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Hurricane Sandy: HAMP Project Weather Weapon?

Posted by truthpills on 2012/11/14

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It was a bad smell that led me to the information in this blog, but as it turns out, it looks like a topic that’s beginning to go viral.

I started a search on Hurricane Sandy and chemtrails because, tonight in Berkeley, we got a very heavy chemtrail smell of burning solvent. Previously, it was just a burning wood smell and usually before or during rainfall, as I described in a previous blog titled “The Devil’s Rain”.

Tonight it was mixed with a solvent kind of smell and has lingered for hours. I closed up everything and ran the air cleaner. The burning smell used to clear after a half hour, but the last time was longer and tonight was at least a couple of hours. I put some excerpts from Global Sky Watch about chemtrails smelling like this, below.

There have been more frequent burning-smell sprays the last couple of weeks, since our rainy season began. Tonight it made my arms feel numb and tingly and I’m experiencing tinnitus.

It was mild and mostly blue for about 3 days with almost NO jets overhead–really unusual. I saw someone post, 2 days ago, that aerosol spraying was very bad in the northeast and they figured it had to do with the storm. I didn’t follow up to see if this person was an alarmist or not. If not, I figured they let up on us, in the East Bay, to spray the other coast.
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