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The Government’s New Plan for Retirees Includes Pink Slime, Horse Meat, and Horse Hockey Investments

Posted by truthpills on 2012/03/15

By: Richard Benson, SFGroup

Years ago we were more entertained by our government’s actions because we were younger then and not threatened so much by their policy decisions. But now as we approach retirement age, we are becoming simply enraged and disgusted by the decisions made in Washington.

First, there is no question that older Americans on fixed income are having a hard time finding the money to buy steak or live, as they say, “high on the hog”, where you find the better cuts of meat. Now it turns out that the US Department of Agriculture has approved a ‘pink slime’ additive to ground beef. Pink slime which is a major ingredient of dog food is not beef but a salvage product rendered from fat waste trimmings and intestines still full of you know what. This rendered slime is treated with ammonia to kill the bacteria one finds in fecal matter, and 70 percent of ground beef at supermarkets contain it. It’s the new hamburger helper direct from the US Department of Agriculture. We checked some cookbooks including those of Julia Child, Emeril Lagasse, Martha Stewart, Lydia, Rachael Ray, etc., and have yet to find one recipe calling for “pouring in a cup of ammonia while adding two cups of pink slime”……..

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