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Mainstream Media Now Begins Reporting on BPA Dangers After Denying Previous Evidence

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/31

Anthony Gucciardi
October 30, 2010

The mainstream media has just recently began reporting on the dangers of Bispehnol A (BPA), despite evidence that has been available for some time that links it to serious conditions such as infertility. A five-year study has just been released that confirms the link between BPA and infertility, finding it severely damages sperm health.

This is not surprising if you have been following the findings of numerous past studies, which have linked BPA to a host of nasty conditions. Health conditions such as obesity, and developmental problems in young girls were among the ailments developed as a result of BPA exposure.

What is worse is that BPA has found its way into numerous products, such as soup cans and plastic packaging. We also reported that BPA was found in dental fillings and sealants, and that the media would downplay the negative effects of the substance. Patients were reassured that the BPA was nearly harmless, and the benefit of the toxic fillings far outweighed the risk of BPA exposure.

The article from USA Today went on to proclaim that the effects of BPA are unknown, and that the fillings and sealants did not contain high amounts of the substance: “Doctors don’t know how much BPA is absorbed into the body, however, or what its effects might be, Fleisch says. But dental materials probably cause far less BPA exposure than other consumer goods, such as plastic bottles and the linings of metal cans.”

Research shows, however, that BPA levels in saliva skyrocket to around 88 times the “normal” amount when patients were given dental fillings. Seeing as BPA is a toxic chemical, as declared by Canada and other nations, any amount of BPA should not be considered normal.

“This chemical is one that you should not be exposed to at any level,” said von Saal, Curators’ professor of biology at the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Small amounts of BPA harmful to begin with, but the amount that most people are being exposed to on a daily basis is extremely high. This is compounded with the fact that over 90% of Canadians were found to have some level of BPA within their bodies. The same would most likely be found in the United States and elsewhere, as most of the international food industry uses this chemical.

As the mainstream media reports on the dangers of BPA, it reflects the awareness that is growing in regards to the dangers of BPA. With mainstream media forced to report on this five-year study exposing BPA as a fertility killer, perhaps the result will be a nationwide ban of the toxic substance.


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Pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow into detectable tumors – here’s how to halt it today

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/31

Mike Adams
Natural News
Oct 29, 2010

New research published in the journal Nature reveals that pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow to the point where it is diagnosed by conventional medical doctors. This was determined by sequencing the DNA of cancer tumor cells from deceased patients. Because cancer mutations occur in growing tumors at a known rate, scientists were able to map the timing of the development of full-blown pancreatic cancer tumors.

Here’s what the scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute found (and here’s why this matters in a huge way to people interested in healthy living):

* It takes 11.7 years for one mutation in a pancreas cell to grow into a “mature” pancreatic tumor (which might show up on a medical scan).

* It takes another 6.8 years for the pancreatic tumor to spread and cause tumors to appear in other organs of the body.

In all, it takes about 20 years for a person to grow a cancer tumor and see it spread to the point where their doctor will diagnose them with pancreatic cancer.

In other words, by the time doctors diagnose you with cancer, you’ve already been growing it for two decades.
Here’s why this matters

This is a huge story for five very important reasons:

Reason #1) The idea thrown around by cancer doctors that cancer is a “spontaneous disease” that strikes randomly and without warning is pure bunk. In order to “get” cancer, you actually have to GROW cancer for two decades! It doesn’t just suddenly appear like magic.

Reason #2) When cancer doctors diagnose you with pancreatic cancer and say things like, “Good thing we caught it early!” they are full of bunk yet again. They didn’t catch it early — they caught it late! Almost 20 years too late.

Reason #3) If it takes 20 years to grow cancer tumors to the point where you get diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer, then that means you have 20 years to change your lifestyle and stop the cancer!

That’s the most important point of all, of course. In order to grow cancer tumors for 20 years, you have to feed the cancer for 20 years while keeping it alive. And how do you do that?
How to grow and feed a cancer tumor

First of all, to grow a cancer tumor, you need to eat lots of sugar. Liquid sugars are the best (soda, anyone?), but any form of refined sugar will do. You have to eat sugar daily if you really want to support cancer cell division and growth.

Next, you have to be vitamin D deficient for the entire 20 years. That’s because vitamin D halts 77 percent of all cancers (including pancreatic cancer), and when combined with other nutrients like selenium, you can halt even more cancers.
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In 15 of Last 25 Months, Treasury Needed to Borrow Money to Pay Social Security Benefits

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/26

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
By Chris Johnson

(CNSNews.com) – The U.S. Treasury has needed to borrow money to pay Social Security benefits in 15 out of the last 25 months on record because the Social Security system was in deficit in those months, with the cost of monthly benefit payments exceeding the Social Security tax revenues flowing into the Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance “trust funds,” according to data published by the Social Security Administration.

Because the overall federal budget was in deficit during this entire period, the surplus revenues Social Security earned in the remaining 10 months of the last 25 was used during those months to pay ongoing general government expenses and was not saved to pay future Social Security benefits.

The government gave the Social Security trust funds IOUs for this money.

Prior to August 2008, the Social Security system usually—but not always—ran monthly surpluses, and surplus Social Security taxes were always used by the government to cover deficits in the general federal budget with a promise by the Treasury to eventually pay the money back to the Social Security trust fund when the funds were needed to cover anticipated shortfalls in Social Security revenue. Surplus Social Security tax revenue was never actually set aside to cover these anticipated deficits in Social Security. It was always immediately spent.

In August, the latest month on record, the Social Security system was $8.621 billion in the red, according to the Social Security Administration. That was the fifteenth month since August 2008 in which the system posted a monthly deficit. Back in August 2008, the Social Security system dipped into deficit by $118 million.
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The Multicultural Cult

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/19

Written by Thomas Sowell
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 00:00

Somebody eventually had to say it — and German chancellor Angela Merkel deserves credit for being the one who had the courage to say it out loud. Multiculturalism has “utterly failed.”

Multiculturalism is not just a recognition that different groups have different cultures. We all knew that, long before multiculturalism became a cult that has spawned mindless rhapsodies about “diversity,” without a speck of evidence to substantiate its supposed benefits.

In Germany, as in other countries in Europe, welcoming millions of foreign workers who insist on remaining foreign has created problems so obvious that only the intelligentsia could fail to see them. It takes a high IQ to evade the obvious.

“We kidded ourselves for a while,” Chancellor Merkel said, but now it was clear that the attempt to build a society where people of very different languages and cultures could “live side-by-side” and “enjoy each other” has “failed, utterly failed.”

This is not a lesson for Germany alone. In countries around the world, and over the centuries, peoples with jarring differences in language, cultures and values have been a major problem and, too often, sources of major disasters for the societies in which they co-exist.

Even the tragedies and atrocities associated with racial differences in racist countries have been exceeded by the tragedies and atrocities among people with clashing cultures who are physically indistinguishable from one another, as in the Balkans or Rwanda.

Among the ways that people with different cultures have managed to minimize frictions have been (1) mutual cultural accommodations, even while not amalgamating completely, and (2) living separately in their own enclaves. Both of these approaches are anathema to the multicultural cultists.

Expecting any group to adapt their lifestyles to the cultural values of the larger society around them is “cultural imperialism” according to the multicultural cult. And living in separate neighborhoods is considered to be so terrible that there are government-financed programs to take people from high-crime slums and put them in subsidized housing in middle-class neighborhoods.

Multiculturalists condemn people’s objections to transplanting hoodlums, criminals and dysfunctional families into the midst of people who may have sacrificed for years to be able to escape from living among hoodlums, criminals and dysfunctional families.

The actual direct experience of the people who complain about the consequences of these social experiments is often dismissed as mere biased “perceptions” or “stereotypes,” if not outright “racism.” But some of the strongest complaints have come from middle-class blacks who have fled ghetto life, only to have the government transplant ghetto life back into their midst.

The absorption of millions of immigrants from Europe into American society may be cited as an example of the success of multiculturalism. But, in fact, they were absorbed in ways that were the direct opposite of what the multicultural cult is recommending today.

Before these immigrants were culturally assimilated to the norms of American society, they were by no means scattered at random among the population at large. On New York’s lower east side, Hungarian Jews lived clustered together in different neighborhoods from Romanian Jews or Polish Jews — and German Jews lived away from the lower east side.

When someone suggested relieving the overcrowding in the lower east side schools by transferring some of the children to a school in an Irish neighborhood that had space, both the Irish and the Jews objected.

None of this was peculiar to America. When immigrants from southern Italy to Australia moved into neighborhoods where people from northern Italy lived, the northern Italians moved out. Such scenarios could be found in countries around the world.

It was in later generations, after the children and grandchildren of the immigrants to America were speaking English and living lives more like the lives of other Americans, that they spread out to live and work where other Americans lived and worked. This wasn’t multiculturalism. It was common sense.

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It’s true: Airport body scanners could give you cancer

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/19

Editor’s Note: Can the State mandate that you be scanned by harmful technology? No!

David Gutierrez
Natural News
Oct 18, 2010

The new, full-body security scanners being introduced at airports pose a greater skin cancer risk than governments have previously acknowledged and are especially dangerous to children and pregnant women, a new study has found.

The devices, known officially as backscatter X-ray machines, were introduced after the “Christmas Day Bomber” successfully got an explosive device through conventional airport screening. They use up to eight seconds of X-rays over the entire body to create a three-dimensional, full-body image of anything that passengers might be carrying beneath their clothing. More than a hundred of the scanners have already been rolled out at 32 U.S. airports, and they are being introduced in other countries, as well. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) plans to have 450 of the scanners deployed by the end of 2010.

A new analysis of the radiation dose delivered by the machines, conducted by David Brenner and colleagues at Columbia University, found that because the beams concentrate X-rays on the body’s skin, the effective dose may be 20 times higher than previously estimated.
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Federal Court Rules: 11 Foreign Countries May Join Lawsuit Against Arizona

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/10

By SCOTT WONG | 10/6/10 9:57 AM EDT Updated: 10/6/10 7:21 PM EDT

In a new twist in the fight over Arizona’s immigration law, Republican Gov. Jan Brewer on Tuesday asked a federal court to disallow foreign governments from joining the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit to overturn the law.

The move comes in response to a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling issued Monday, allowing nearly a dozen Latin American countries — Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Chile — to submit friend-of-the-court briefs in Justice’s challenge to SB 1070, which Brewer signed into law in April and is considered one of the nation’s toughest immigration-enforcement measures.

“As do many citizens, I find it incredibly offensive that these foreign governments are using our court system to meddle in a domestic legal dispute and to oppose the rule of law,” the Republican governor said in a statement shortly after the state’s motion was filed Tuesday evening.

“What’s even more offensive is that this effort has been supported by the U.S. Department of Justice. American sovereignty begins in the U.S. Constitution and at the border,” she added. “I am confident the 9th Circuit will do the right thing and recognize foreign interference in U.S. legal proceedings and allow the State of Arizona to respond to their brief.”

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White House ‘Blocked Gulf Oil Spill Studies’

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/10

7:14pm UK, Thursday October 07, 2010
Katie Cassidy, Sky News Online

The White House has been strongly criticised for blocking the publication of information on possible worst-case scenarios following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

A draft report by the National Oil Spill Commission appeared to suggest the Obama administration was directly involved in controlling the oil spill message.

More than 206m gallons (780m litres) of oil leaked into the Gulf before the well was finally plugged on July 15.

It has become the worst offshore oil leak in US history.

The panel, which was set up by Barack Obama, found the White House denied an early request by government scientists to inform the public of its worst-case predictions.

This move may have affected the speed with which resources were assembled to fight the spill, the draft report claimed.

Furthermore, the government was “over-optimistic” about the BP’s ability to bring the ruptured well under control.

President Obama might be feeling a little miffed at the results of the draft report from his oil spill commission. The experts suggest his administration was either not fully competent or not fully candid in the response to the spill.

Sky News US correspondent Greg Milam

“Though some of the command structure was put in place very quickly, in other respects the mobilisation of resources to combat the spill seemed to lag,” it said.

The White House has disputed the preliminary findings of the report, adding officials were “clear with the public”.

Following the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion on April 20, it took BP nearly eight weeks to stop millions of barrels of oil leaking into the ocean.

Large sections of the Gulf of Mexico were closed to fishing, hundreds of miles of shoreline were polluted and the coastal economy, including tourism and fisheries, was disrupted.
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Warning to Glenn Beck: Don’t Drink Diet Coke

Posted by truthpills on 2010/10/10

Kurt Nimmo
October 9, 2010

On Friday, Glenn Beck announced on his radio show that he will be taking a brief leave of absence for medical reasons. “There is something wrong with my voice, and we’re not sure what it is,” Beck said, according to a transcript on his website. “They’re going to be doing CAT scans and MREs or MRIs and PET scans and they’re going to be doing blood work like crazy.”

In July, the Fox News host admitted that he is suffering from macular dystrophy, an eye disorder that causes vision loss. “Yes, I have a problem with my eyes,” Beck told an audience of 6,000 in Salt Lake City. “A couple of weeks ago, I went to the doctor because I can’t focus my eyes … So I went to the best doctor I could find… he did all kinds of tests, and he said I have macular dystrophy.”

Glenn Beck may not know it, but it is almost certain he is another victim of Rumsfeld Plague. On September 29, the New York Times published a long article about Beck. “His Mormonism forbids coffee, but he consumes a lot of Diet Coke and chocolate,” writes Mark Leibovich.

Coca-Cola began putting the “sugar substitute” aspartame in Diet Coke in 1982. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. Many of these reactions are very serious including seizures and death.
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