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The Most Dangerous Executive Order Ever issued by Barack Obama

Posted by truthpills on 2012/07/21

by John Galt
July 9, 2012 19:45 ET

This executive order essentially gives the Department of Homeland Security unlimited powers to seized, monitor, and control all aspects of radio and internet communications, up to and including cell phone service, in the event that the President declares a national emergency. This means that all privately held communications equipment, including personal computers, cell phones, amateur radio equipment, AM, FM, or Shortwave transmitters can be seized with no warning.

On June 25, 2012, President Barack Hussein Obama declared such an emergency:

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2012

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One Response to “The Most Dangerous Executive Order Ever issued by Barack Obama”

  1. conserv4life said

    Obama just keeps trying to move towards socialism, its sad and endangering my future. gotta love where Mitt Romney can change all this. check out http://www.commonsensenewz.com for some conservative news on Obama

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