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New MRI research reveals cancer cells thrive on processed sugar

Posted by truthpills on 2013/08/22

Jonathan Benson
Natural News
July 18, 2013

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, your dietary habits could be significantly adding to your risk of developing cancer. New research published in the journal Nature Medicine has confirmed that processed sugar is one of the primary driving forces behind the growth and spread of cancer tumors, so much so that the future of cancer screening could rely on scanning the body for sugar accumulation.

Scientists from University College London (UCL) in the U.K. made this discovery after experimenting with a new cancer detection method that involves utilizing a unique form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). After sensitizing an MRI scanner to look specifically for glucose in the body, it was revealed that cancer tumors, which feed off sugar, light up brightly as they contain high amounts of sugar.

“The new technique, called ‘glucose chemical exchange saturation transfer’ (glucoCEST), is based on the fact that tumors consume much more glucose (a type of sugar) than normal, healthy tissues in order to sustain their growth,” explains a recent UCL announcement, noting that tumors appear as “bright images” on MRI scans of mice.

Traditionally, cancer screenings have involved the use of low-dose radiation injections to identify the presence of tumors, which makes sense as radiation is another known cause of cancer. The things that trigger and promote cancer development and spread, in other words, can also be used by doctors to detect it inside the body. And now sugar can officially be added to this list.
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One Response to “New MRI research reveals cancer cells thrive on processed sugar”

  1. James said

    I notice that you get a lot of your information from Natural News. In my opinion Natural News is a joke. I have commented on Natural News in the past providing actual research against claims being made there. But I was banned because providing real evidence counteracts their propaganda scare tactics. The “Health Ranger” also did not like when I posted evidence from certificates of analysis (COAs) proving that the Taiwanese chlorella was cleaner than the Chinese chlorella as he claimed. According to COAs for chlorella from both Taiwan and for China, the Taiwanese chlorella was as contaminated and in some cases more contaminated than chlorella from China.

    I don’t trust sites like Natural News where censorship is the norm to hide the real truth from people.

    This article is no different. They mention cancer cells feed on glucose. So far so good. But they mislead people by saying cancer feeds on “processed sugars”. Do they really think that natural glucose produced by the body and derived from unprocessed foods is different from glucose from processed foods? They are not! And glucose is not the only sugar cancer cells can feed on. For example, fructose found in fruits can also feed cancer cells.

    And these still are not the only fuels for cancer. Cancer cells also feed on some amino acids, lactate, fatty acids and ketones. Cancer cells do not feed on hormones stimulated by sugar. And since healthy cells also have insulin receptors they also take up glucose. They are not being deprived of glucose just because a tumor is present. If healthy cells were being deprived of glucose they would die.

    As for the glucose chemical exchange saturation transfer test, the author does not understand this test either. This test does not use glucose, but rather the glucose analogues 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) and 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG). 2-DG and FDG are preferentially taken up by cancer cells and they and their byproducts accumulate in the cells unlike glucose. The basis of the test has nothing to do with “tumors consume much more glucose (a type of sugar) than normal, healthy tissues” as claimed, which is why glucose is not used to begin with. The test is looking for metabolites of the 2-DG and FDG including 19F, a fluorine isotope.

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