all-powerful force governing our country, but it just could be that the Federal Government only exists at the pleasure of the state governments and the citizens thereof. States declaring sovereignty sounds like an act of secession and revolution. However the federal government can apparently be dissolved and another one formed anew at the discretion of the states. The existing Federal government may not leave willingly like so many European governments that are replaced routinely and it may engage a military effort with our own soldiers or the likes of a Black Water illegal military invasion to retain total control over us.

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World Financial System In A State Of Insolvency

Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/24

Posted: February 21 2009

Gold now represents a flight to quality, banks being nationalizied, financial system in a tailspin, the depression we are now in is stage 2, inflation is a hidden tax, dollar stability being debauched, China wants out of the dollar, stability of EU at risk, Dow hiding its worst stocks from its index, Hosing bubble now burst puts prices back in line with incomes,

The tenor of the gold market has changed. Gold has decoupled from the dollar and at the moment it is not driven by fear of inflation or hyperinflation, but by a flight to quality. What else can be expected when the media reports that governments are deliberately creating inflation to offset deflation? Jewelry demand that normally makes up 80% of gold demand has dropped and investment demand is what is now driving buying. SPDR Gold Trust, the ETF GLD, has added 200 tons of gold over the past six weeks and 62,000 ounces last week alone. We are very skeptical regarding GLD’s gold purchases due to a tight market and no reports of their purchases. They may be using derivatives illegally and if they are and the derivatives fail the owners of the fund will be left with little of their investment.

The US dollar is no longer the premier safe haven, gold is. Gold is finally being recognized as wealth insurance. It has also decoupled from the influence of oil and other commodities. Even Russia in the face of terrible oil prices and one devaluation after another has purchased 90 tons of gold over the past 15 months.

Banks are being nationalized worldwide and people are becoming frightened and well they should be. The world is facing a major depression and banks are broke and being nationalized, and this is only the beginning.

The global financial system is in a tailspin and world leadership in Europe, china, Japan and the US act like the situation is some temporary breakdown. The system is beyond saving and the elitists planned it that way.

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The Great “Global Crisis of Maturity” and the New World Order

Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/24

Daniel Taylor
Old-Thinker News
February 23, 2009

“Although technological powers will be vast and progress will likely be made, the normal level of social resistance and political stalemate is likely to oppose change. Thus, it may take an occasional environmental collapse, global wars and terrorism, or yet unknown calamities to force the move to global consciousness.” — William E. Halal, Emerging Technologies and the Global Crisis of Maturity

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Get Ready for Mass Retail Closings

Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/24

Posted Feb 19, 2009 11:58am EST by Tech Ticker in Investing, Products and Trends, Recession

About 220,000 stores may close this year in America, says our guest, retail consultant Howard Davidowitz of Davidowitz & Associates. As more Americans save and spend less, it’s clear there’s too much retail space. Just visit Web site deadmalls.com and track retail’s growing body count. And luxury retailers? They’re on “life support,” Davidowitz says.

Among the brandname stores Davidowitz says are in trouble:

  • Nordstrom
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Tiffany
  • Jeweler Zale Corp.
  • Saks
  • J.C. Penney
  • Sears

Plus, earlier we discussed:

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Arctic Sea Ice Underestimated for Weeks Due to Faulty Sensor

Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/24

By Alex Morales

Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) — A glitch in satellite sensors caused scientists to underestimate the extent of Arctic sea ice by 500,000 square kilometers (193,000 square miles), a California- size area, the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center said.

The error, due to a problem called “sensor drift,” began in early January and caused a slowly growing underestimation of sea ice extent until mid-February. That’s when “puzzled readers” alerted the NSIDC about data showing ice-covered areas as stretches of open ocean, the Boulder, Colorado-based group said on its Web site.

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