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Aurora Police Chief: From Beat Cop to Intelligence Agent Operative – Officer on Scene Describes Two Shooters

Posted by truthpills on 2012/08/06

By Shepard Ambellas
July 27, 2012

Update: Actual police audio from the scene described what looked to be a coordinated attack with at least two shooters yet the police chief, the corporate media, and the federal government continue to claim that the mind controlled James Holmes acted alone.

AURORA — Daniel Oates is the current Police Chief of Aurora Colorado, the city in which the gruesome “Batman” theatre massacre took place that left a bloody scene of carnage embedded into the minds of the people involved as well as America as a whole.

Eyewitnesses also noticed that the shooter was not acting alone and that the Aurora Police Chief was possibly aware of it.

Listen to the actual police audio: http://soundcloud.com/abilene-paradox.

How does one go from a simple beat cop to serving on the Intelligence Division at NYPD?
Read the full article


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