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Letter from Listener-Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance and Disavowal

Posted by truthpills on 2011/08/15

July 27, 2011


My wife asked me to write a “one over the world” synopsis for my brother in-law, in order to bring him up to speed. It occurred to me that you both might find this useful.
Though you and I know that this is not even close to all inclusive, I feel it is a good initial attack to someone’s paradigm.
You are welcome to use it if you care to. Keith

Rose asked me to explain the Hegelian Dialectic. While on the subject I will also cover some other terms that the Lord has caused us to learn in the process of shaking off the culture of lies that we have had carefully, and deliberately crafted over the last 100 years. Understanding these terms,Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance, and Disavowal will go a long way to understanding not only what is wrong with current western society but even why the Gospel has lost (apparently) so much of its impact in our society.


G.W.F Hegel was a German philosopher born in Stuttgart Germany in 1770 and died in Prussia around 1831. He developed a method of dealing with a populace or any body of people now called the Hegelian Dialectic. You will also hear the method described as Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis and, a slightly modified form referred to as Problem-Reaction-Solution.
The basic conflict involves creating opposing views or camps to control a populace and steer them toward a third way often presented as a compromise but in truth the original objective of the controllers. It is also used to simply create divisions, thereby reducing the likelihood of any body of people uniting against their real societal enemies. In other words, it weakens a body that would otherwise be an overwhelming force. An excellent and current example would be the current Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative paradigm. These opposing views are used to control the populace of the USA and playacted by our politicians when, in fact, they are (most of them) taking their direction from another controlling interest and not the population at all.
An example of how this plays out would be how our current chief executive was elected on a platform that apparently opposed just about everything the former did yet two years into his term has done none of what he promised and amplified the deeds of his forerunner. This is because he and his forerunner are following an agenda dictated to them.
The problem reaction solution formula is best seen in the creation of a non-state actor to hold out as a boogeyman and manipulate the populace into sacrificing their liberties so as to be “secure” from an enemy that can never be defeated because this enemy can be invoked from the mist whenever convenient. Therefore, the objective of increasing control and reducing liberties in preparation for a fascist/corporatist/elitist oligarchy is achieved by the people demanding that they be defended from this boogeyman. This is why Ben Franklin said, “those who would sacrifice essential liberty for security deserve neither.”
A good method for spotting the real culprits behind these stateless antagonists is to answer the simple question “who benefits?”


If you are solidly positioned in the Hegelian Dialectic and you believe the lies put forward to you about our political parties, our economy, history, agriculture, money and finance, medical care, social and military policy, the resistant emotion you will experience when I list the following is called normalcy bias:

1. The republicans and democrats are pursuing the same agenda.
2. Our economy is being deliberately imploded by the corporate and banking interests that control the Anglo-American empire because the globalist plan now requires that the western populaces be “knocked off” their standard of living and reduced to serfdom
3. Agriculture has been manipulated to facilitate a eugenicist, population reduction agenda (associated with a program called Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius)
4. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned entity. Its control of our currency is unconstitutional. The U.S. Treasury (and the IRS) serve the interests of this cabal. Our currency is a fiat currency (no intrinsic value). They will not default. They will create money from nothing till the US economy collapses into a hyperinflationary spiral.
5. Military spending makes up 75% of the budget deficit. Did you hear either party mention that there won’t be money to bomb Libya? No, of course not. They threaten to cut Granny’s Social Security payments and they are careful to refer to it as an entitlement program. That is a lie. If you are less than 70 years old, that is your money! You paid it in. If fact, it is a rip-off program because had you been able to invest it in a modest program that paid 5% interest a year, your stipend by the time you were 65 would be twice what you would see from that program if they paid you. It is theft, plain and simple.
6. Jesus thrashed the money changers out of the temple. We have let them back in and put them in the pulpit. Few men of God in a church will challenge the current paradigm from the pulpit because the money changers will take your 501c3 status if you do. The message of Jesus has been subordinated to the Luciferians that control the worlds purse strings in America. This is one of the reasons why the Gospel is hampered. Corruption is not the reason the Gospel no longer thrives. Corruption in a man makes God’s argument in the conversion process. However, when the evangelist is a vehicle for lies, even unknowingly, he hinders the message. How can the Gospel spread to the hedonist when the modern evangelical Christian has become the chief spokesman for butchering the unsaved in far off lands? The fallen smell hypocrisy from a mile away.
7. Read Genesis 6. The offspring of the Fallen Angels were monsters. The Sethite doctrine taught in seminaries now is a modern theological fabrication. When looking to explain Aliens, bigfoot, etc… look to Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch. With the current genetic malfeasance, be prepared to see things that “will cause men’s hearts to fail for what they see coming upon the Earth.” Jesus wasn’t joking. Our modern archeology and history are carefully crafted lies to hide the struggle that has gone on between God and Satan and prepare us for a final massive deception.
8. The medical system is designed for profit not healing. The cure for cancer has been known for more than fifty years. It is, in truth, a dietary deficiency like scurvy or rickets. Cancer cells are identical to the cells in the placenta of a pregnant woman. The control for this disease if a healthy pancreas (not too much red meat), allied with a body chemistry that is mildly alkaline (not too much sugar plenty of green vegetables…especially the brassicas) and a chemical called amygdalin contained in foods that read like a list of things Americans don’t eat anymore (barley, lentils, millet, apple and apricot seeds, bitter almonds, etc…). The FDA and AMA are colluding to plunder the American people. Sickness is big money.
9. 9/11 was perpetrated by our own government. Jet fuel (kerosene) does not burn hot enough to melt steel. Buildings that fall from structural damage do not collapse at free-fall speed into their own footprint. Collapsing at freefall speed into its own footprint is called DEMOLITION. The presence of nano-thermite in the dust shows demolition.
10. We are in Iraq because Saddam Hussein’s conversion of Iraq’s oil reserves from dollars to Euro’s threatened the petrodollar. We are in Afghanistan to perpetuate and profit from the heroin trade (black ops, global central banking) and implement a plan designed by Zbignew Bryzinski (sp) in his 1994 book “the Grand Chessboard”) to hinder other centers of power from gaining a foothold in Central Asia and thereby profiting from its resources.
11. Pakistan’s ISI has been running the opium refining centers on the Pakistani side of the Afghan border for over 10 years on behalf of the Anglo-American banking interests.
12. Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA.

If you are awash in modern American propaganda, of the “Glen Beck” rightwing flavor, you are experiencing normalcy bias because it will be difficult for you to accept any of the things I have written here. These thoughts run contrary to any of the mainstream (left or right) propaganda to which you are regularly subjected.


Put simply this is the experience of holding two incompatible “truths” as true. A common cognitive dissonance in America’s church is the held belief that our current wars are “right” and “justified” (which I held for some time myself) and that killing innocent men, women and children is wrong. So when we hear that our forces dropped a drone on an Afghan wedding party killing little girls/boys, old men/women, groom, bride and extended family because there “might” have been a “suspected” insurgent there, we experience cognitive dissonance. We want to justify our military actions but we know that killing those innocents is wrong. It is as though a detective pursuing a psychopath blows up an apartment building where the target lives, killing all the other inhabitants and justifies it because the target was a really bad man.
We quietly accept torture or our “enemies” even though this is an offense to God because any man is still made in His image. We think it is the “greater good.” This was the rationale used by the evangelical church under Hitler’s regime. They were wrong. We are wrong. We are holding two opposing “truths” as true.
We experience this in many ways when we attempt to shield ourselves from the harsh realities of the plain evil that is being done in our name to achieve the goals of people, many of whom, are not even our countrymen.


This is the process of seeing the truth and choosing to disregard it because to accept it consciously would mean to call into question too much of what we hold to be true. It is disturbing to find (especially as one who knows “THE TRUTH” about the Gospel) that so much of what we believe is a lie that we frequently retreat to the comfort of the lie rather than go through this shattering of our paradigm.

God answers prayer and we asked Him to show us the lies we have believed. He answered and continues to answer. I am convinced that the truth does not thrive in a man if held common with lies.

I hope this helps.”

One Response to “Letter from Listener-Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance and Disavowal”

  1. Jeff said

    THIS WAS DEFINITELY WORTH SHARING! I have been talking about cognitive dissonance among my peers for some time… Thank you!!!

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