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Opening The Door To Satan: This Generation’s Obsession With Tattoos

Posted by truthpills on 2014/12/06

September 5, 2014

By Belle Ringer

This post is outside my normal realm of attention, but I think it is nonetheless important for us to consider.  For those of us who are spiritually aware of the evil that is cascading upon the earth, we see our culture a little differently than most.  We recognize all the ways that Satanic influence is creeping into our consciousness: through violent video games; through our music and entertainment; through the rapid integration of humans and computers in the quest for “eternal” existence.  Just 20-40 years ago, what might have been viewed with suspicion by a generation more “tuned in” to God, is now easily accepted and adopted by a more “humanistic” society … everything is allowable when it comes to expressing yourself.

No practice is more pervasive these days than tattooing oneself.  Tattoos have existed throughout time, and even The Greatest Generation came home from the last World War with souvenirs of their battles inked on their forearms.  But this generation has taken “the art” of tattooing to new levels.  It is no longer enough to display a small heart or butterfly on your shoulder or ankle; or, if you are a guy, to tattoo some bad-ass image on your deltoid muscle.  Now, tattoo “sleeves” are sported by everyone from celebrities to the hamburger flipper at McDonalds.  The wearer displays a collage of tattoos that covers most, or all, of his/her arm; usually from shoulder to wrist.  But it is not uncommon to find that chest, back, both arms, the neck, and even parts of the face are covered with tattooed images.

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