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This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil

Posted by truthpills on 2016/10/11

By Ray Starmann

The hand of God was on Mr. Trump last night.

Donald Trump walked on to the debate stage, savaged by the leftist mainstream media for his locker room remarks he made to Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush in 2005. Liberal and conservative pundits alike said Trump and his populist movement of deplorables was done. GOP hacks like Paul Ryan called for Trump to resign because he could never bounce back.

He did. Trump is back and he’s got the Big MO again and he has goodness and the light shining right upon him.

Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on a myriad of subjects ranging from her pathological lying, her criminal private server activities, her corruption, her record of incompetence while Secretary of State, her call for open borders and endless, unvetted refugees, her host of Wall Street backers, her disdain for the middle class and of course, her husband’s serial abuse of women and her participation in aiding and abetting his sexual crimes and peccadilloes.

Trump told Hillary if elected, he’d call for a special prosecutor to investigate her national security crimes and he’d personally throw her in the slammer.
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