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Gates Foundation Depopulation Summit Demands Global Approval

Posted by truthpills on 2012/07/20

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
July 5, 2012

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) are focusing on population control through their Global Health Development Programs. By using citizens in under-developed nations, like Africa and India, was Guinea pigs for their research and development for “new interventions such as vaccines, drugs and diagnostics”, these globalists hope to ensure their family planning schemes are effective.

Melinda Gates has made family planning and the population control agenda her personal mission . She justifies her cause by claiming that 100,000 women die in child birth from unintended pregnancies. Although this statistic has no scientific basis, since it sounds good and mainstream media do not check facts, it has helped the BMGF team up with the British government to raise more than $4 billion to fun depopulation programs under the guise of bringing contraceptives to under-developed nations.

The BMGF assert that by 2050 “the global population is expected to grow to over 9 billion people” and this is unacceptable to them. By applying pressure to social programs and resources, the BMGF want to use family planning as an investment for all national governments globally.

Strategies to accomplish their goals include:

Using financial influence to force governments and policymakers to implement their family planning schemes
Empower NGOs who promote family planning propaganda
Coerce the integration of family planning into all “humanitarian” efforts by using funds from the UN Global Fund
Pour money into efforts that further family planning through national policy controls that adhere to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals

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Codex Alimentarius: UN Food Securitization Scheme

Posted by truthpills on 2012/07/20

Monday, July 9, 2012
Codex Alimentarius: UN Food Securitization Scheme
Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

In 2008, using the toxic industrial chemical melamine in liquid infant formula, 6 babies died while more than 303,000 became deathly ill from exposure in China. At the time, the UN Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) had allowed for the maximum limit of 1 milligram per kilogram of formula. Now the CAC has revised that maximum to 0.15 millgrams per kilogram of formula.

Melamine is a dangerous chemical used in the manufacturing of dishes and kitchen cookware. The Chinese used the chemical in a watered-down solution in infant formula under the guise that it tested positive for protein enrichment. However, using a man-made chemical in consumptive sources does not make sense when nutritional value is a concern.

Chinese rice and wheat gluten also contain melamine and was found in concentrations of dangerous levels when pet food exported from the region was tested in 2007. The cats and dogs that ate the food died from kidney failure, says WHO.

Reports have also concluded that melamine has caused the development of kidney stones and other kidney damage in adults.

The CAC is a UN intergovernmental body made up of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO), and 170 international governmental representatives including the European Commission. Under the CAC, the UN seeks to take over food prices internationally by controlling food trade and reforming consumer health.

They oversee international food standards and make sure that governments implement them with the influence of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
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Gun Owners Voted For The Gun Grabbers UN Arms Trade Treaty

Posted by truthpills on 2012/07/20

By Devvy

“The militia is the natural defense of a free country against sudden foreign invasions, domestic insurrections, and domestic usurpation of power by rulers. The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of the republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally … enable the people to resist and triumph over them.” Joseph Story, Supreme Court Justice, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, p. 3:746-7, 1833

How many gun owners in this country voted for usurper Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

Gun Owners for Hillary
May 8, 2008

“If you doubt the transformational power of Barack Obama, consider the change that he’s effected on Hillary Clinton. The New York Senator came into the 2008 race with a nearly perfect anti-gun rights voting record, following her White House tenure on behalf of the most aggressively anti-Second Amendment administration in American history. Yet today, her candidacy survives because of the pro-gun vote.

“A Tuesday loss in Indiana would have ended the race. But she eked out a 2% victory by carrying the votes of gun-owning households (who made up half of the electorate) in a 22% landslide. In Pennsylvania, her ten-point win brought in ten million dollars of cash that she needed to keep going. Her 25% margin in gun-owning households of the Keystone State (a third of the electorate) turned what would have been a close contest into a runaway.”

“In North Carolina, she was crushed by Obama. Yet among gun-owning households, she actually won the state by 3%, her 15 point loss being attributable to Obama’s margin in the non-gun households.”

How many gun owners voted for usurper, Obama/Soetoro? I couldn’t find any solid numbers, but allegedly 66,882, 230 people voted in the general election for a Marxist who hates private gun ownership. No way to tell how many of those illegal votes cast for Barry were from electronic vote fraud, voter registration fraud (thanks to ACORN) and untold numbers of illegal aliens voting. But, if every gun owner in the country voted against Obama/Soetoro in the 2008 general election, even vote fraud would not have given him the fake win.

Now, who supports the UN Arms Trade Treaty? Why, Hillary Clinton. Obama/Soetoro wants that treaty ratified. Have I made my point? Gun owners voted for the gun grabbers.

The global elite have been trying to wipe the Second Amendment off the books for decades. And, for decades, gun owners have been wringing their hands, calling talk radio, sobbing in their beer and sending millions and millions of dollars in donations to organizations like the NRA to “fight for your Second Amendment rights” while continuing to ignore the only solution.

Well, here we are today with gun owners in a panic because Marxist Hillary Clinton, is about to sell them down the river with the help of the impostor president. Remember who controls the U.S. Senate. Think Harry Reid and poltroons like Dick Durbin, Diane Feinstein and Carl Levin.

How many gun owners who voted for either Clinton or Obama/Soetoro in 2008 are now sending out emails to stop that treaty? Well, certainly not the Bubba’s who believe the Second Amendment is only to protect their right to hunt deer.

So few gun owners even have a clue what the Second Amendment means and because of ignorance, millions of them have pursued the same failed path for decades to “stop the gun grabbers”. They donate to and vote for “pro Second Amendment” Congressional candidates and incumbents who once elected sell them out with mealy mouthed excuses. Well, always remember: There’s no money in the cure, only the treatment. Ask multi-million dollar operations like the NRA.

What about the ATT from a constitutional perspective?
“With Obama getting ready to sign the Small Arms Treaty which he thinks will also ban American citizen’s privately held arms, I think WE need to start tellingObama to realize that he has no authority — no power at all — to ban the privately held arms of the decent law-abiding people living in the United States. The Bill of Rights is supreme law! He can’t go against it! If he signs such a treaty, it is a misconstruction! A counterfeit! Bogus! It would be against the law for him to try for it!
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Sylvester Stallone’s Oldest Son Another Victim Of Big Pharma?

Posted by truthpills on 2012/07/20

Planet Infowars
July 19, 2012

According to the Tabloid News TMZ , “Sage Stallone — Sylvester Stallone‘s son — has died and sources tell us the cause was an overdose of pills.”. In another article, by TMZ it goes on to say, “Sources tell us officials DID find “numerous empty pill bottles” in the area where Sage’s body was discovered. No word on what types of medication the pill bottles were for.”

We’re constantly told that illegal drugs are killing so many people in the U.S., but how many legal drugs are killing people in the U.S.?

According to the World News Report: “Prescription medication abuse, or “pharmaceutical” abuse is pervasive. It affects everyone from retired executives who have had knee replacement surgery to stay-at-home moms given medication to help them sleep. In the past ten years, millions of Americans have sought treatment for pharmaceutical addiction in treatment centers across the country. Medications most often abused include: Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan/Lorazepam, Valium, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Ambien, Adderall, and Lunesta.”

How come there is not much emphasis put on the fact that legal drug deaths are on the rise? Is this due to sheer irresponsibility of the victim or on doctors or both? Are Doctors and Pharmacists becoming the new drug dealers?
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Where Is The Line For Revolution?

Posted by truthpills on 2012/07/20

Thursday, 19 July 2012 05:39 Brandon Smith

The subject of revolution is a touchy one. It’s not a word that should be thrown around lightly, and when it is uttered at all, it elicits a chaotic jumble of opinions and debates from know-it-alls the world over. The “R” word has been persona non grata for quite some time in America, and until recently, was met with jeers and knee-jerk belligerence. However, let’s face it; today, the idea is not so far fetched. We have a global banking system that is feeding like a tapeworm in the stagnant guts of our economy. We suffer an election system so fraudulent BOTH sides of the political spectrum now represent a hyper-rich minority while the rest of us are simply expected to play along and enjoy the illusion of choice. We have a judicial body that has gone out of its way to whittle down our civil liberties and to marginalize our Constitution as some kind of “outdated relic”. We have an executive branch that issues special orders like monarchical edicts every month, each new order even more invasive and oppressive than the last. And, we have an establishment system that now believes it has the right to surveil the citizenry en masse and on the slightest whim without any consideration for 4th Amendment protections.

There are plenty of pessimists out there who would assert that Americans are totally oblivious to these developments. I have not found that to be true at all. Millions of people are awake to such issues, and millions more are, at the very least, angry at the state of things, though they may not fully understand the source of their distress.

Only a fool would deny that a fight is in the air…

Though the atmosphere of conflict is present, we are indeed experiencing a pause, a breath, a quiet moment before the breach, and this is a confusing time for many.

We human beings have a very odd tendency to view our own species as inherently and irrevocably violent, or at the very least terribly flawed. However, for all the negative press mankind gets for being “warlike”, if we look back at history it is much more customary to find people desperately trying to avoid conflict, not provoke it, especially if there is an element of tangible risk. Wars are usually not fought by the general citizenry, or the men who promote the pursuit of hostilities. They pay other people to fight for them. If they were ever expected to actually participate in the same battles they lust after, they would probably change their minds about the whole idea rather quickly.
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Posted by truthpills on 2012/07/20

By Chuck Baldwin
July 19, 2012

What in the world has happened to America? How has it come to this? The America that we currently see is unrecognizable from the America many of us grew up in. The America that many oppressed people risked their lives to escape to now more resembles the oppressed nations that those people fled. (I’ve had scores of immigrants tell me that personally.) And make no mistake about it, the problem is much deeper than the shallow partisan mantra, “It’s the Democrats’ (or Republicans’) fault.” The root cause of America’s woes is much deeper than that. For decades, we’ve been trading Democrats for Republicans, Republicans for Democrats, liberals for conservatives, and conservatives for liberals, and nothing has changed–except the problems keep getting worse!

To the heathen king, Abimelech, in Genesis chapter twenty, Abraham said, “Surely, the fear of God is not in this place.” Two thousand years later, in Romans chapter three, the Apostle Paul said, “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” I’m inclined to believe that this may be at the root of most of America’s problems. And for the non-religious reader, please don’t stop reading now. Hear me out.

For one thing, a person does not have to be a Christian to possess the fear of God. I’ve met many unbelievers who possess a firm and unmistakable fear of God. Furthermore, from what I’ve seen among professing Christians, most of them do NOT possess the fear of God–their Christian profession notwithstanding!

At the risk of sounding “carnal,” I am literally sick to my stomach with all this talk about electing “Christians” to public office! A thorough examination of the Scriptures teaches us that the Bible itself does not promote the concept of choosing “Christians” to be civil magistrates. A political candidate’s Christian profession or church affiliation means absolutely nothing to his or her fitness for public office. You heard me: NOTHING!

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