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Family Billed Nearly $28K For Fire

Posted by truthpills on 2010/02/18

Senator Says More Study Needed Into Fire Fees
UPDATED: 8:25 pm EST February 16, 2010

NEW CASTLE, Ind. — A New Castle family that lost their home in a fire last year said they were shocked to receive a bill for nearly $28,000.

Emergency Services Billing Corporation, based in Brownsburg, sent Brian and Darline Fairchild an itemized bill including charges for water and refilling firefighters’ oxygen tanks, 6News’ Joanna Massee reported.

“I said ‘Oh my God, they’ve got to be kidding,” Darline Fairchild said.

“I always thought that a volunteer fire department was just that, volunteer, and taxes helped pay for that,” said Brian Fairchild.

Company owner Robert Blackford said usually insurance companies foot the bill if a department chooses to charge for its services, with rare exceptions.

He said federal environmental law allows him to bill unlimited fees for the departments’ services, and that Indiana law permits departments to set fees themselves.
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