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Toxic BPA Now Linked to Leading Killer Heart Disease

Posted by truthpills on 2012/03/05

Mike Barrett
March 3, 2012

Although BPA’s ubiquitous use in today’s world makes it difficult to pinpoint it for causing many health and environmental complications, research gives reason to believe it is indeed a cause of health many complications.

Just recently, research has potentially tied the chemical, often used in plastics and food can linings, to an increased risk of heart disease. Researchers also found that individuals who have heart disease were more likely to have higher urinary concentrations of BPA, which has been shown to spike by 1,200 percent after ingesting soup from canned goods.

The study, published in the journal Circulation, used data from the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC) to determine the relationship between BPA and heart disease. EPIC is a long-term study which monitors thousands of people’s health, providing researchers with data on BPA concentration levels from individuals that can be followed for years.

For the recent study appearing in Circulation, researchers tracked 758 healthy EPIC subjects who developed cardiovascular disease later in life. While it can’t be fully clarified that BPA is responsible, the researchers noticed a direct link between BPA concentration and heart disease, with the subjects ending up with heart disease being more likely to have higher BPA levels at the start of the 10-year follow up period.

Read the full article


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