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Spanish Flu : Born Again Bioweapon?

Posted by truthpills on 2009/11/03

October 2, 2009
George Ure

The hardest daily decisions in most newsrooms is deciding which story to ‘lead’ with. In television, that would usually be the story with their the catchiest images to would hold people over through breaks while in print it’s a combination of exclusivity, insight, quality of writing, and the bent of the publication (news, glitz, business, sports, etc.).

Since the focus here in on long wave economics – and how they come creeping through to form a control layer over much of human behavior – you’d think the decision to lead with something like the Sunday Financial Times article by ace economist/realist Nouriel Roubini where he explains the “Mother of all carry trades faces an inevitable bust” would be a simple call to make; that’s definitely ‘above the fold, page one material.

But, around here, decision-making is never so cut and dried. Life has become incredibly complicated since mid 2001 when I started writing about a ‘predictive linguistics project run by Cliff High at http://www.halfpasthuman.com – although at the time, there was not HPH and Cliff was much more reclusive. Here lately, the linguistics have – since last spring – been pointing to an October 25/26 turn date which would lead to a period of extremely high building tensions from that ‘turn date’ until two or three weeks later, by which time we should all be able to look back over our shoulders and say “Damn! That’s what a turn date’s all about…”

The hints are sketchy – but that’s the nature of the technology. The event is supposed to be something on the order of 85% economic and 15% other and it arises from the GlobalPop portion of the modelspace, which means whatever it is, it should be more or less planet-wide and not just some series of events that puts the fear of God into some fraudsters and greedsters down on Wall Street (or in Washington, where they also seem drawn in sizeable numbers).

today, my bet – subject to change at whim – is that the ‘swine’ flu story will be “IT” in retrospect. Not only did president Obama issue the national state of emergency right on schedule, but there has been steadily building concern around the topic such the by the end of the week, the shutting down of most of Europe comes into view as a ‘nonzero’ possibility and with that would come the fulfillment of economic impacts.
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