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Gold Manipulation with Negative 1-Month Lease Rates

Posted by truthpills on 2009/04/07

Gold is manipulated by international bankers to keep the fiat money going.  The two most common ways to manipulate gold is by selling naked short and by cheap leasing.  Central bankers like Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs sell naked shorts of gold through the COMEX to push the spot price down.  Naked short selling means selling what they don’t have and cannot borrow.  They will flood the “create out of thin air” supply of gold to overwhelm the demand until there are little to no more intersted buyers.  If the investors call them bluff, they will lose their shirts.
The second method is leasing.  Bankers, investors, jewelers and other industries can lease gold from the central banks.  The central banks can manipulate gold prices by changing the lease rate.  The diagram below shows lease rate from short term to long term.  If you look at the 1-month lease rate, it’s NEGATIVE!  This means you can lease from the central banks and they will PAY you to lease their gold.    It’s like you lease a car and the dealer will pay you to lease their car.  This is a way to get as many sellers of gold as possible; BUT the opportunity is not for you but for bankers with connections.
It is possible to expose the manipulation; people buying contracts from COMEX must take physical delivery!  Once COMEX goes bankrupt, gold prices will go through the roof!
Gold Negative Lease Rate

Gold Negative Lease Rate

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