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Club of Rome Symposium 1988–Blueprint for Modern Day Destruction

Posted by truthpills on 2009/05/02

May 1, 2009

Key points of the meeting, remember this was in 1988…

Beyond Global Report 2000: They really felt they were behind in their second holiest of grails, the Killing of 85% + of the world population and re-engineering what was left.

The African Model: You know all these great African relief projects are nothing more an a big DNA / vaccination laboratory experiment that would be (“one day” their words) turned on the west. Yeah, that day is here.

The Global DNA data base: How this would help in the development of new plagues for population reduction. I called the Alex Jones show and pleaded with people not to give up their DNA under ANY circumstance. Alex agreed.

Using Genetically ‘Altered’ Food As A Weapon And Sustainability: They didn’t use the word modified and they love the word ‘sustainable’.

The Implementation Of ‘Strategy Of Tension’ And ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’: They spent quite a bit of time describing Rwanda / OK City / 911 type scenarios in order to make the west ‘malleable’ to basically accept a Nazi Germany type of living environment so killing us all (eugenic policies) would actually become “publicly acceptable”!!!!

It was also mentioned that there was a “Global Financial” leg to the world population reduction issue at hand but that would be discussed at a later time.

It was crux of this meeting that vaccination is the ONLY viable way to depopulate the planet. It’s for this reason why I have chosen to warn as many people as I can in my life NOT to vaccinate for ANY reason what-so-ever.

I have also found in my research of these creatures, everything they do is of a religious order. You’re 100% correct when you said that 911 was a ‘human’ sacrifice as well as an operation. As were the world wars. Not many people really understand this.
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John is correct. They create bioterroristic beta tests to work out the kinks. With each hysteria they create, their solution is for mass vaccination. The vaccinations will do most of the killings. Example of beta tests are the avian flu (H5N1), and the swine flu (H1N1). If the annual flu kills 36,000 per year in US as claimed by CDC, avian and swine kills a few hundred worldwide, there should not be any panic or hysteria.

FEMA has already contacted most counties or cities to determine where they can build the mass graves. Many are already built with 100,000+ plastic coffins that can fit 40 people each. How do they know to build the mass graves several years before any flu “pandemic”? Because they create the pandemic, CDC is Center for Disease Control, in order words Center for Disease Creation. They CONTROL the timing of the pandemic. The big one is coming for sure… probably in a few years…

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A swine flu scare occurred in Switzerland after a container carrying the virus exploded on board a train

Posted by truthpills on 2009/05/02

According to police sources, a technician from the National Centre for Influenza in Geneva was travelling to Zurich carrying eight glass containers, five of which held the swine flu virus.

The containers holding the virus were commissioned by the Federal Office of Public Health for the Geneva Centre in order to develop a test to detect swine flu. The vessels were, according to reports, securely packaged three times and hermetically sealed and cooled with dry ice.

The packaging of dry ice, however, was clearly not done properly, as pressure built up in the container during the journey. At 6.39 pm, shortly before the train arrived at Freiburg (Fribourg) station, there was an explosion.
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Feds Plan Vaccines for All Americans by Fall

Posted by truthpills on 2009/05/02

Fox News
May 1, 2009

U.S. authorities are pledging to eventually produce enough swine flu vaccine for everyone but the shots won’t begin until fall at the earliest.
Scientists are racing to prepare the key ingredient to make a vaccine against the never-before-seen flu strain — if it’s ultimately needed.

But it will take several months before the first pilot lots begin required human testing to ensure the vaccine is safe and effective.

“We think 600 million doses is achievable in a six-month time frame” from that fall start, Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Craig Vanderwagen said.

“I don’t want anybody to have false expectations. The science is challenging here,” Vanderwagen told reporters. “t’s a question of can we get the science worked on the specifics of this vaccine.”

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What’s the big deal on swine flu killing 1 person in US. The CDC claims normal influenza flu kills 36,000 per year to scare people to take the flu shot. Then the government hype up and scare people to take experimental swine vaccine for 1 death. If people started to take the vaccine, people will drop dead like flies. This happened in 1918 “spanish flu” and 1976 “swine flu” because of vaccines that actually killed most of the victims. This is the same as “if you want the flu, get the flu shot.”

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