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What’s Behind the Punishment for Fake Guns in Schools?

Posted by truthpills on 2013/02/07

Jon Rappoport
February 7, 2013

In the latest episode of Ban Fake Guns, we have a boy suspended from school in Florence, Arizona, for carrying, yes, a picture of a gun on his computer. Screen saver. This is surely a sign of complete mental breakdown by school officials. And yet one more reason to home school.

Steve Watson, writing at infowars, runs down the recent litany of fake gun crimes at schools across America, resulting in student suspensions, suspension hearings, and actual school lockdowns:

Gun built from lego bricks. Massachusetts.
Two kids talking about a nerf gun. New York.
An actual nerf gun. New York.
A pink bubble gun. Pennsylvania.
A paper gun. Pennsylvania.
Pointing a finger and saying “pow.” Maryland.
Playing cops and robbers with fingers. Maryland.
Making a gun “hand gesture.” Oklahoma.

Should we assume that because cops and school officials can’t stop real crimes, they’re settling for stopping fake crimes?

What we’re seeing here is a mandate to change the culture. Teach these kids that any reference to, symbol of, or thought about guns is wrong.

Welcome to operant conditioning.

These fake-gun busts are really about thought crimes.

Read the full article

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