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The Who and How they Own and Control it All!

Posted by truthpills on 2009/12/18

by Walter Burien
December 15th 2009

I will note that the most important fact the people need to know is that in collective totals government (thousands of individual government entities) owns by stock ownership; bond participation; and equity participation most of the large public traded companies such as technology; pharmaceuticals; energy; banks; insurance; and war industry groups through collective ownership (in many a case 71% to 83% ownership)

There is no one individual government entity that will call the shots for these companies (even though some carry more clout than others) but there are private associations that network thousands of local and federal government accounts that have been assigned representative proxy vote rights for the thousands they represent and here is where the control rests.

By proxy vote representing the “collective” primary shareholders they can exert pressure for that company to do as told and if not they can remove the board of directors by representative proxy vote. On the other hand they can network millions if not billions of dollars of government investment capital for direction and investment with any company.

So, no matter from which side you look at it, the control factor is there.. Do a search for what financial consulting “private associations” with nice government sounding acronyms your many different local governments belongs to and the patterns of control will start coming into view.
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