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IV ozone Ebola cure documented by Dr. Rowen, then systematically suppressed by government

Posted by truthpills on 2015/01/02

Monday, December 15, 2014 by: C.L. Doherty

Rowen-Robins Ebola protocol provides apparent cure for Ebola
Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, recently received word from Sierra Leone on November 27 that an Ebola virus treatment he was involved in developing was being used to treat Dr. Komba Songu M’Briwa, a Sierra Leone military doctor, confirmed by testing to have the Ebola virus, who has been helping Ebola victims in his country. Dr. Rowen received the report from Dr. M.I. Jalloh who stated in an e-mail that “He is presently stable with no diarrhea or vomiting.”

Three days later, on November 30, Dr. Jalloh sent an update to Dr. Rowen. As reported by HealthyDoctors.com:

Dr. M’Briwa promptly resolved his fever and had no further development of the usual Ebola symptoms of horror. In fact, he’s already been moved out of the Ebola sick unit into the “recovery” unit. Furthermore, a second test (for viral load) after treatment commenced was negative for Ebola….

That’s right, Dr. M’Briwa no longer has the Ebola virus, according to Dr. Jalloh. Dr. Rowen was so happy, he “felt more than jubilant. Like jumping out of my skin!” The treatment was supervised by Dr. Jalloh and administered by Dr. Kanneh. According to Dr. Jalloh, Dr. M’briwa received ozone (55 ml) twice a day, as well as “Advance Cellular Silver, Vitamin C and Glutathione. ”

Dr. Jalloh and Dr. Kanneh are two of the many healthcare professionals in Sierra Leone that Dr. Rowen and his partner in the development of this treatment, Dr. Howard Robins, trained in the procedure. The treatment, named the Rowen-Robins Ebola protocol by the two physicians, involves the use of ozone therapy. Both doctors have decades of experience using ozone therapy to treat a number of different ailments.

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