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12 Million Tons of the UK’s Carefully Sorted Recyclables are being Dumped in Foreign Landfills

Posted by truthpills on 2013/04/09

Steve Doughty
Daily Mail
April 7, 2013

Millions of tons of household rubbish painstakingly sorted by families for recycling is being dumped abroad.

Whitehall has admitted that waste from recycling bins is being shipped to countries including China, India and Indonesia, where much of it ends up in landfill.

In papers published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, ministers concede that what happens to the 12million tons of ‘green’ waste shipped abroad every year is largely beyond their control.

The trade in sending rubbish abroad – mainly to Asia – has doubled over the past decade, as councils have increasingly turned to contractors to deal with mountains of waste generated by compulsory recycling schemes.

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This is all magic and illusions to make their slaves thinking these policies are for saving the earth. The behavior policies were created by the tyrannical government to justify the enslavement of their subjects without them revolting. This is all done for saving the Earth while the controllers are polluting the Earth by all means.

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