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Reaction to Fort Hood: Stupidity Beyond Belief

Posted by truthpills on 2009/11/11

Richard C. Cook
November 10, 2009

Note: I wrote this article Monday night and feel it was a normal response to a horrendous event. Already, however, anomalies with the official story are coming out. How many shooters were there? How could a lone gunman have such a free hand in attacking a huge facility full of combat veterans? Was Hasan “set-up” to take the blame? We may never know. But something strange is surely going on. IS IT A FRAME-UP?

The United States military is engaged in the conquest of the world. This is not a secret. The strategy has been spelled out repeatedly by official Defense Department policy statements (”full-spectrum dominance”), think-tank studies (PNAC), and official government action by the president and Congress (the biggest war budget in human history).
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