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Governance The Bypassing of Representative Government

Posted by truthpills on 2012/08/02

by Kirk F. MacKenzie

Founder of Defend Rural America

July 26, 2012

© 2012 Kirk F. MacKenzie. All rights reserved.

Government is responsible for two things: setting policy, and enforcing that policy.

Representative government is being bypassed by the creation of unelected, unaccountable, non-transparent regional planning bodies that serve the interests of their so-called stakeholders rather than those of the People. This is done by usurping the policy-making authority of legitimate government. The politically correct term for this is governance, as contrasted to government.

In this paper, these bodies will be referred to as Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). In the USSR, they are referred to as soviets, hence the name the United Soviet Socialist Republic. They may also be called public-private partnerships (PPPs), the basis of fascism.

Everyone needs to know how this is being done, how to recognize it, and how to defeat it before it takes away our voices, property & property rights, prosperity, independence, and free will.

Governance / Federalism

The question arises as to how to handle problems that cross jurisdictional boundaries. At the founding of our country, this was handled by conventions of delegates at which issues of common concern were discussed and proposals developed. These proposals then went to their respective States for approval.

Ultimately, a permanent congress was created for this purpose. It grew into a national government. Under the Constitution, this national government was delegated certain limited powers to address issues of common concern, such as commerce and defense.

We have seen how the federal government ignored these imposed limits and eventually took over. This same model is being used to usurp representative government at every level.

The Creation of Non-Government “Governments”
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