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Legislation Concerning the Criminalization of Toxic Aerosols Upon the People of the Planet

Posted by truthpills on 2011/01/23

Posted by Brian Andrews Chemtrail News, Featured Tuesday, January 18th, 2011


Corinne Spence, the Chairwoman for SCARE (the Santa Cruz Alert Response Emergency) bravely took the initiative to launch this proposed legislation to the Congress of the United States.  For that we shall be forever grateful.  Ms. Spence delivered to the Washington offices of Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul our “draft” designed to prohibit the poisoning of the Earth’s atmosphere.

This proposed legislation, when passed, will make it a crime “punishable by death” or life imprisonment without possibility of parole for spraying our people in the United States with Toxic Aerosols. Within the first two weeks of this year, these Toxins have already killed millions of birds in the air above us and millions of fish in our poisoned water below.

Our proposed legislation is entitled, “The Planetary Population and Atmospheric Purity Act.”  It has been given to Patriotic groups in Sweden, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall & Mexico as a guide to passing laws that will prohibit the poisoning of the Planet’s population through the atmospheric “Death Dumps”.  Ms. Spence, with your help and ours, is determined to see that laws are passed to stop the continued spraying of Toxins upon us, our friends, and our families. We fear that if these Death Dumps were to continue unchecked, billions of innocent people on this Planet will die.

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