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Al-Qaeda vows revenge on China after riots

Posted by truthpills on 2009/07/15

From Times Online
July 14, 2009

Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network has taken up the cause of China’s Muslim Uighur minority with a pledge to attack Chinese workers in northwestern Africa in retaliation for mistreatment by Beijing of its largest Muslim minority.

Al-Qaeda’s Algerian-based offshoot, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), has issued the call for vengeance, according to the South China Morning Post, which quoted an intelligence report from the London-based risk analysis firm Stirling Assynt.

It would be the first time that bin Laden’s organisation has threatened China or its interests — underlying the risks Beijing faces as it expands its economic investments overseas.
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Al-Qaeda was created by America CIA in the 1970’s. Al-Qaeda is still under the command of CIA. The CIA is under the command of the New World Order (NWO). Al-Qaeda is the tip of the spear of the New World Order, i.e. the NWO uses Al-Qaeda to destabilize sovereign countries around the world. This is the only way to bring in the New World Order; they have to destroy the old world order first. The British and America Illuminati wanted to encircle Russia and China. They are destabilizing the middle east (Iran, Iraq, Afgan, Pakistan, etc) and Eastern Europe to do this. So, the protests in China, Iran, and other countries around the world are created by CIA black operations to destabilize those countries. The CIA uses PsyOps on the American people so they can be brainwashed by their propaganda. So, the Al-Qaeda mentioned in this article is no more than CIA and MI6.

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Posted by truthpills on 2009/07/15

By Rosalind Peterson
July 12, 2009

It is sometimes difficult to separate out fact from fiction and beliefs. It is even more difficult when United States citizens live under a government which classifies as “secret” more and more information with each passing day. In addition, many government agencies, scientists, and researchers decide that certain information should not be given to the public because they know that the public would say “NO,” to many of their experiments or actions.
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John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet

Posted by truthpills on 2009/07/15

Book he authored in 1977 advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population

Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A “Planetary Regime” with the power of life and death over American citizens.

The tyrannical fantasies of a madman? Or merely the opinions of the person now in control of science policy in the United States? Or both?

These ideas (among many other equally horrifying recommendations) were put forth by John Holdren, whom Barack Obama has recently appointed Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology — informally known as the United States’ Science Czar. In a book Holdren co-authored in 1977, the man now firmly in control of science policy in this country wrote that:

• Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
• The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food;
• Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
• People who “contribute to social deterioration” (i.e. undesirables) “can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility” — in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.
• A transnational “Planetary Regime” should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans’ lives — using an armed international police force.
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Cindy Sheehan takes on the Robber Class

Posted by truthpills on 2009/07/15

It’s time to break the sick relationship that we have with the Robber Class and do something about it! They can only rob us, if we allow them to.

# Myth One: America: Greatest Nation in the Universe!
# Myth Two: Elections Matter
# Myth Three: There’s a huge Difference Between Dems and Repubs
# Myth Four: It is Noble to Die in Robber Class Wars
# Myth Five: The Federal Reserve Cares About You
# Myth Six: It’s a Privilege to pay Income Taxes to the Robber Class
# Myth Seven: Housing, Health Care and Education are Privileges, too
# Myth Eight: America has a Free Press
# Myth Nine: The Environment, Who Needs it?
# Myth Ten: 19 Muslims with box cutters were responsible for 9/11
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