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Corruption in Fascist Business Model

Posted by truthpills on 2012/04/27

By: Jim Willie CB, GoldenJackass.com

— Posted Wednesday, 1 February 2012 | Share this article | Source: GoldSeek.com

Few can define fascism. Many cannot recognize it. History provides shocking stories of its past episodes. But its root structural feature is the tight relationship between the state and large corporations of a nation, which permit enormous fraud and lead to grand inefficiency, even while aggression and war accompany its handiwork in an ugly fabric weave. Nowhere is the bond more scummy and corrupt than with the banking industry, not in general but in Wall Street where defense of the USDollar has come. That defense was contracted from the USGovt to Wall Street, whose ties developed into a vast network of corruption. That cozy relationship led to the gutting of Fort Knox and its gold bullion in the 1990 decade of so-called prosperity. The 0% gold leasing resulted in vast speculation schemes, private multi-$trillion profit, and absent collateral for the USDollar itself. The other cozy connection is with the defense contractors, where war generates colossal cash flows, some of which result in kickbacks to Congress. The Fascist Business Model is a cord to strangle the neck of a nation. The rage of nationalism, the eradication of liberties, the pursuit of conjured enemies, the constant sense of alert, the attack on enemies with alienation of allies, all tend to effectively conceal the theft and corruption. The other tell-tale infection is of inefficiency, where the most insolvent lead in policymaking, where the most connected are not the best in class, where the most corrupt are shielded by cronies in watchdog posts. These ordinary teams have dominated, not from capability according to the marketplace forces or Darwinism, but from connection to the power center.

The United States of America had been the beacon of capitalism and freedom. In the last 20 years, it has proven to be the epitome of anti-capitalism, shown mortal wounds from the NeoCon assault on liberty and the more recent collectivism assault typical of Soviet regimes. The global revolt against the USDollar is not just an organized movement to protect against a reserve currency suffering declining value. It is a movement also intended to avoid a climax in corruption, the likes of which modern history has never witnessed. The bright light from the beacon has attracted a deadly swarm of moths, which tragically have enveloped the light completely, masked its wondrous effect, and disguised the vile cobwebs of fascism. The historians all too well are aware that the final chapter of a capitalist nation is embedded in fascism, as its institutions suffer from profound corruption, as inefficiency depletes the wealth structures, as the system breaks down, as the rule of law vanishes.


One must begin with the banks, whose leaders have formulated the plan at work. Perhaps their actions began in the removal of Kennedy in 1963, an obstacle in their path. Their plan was revealed more in the open with the abandonment of the Bretton Woods Accord, the basis of the gold standard. The most telling mark has been the Goldman Sachs grip on the USDept Treasury. The Rubin experience at the London gold desk was crucial. Goldman Sachs is a key Wall Street funnel toward the USCongress dole, the Financial Regulatory Bill being the backfire in reform that granted the bankers more powers. See the power to dissolve any financial firm that threatens the power structure, and see the protective cover given to firms deemed financially important. The TARP Fund congame was a clever ruse, a $700 billion segment of the congame. Hidden from view was the $138 billion reload of JPMorgan, given cover to handle Lehman private accounts by the Bankruptcy court that convened at 6am on a Saturday morning in Manhattan. The climax badge of dishonor and fraud was the phony bank accounting rules permitted by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and blessed into law by the USCongress. The big banks in control of the USGovt were all hopelessly insolvent, but covered. Their quarterly earnings reports read like an Orwell chapter, riddled with Credit Value Adjustments and raids from the Loan Loss Reserves. Once in the news back in 2009, but not forgotten, the failure to deliver on USTreasury Bonds never went away, only the publicity and spotlight. Over $1 trillion remains a regular feature for the practice. Wall Street firms indeed found a source of income to replace their absent stock IPO and corporate bond issuance business. Sell USTBonds, take in income, and no bond delivery. What a business! The Facebook IPO is the exception, not the rule.








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