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My 2008 Dream About America

Posted by truthpills on 2012/05/19

From Dr. Daniel Daves: I had a dream in 2008 and I believe that it was from God. It was so real, powerful, and convincing. It took me by surprise and the things I saw and heard in this dream were amazing, shocking and hard to grasp. But then they began to unfold in front of my eyes, and I began making preparations for the culmination of the dream and the future of America. Some areas of the dream were set in stone. Other areas were left open.

I have been released to begin telling this dream publicly so people can determine for themselves if they need to take action, take cover or disregard the dream. A person won’t offend me at all if they don’t believe the dream or choose not to take action. This was my dream and I’m the one responsible for it. However, I sense a compelling and a duty before my fellow man to reveal and share the dream which I believe is a warning from God, so that my fellow man can carefully consider the dream and then make a personal determination on how to use the information, if at all. I for one have prepared and set the direction of my family, businesses and ministry in alignment with the dream. I’m thankful that God was gracious enough to give me insight, foresight and communication HSI (Holy Spirit Intelligence) into the future so that I might prepare and help others to prepare.
And now for the dream exactly how it came to me. I would be driving 9 hours to a financial conference that I was supposed to speak at in Poplar Bluff, MO in 2008. Early in the morning, I would dream this dream, and then awaken suddenly, wondering which reality I was in upon awakening. The dream was so real that I thought I had slipped into a dream when I woke up. It was amazing and awesome.
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