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Indicting the Supreme Court

Posted by truthpills on 2010/02/14

By Prof John Kozy

February 12, 2010 “Global Research” – -Grumbling over the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Citizens United continue to rumble like distant thunder. Will the decision go down in history as one more in the Court’s long line of egregious opinions? Likely! Will it have much effect on the American political landscape? Likely not! Simply ask yourself, how much worse can it get?

There is scant evidence that the Congressional attempts to limit corporate expenditures in electioneering have had any effect in reducing corporate influence in government. Expecting the Congress, most if not all of whose members reside deep in corporate pockets, to eliminate that influence can be likened to expecting the rhinovirus to eliminate the common cold. Corporate money is the diseased life-blood of American politics; it carries its cancerous spores to all extremities.

The Supreme Court really should be named the Unbeseem Court. Without any Constitutional justification whatsoever, as Justice Holmes, dissenting in Lochner, pointed out, the Court has taken its task to be the constitutionalization of a totally immoral, rapacious, economic system instead of the promotion of justice, domestic tranquility, the general welfare, and the blessings of liberty. Consider this short list of examples:

· It is legal for a vendor to sell a product which does not work but illegal for a buyer to purchase a product with a check that does not work.

· During a corporate bankruptcy, the company’s assets are distributed first to other companies and last, if anything remains, to employees and even people who have obtained judgments from courts for company wrongdoing.

· If a homebuyer who has paid regularly on his mortgage for 20 and even more years, who has paid the property taxes and the property’s insurance, is forced to default for no fault of his own, such as a death, serious illness, or economic collapse, the mortgage holder gets to keep all the money and gets the house too, transferring the risk that investors are supposed to bear entirely to the buyer.

· Entire industries can uniformly require consumers to accept contracts that require them to relinquish their legal and even Constitutional rights.

· And those industries can also uniformly require consumers to accept contracts that the companies can change in any way at any time for any reason without gaining the consent of the consumer. Has a consumer ever had such a right?

· Companies can collect personal information on people without their consent yet are allowed to keep company secrets even those which hide wrongdoing, as when a civil case is settled and the company involved is allowed to not admit to any wrongdoing and the court seals the detailed record.

For more, see my piece How the Government Cheats Ordinary Taxpayers, but any astute reader can add items to this list.
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