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2 (30 sec) important videos

Posted by truthpills on 2008/03/14

By: Truth Pills

This link contains 2 (30sec) videos that will bring perspective into your life.

Well folks, gold hit $1,000/oz Thursday! I’m expecting gold to hit $1,500 or more in the next 12 months. In the last 12 months, gold returned over 50% and Dow Jones was flat. So far this year, gold is up 15+% while DJI is down 15%. The IMF & central banks have been dumping massive amount of gold to suppress gold prices. IMF was expecting gold to drop to $500/oz. They already dump 1/2 what they wanted to dump this year but gold just kept going up. China and Arab central banks are just buying all the gold they can get. The gold mining companies oversold gold and now they are buying gold back! There isn’t much gold to go around. It is not that gold went up in prices but the dollar is worth less. The dollar is dropping like a rock in the ocean. So, expect oil to go up to $150 then $200/barrel. Greenspan has been telling people outside the US to dump the USD! The USD will be worthless and gold might go up to $6,000 or even a million dollars/oz depending how bad the USD will be. If you have to carry a suitcase of hundred dollar bills to buy a loaf of bread, gold might be worth a million/oz.

If you decide to buy gold, buy rare coins (pre-1933) or www.bullionVault.com & store in Switzerland vault! This is required because the government might confiscate gold again.

The stock market and fiat money (paper money without backing) are scams controlled by the international bankers. They can create cycles in the stock market at anytime they want. The can print as much fiat money as they want. The Federal Reserve, a private corporation like Federal Express, and Federal Reserve Note (USD) is like Walmart’s gift card. Walmart can have as many gift cards as it wants and as much as it wants. All the credits just chase the same merchandises in Walmart. Walmart can turn them off, takes a lot of credit to buy their stuff, or go bankrupt. This is the same situation with USA.

Here is a caveat. The Federal Reserve expanded and exported too much money all over the world, it might create a global depression and many fiat money in many countries might go down along with the USA.

In the next two years, the economy is going to get really bad. You think the 1-2 trillion subprime is bad, wait until the derivatives blows up, it’s 516 trillion USD!!! There’s another hundreds of trillions in CDS (credit default swaps). There’s only a few trillion dollars worth of real hard assets! Be prepare for a possible global depression.

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Cure for AIDS found in US Patent filed in 1996

Posted by truthpills on 2008/01/04

By: Truth Pills

The cure is Tetrasil. It has a second name, which is Imusil. The US patent number is 5676977.  This cure is a single injection of non-toxic (no liver damage or overdose) tetrasilver tetroxide. The truth can be shocking that there is a cure for AIDS before 1996 and you’ve never heard of it before.   Check out the US patent from the US Patent Office before you continue.

The cure does work.  The patent stated: “..further testing revealed complete 100% destruction of the AIDS virus in vitro at 20 PPM, and the fact that said devices were harmless when ingested and inhaled, being non-toxic.” “Thus an optimum of 40 PPM of the devices by weight of human blood was found to be sufficient to completely obliterate AIDS.”  This cure is one IV injection that costs several hundred bucks and a doctor who can give it to you. It doesn’t cost $30,000/year for life like the pharmaceuticals charge for their drugs.  It worked for almost all who tried it including Dr. Boyle and Magic Johnson.  “They” told Magic Johnson to shut up and play ball.  Dr. Boyle would not shut up but fight them.  He exposes who, when, where, why, and how AIDS was created using declassified US documents.  The 1960 and 1970 US BioLab documents have mostly been declassified by the US Government.  You can listen to the Dr. Boyle’s interview and Dr. Len Horowitz documentary:
Boyd Graves AIDS Activist Takes on The US Government

AIDS is man-made – Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves

In Lies We Trust (Dr. Horowitz).  There are 16 parts to it.

If you view the government’s declassified documents, we’ll see that all modern germs are/were created in the labs for biowarefare. These new gene spliced germs need to be tested in humans.  Some are tested in America like NYC and Chicago.  Other germs such as AIDS that targets specific ethnic groups are tested in the appropriate countries under the pretext of health.

Another cure that is hidden is the cures for cancer.  One cure for most cancers is the non-toxic substance, Dichloroacetate (DCA).  Cheap & non-patented substance.  After the discovery, the FDA reclassified DCA as poisonous so that the general population cannot get them.

There are many other cancer cures that have not leaked to the public.   Scientists all over the world are making breakthrough in the medical and genetic fields.  These breakthroughs are criminally and deceptively tested on the general public through medical research and clinical trials.  Some failed trials are actually successful for the next step of bioweapon (eugenics).  For example, the latest AIDS vaccine experiment with cold virus.  The press called it a failure but in turns of eugenics, it’s a success.  They are trying to make AIDS airborne through the cold virus.  The elites wants to sell their drugs/vaccines to everyone.

Vaccine Causes AIDS/HIV Related Infection that Spreads Through the Body via Common Cold Virus

People in AIDS vaccine study to be warned of possible higher risk

The main stream media and all the experts do not want you to know.  They are all out there to suck your money.  There’s an information war on your mind.  If you take the red pill, you can get out of the Matrix (of global enslavement [ soon to come.  It’s knocking on the door. ])!  Fiat money creates inflation, subprime, commercial paper, and credit card crisis.  The Federal Reserve and global central banks are bailing out the big banks (elites).  You’ll be the one holding the empty bag when there’s a bank run.  The banks got no money!  The fiat money is just paper.  Commodities like Gold and Silver are the real money.  There’s also a global food crisis, too (google it).  The Holy Bible calls these global problems the Beginning of Sorrows.  The beginning of the Great Tribulation (Global Enslavement) is almost here.

One important thing you need to understand about the federal departments like FDA, CDC, WHO, and etc is that they are not looking out for your interest but the interests of corporations (including municipal corporations or franchises–City of XXXX).  The federal departments create monopolies.  They create problems and poses as your savior by proposing a solution to their interests.  Order out of Chaos, or problem-reaction-solutions.  For example, the CDC also known as Center for Disease Creation.  They create the gene splicing germs, tells you how to prepare for a outbreak for that germ, and sometimes release them.  The preparation for the outbreak reaps billions and billions of dollars–drugs, vaccines, etc.  They have to release them sometimes to get your trust and build credibility.  The private company, Federal Reserve, does this, they inflate the dollar so much that the dollar will be worthless then to save you, they will convince you to move to the Amero.

Ex-Mexican prez: ‘Amero’ on the way

They also create the boom and burst cycle so that they can consolidate real assets.  Now the international bankers owns 80% of the world’s assets–diamond, gold, pharmaceutical, walmart, banks, all big box retailers, and etc.  The individual investors are a drop in the bucket.  Now they are coming after the last 20%.

It is very hard for people to swallow this since they believe people and governments are good.  Remember some people do it for money and power because of the greediness.  They would lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what they want–think governments–Caesar, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and etc., and companies like pharmaceuticals, IBM, Aurther Anderson, Enron, and etc.  Did you know that 90%+ of news and research papers contain some lies to outright propaganda.  Even Bush spend $2+ billions on fake news such as FEMA fake news conference.  It happens all the time but this time they got caught.

The most money being made are for killing people.  How much money have been spent on Iraq war alone?  Pentagon on 9/10/2001 can’t find out where the $2 trillion went.  Yes $2 trillion!  Then the accounting offices in the Pentagon were blown up the next day (9/11).  The Bible says the root of all evil is the love of money.  The love of money is so strong for the people in power and control that they are willing to kill any and all people for it.

Who owns you Americans?

Who Runs The World… Why You Need To Know Immediately

Bush ‘planted fake news stories on American TV’

A Times Square Pedestrian Arrested for standing on sidewalk

Nationwide Revolt Against Dangerous Vaccines Accelerates

Btw, there have been so much breakthroughs on life extension technologies that the global elites are taking them all for themselves.  After the bioweapons and cures are discovered, they are killing [murdering] scientists so the cures will not be leak to be public. They want to kill you too.  Their plan for 80+% human depopulation is happening right now.
Watch Endgame [Blueprint for Global Enslavement]

List of Dead Scientists

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Vaccine Recalled…Doctors should defer booster shots of vaccine-CDC…AIDS cure?

Posted by truthpills on 2007/12/21

By: Truth Pills

Common Infant Vaccine Recalled
“Merck & Co. has recalled 1.2 million doses of a common childhood vaccine due to potential contamination during the manufacturing process” …  “Merck identified an issue that creates the potential for microorganisms to survive a sterilization step performed during manufacturing,”

Do you know how vaccines especially the ones containing live viruses are manufactured?  The viruses need to be grown by serum–Human, Horse, Cow, Monkey, etc and sometimes eggs.  Human serum are best.  Human serum that are fed to viruses are from corpses especially aborted babies.  They mash the aborted babies like apple sauce to create the serum.  Aborted babies are the safest because they are usually disease free.  If one aborted baby contains HIV, the whole batch contains the virus.  If not caught, or purposely injected for Africa, thousands of thousands of people would get HIV.  In the US, there are more scrutiny of vaccines by independent scientists but very few are tested.  In Africa there’s no scrutiny by the government or government scientists.  A few independent scientists found out smallpox and polio vaccines were load with HIV and as a result HIV rates in children of many African countries are about 50%.  The African’s run for the hills when they see western doctors.

Depopulation Linked Merck Pharma Announces “Philanthropic Initiative” in Africa

All this is done by design by eugenicists a.k.a global elites a.k.a new world order a.k.a. Bilderberg GroupBill Gates Foundation including Warren Buffet are included in this group.  Bill Gates’ ancestors are big time eugenicists.  Ever wonder why he doesn’t promote clean food and water for African children but vaccinations (666)? If you google “Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS”, you’ll find lots of references that AIDS originated in Africa but most do not know that AIDS/HIV spread in Africa but was created in US labs.  It was tested in Africa. HIV is a synthetic virus for non-pure Anglo Saxons.  I’ll tell you about a cure for AIDS that the global elites don’t want you to know. All known people who took this cure were cured including Magic Johnson.  The global elites don’t want you to know because they own everything from pharam, mass media (tv, cable, newspaper, magazine,…), government and etc. It’s a conflict of interest. The rest of the world population owns very little.  I hope to have something written up around Christmas.


The War Against The Third World

Here’s a very important documentary by Dr. Horowitz you should watch (all 16 parts):
In Lies We Trust Part 1 of 16

Sorry for the digression, we all know that sharing dirty needs will gives you all the disease on the needle.  This is because it bypasses the bodies defenses like the skin or stomach lining, and etc.  If a sterile needle is inserted into a bottle of vaccine that is contaminated and then injected into your blood, you will get whatever germs or disease that are contained in the needle or syringe.  Now if the vaccine contains AIDS or cancer causing virus or DNA spliced recombinant germs, you would get it too.  This is regardless of whether it was done on purpose or by accident.  If you trust an industry that makes money betting on you getting sick, then be a sheep and follow them without questions.  The best weapon for making money is putting cancer causing viruses in vaccines that causes cancer 10 or 20 years later.  Do we have a cancer epidemic today?  Do doctors, healthcare, pharmaceuticals make a killing on cancer patients?  The US government grows as problem grows.  Any collusions? They create the problem, the people react, and they provide the solution–problem, reaction, solution.  This is the tool to control the people.  It’s called gradualism or incrementalism.  The same method to cook a frog.  Get the pot warm and slowly crank up the heat.  It’ll be dead in no time and it doesn’t complain.   The Bible talks about evil in high places–The power, money, greed hungry shepherds hawking on their flocks.

Did you know that the virus especially the DNA recombinant and gene spliced ones incorporate parts of their DNA into your DNA?  Scientists in the Human Genome Project call them “junk” DNA.  Last month they retracted saying that it’s not junk.  Many of them are DNA bits of virus and they can be activated when the right pieces are added to the right places.  Also, did you know how scientist do stem cell therapy?  They use germs and virus to attack the cell and inject their DNA into the host and therefore replacing the original cell in future copies.  This is related to probably the darkest secret of mankind.  I am not going to say it here or anywhere since all communications are monitored by CIA and NSA.  Christians better get out their Bible for it was prophecied thousands of years ago.  The good thing is that Jesus (bright and morning star) will be back very soon.  Rejoice!  It might be very dark now but those who walk in darkness (sin) will be destroyed by the light.

Oral Live Virus Polio Vaccine Can Mutate Causing Disease

Rotary and Gates Foundation Donate $200 Million to Eradicate Polio
” …And in India, the vaccine is less effective, due to poor sanitation and the fact that children are often infected with intestinal viruses.”

[MC – vaccine is less effective due to poor sanitation … People are spreading the disease because of poor sanitation.  If sanitation is improved, the disease would be isolated and disappeared.  In the US, vaccinated persons get infected too.  Because sanitation is good in the US, it gives the illusion that vaccines are working ]

“Experts are also concerned about the use of the oral vaccine, which contains live polio virus. In rare instances, the virus can mutate into a dangerous form capable of causing the disease.”

[ MC – as I’ve discussed earlier, virus are enabling the junk DNA to create new virus.  The animal-human DNA cell fusion and genetic engineered animals (glowing cats, mice, etc) will create even more new disease when the virus can jump between species.  The pale horse prophecied by the Bible will be running at full speed very soon. Rather you believe in the Bible or not, this is real! ]

Rethink on human hybrid experiments

Doctors should defer booster shots of vaccine-CDC

Baby vaccine recall may cause shortages

Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines

Nationwide Revolt Against Dangerous Vaccines Accelerates

Vaccine information:
http://www.momvaccines.org/index.html (Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines) for MI waiver forms

How Mercury Kills the Brain

Dr Dan Speaks on Autism

Drugging of our children

Who Runs The World… Why You Need To Know Immediately
The Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commision, CFR…

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Dioxin spot in Mich. could be worst ever, EPA, Global warming

Posted by truthpills on 2007/12/06

By: Truth Pills

Dioxin spot in Mich. could be worst ever

Dioxin is a chemical compound commonly found in plastic and has been proven to cause cancer.  Dioxin is a neurotoxic carcinogen just like the fluoride that the government have been adding to our water supply. What other toxic compounds are hidden in our water?  We don’t know until they tell us.  Our government says it is safe to drink tap water but logic tells us that the safest is to avoid drinking tap water directly. Companies are dumping all kinds of heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, dioxin, and etc into our water.  Our drinking water is full of chemical compounds and drugs like estrogen from the urine of women who take birth control pills (ever wonder why some women are having problems getting pregnant.  Many cases of fish found in rivers can’t multiply either.), Ritalin (a cocaine family that so many boys are taking by doctor orders), pesticides, antifreeze, laundry detergent, chlorine, and a million of other things.  With runaway cases of cancer in kids as young as toddlers and very common in teens, I don’t trust anybody with the water I drink.  No one truly knows what is in our water. So, make sure you filter your water.  The cheap charcoal water filter from retailers can reduce many chemicals and substances by 50% or more.  No fluoride is filtered out however.  So, you still have the rat poison (sodium fluoride) in the water to “protect” your teeth.  If you use charcoal water filters, please change as recommended.  If they break or leak, you will get super doses of toxic chemicals in your drinking water.

If you want the best water filter that filters out chemicals to undetectable level under an electronic microscope, you should get a water berkey.  It may cost a little more up front but save a lot more money in the long run.  It cost about $.05-$.10 per gallon depending on how much water you filter, and whether you get the extra fluoride filter.  The more water you use, the cheaper it is per gallon.  Their website is: http://www.berkeywater.com/.  If you mention that you were referred by Alex Jones Radio Show (http://www.infowars.com), you get an extra Sport Berkey bottle free.  I am not affiliated with Berkey water or Alex Jones, I just love the water filter and the show.

Back to the dioxin issue… The EPA should be up in arms about this but notice the EPA does nothing in this case or any cases that deal with REAL environmental problems.  They don’t deal with pollution, companies dumping toxic wastes, toxic genetic modified food cross pollinate into natural edible food, nanotech waste, and etc.  The EPA is used by special interest groups to control and take properties away from people.  For example, if a property developer wants to build oceanfront high rise condominium in the oceanfront real estate that you own, he would bribe the EPA to plant “endanger species” like giant tortoises in your oceanfront property.  The EPA will claim that your oceanfront property needs to be preserved for endangered species habitat.  Using environmental laws, the EPA can take your property with little or no compensation.  After a few years, most people will forget about your case; the EPA will then remove the tortoises from the property that you used to own and give it to the developer for building the condominium.  The city loves it because they are getting a lot more taxes than from you.  Supreme court rulings says it’s okay to take over your property by developer using eminent domain power.  This is democracy!

Democracy means majority rules.  If the majority votes to take over your property, your one vote cannot stand up against the rest.  The mob takes over.  People do not know that the United States was a Republic and personal property rights are not for voting.   “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
The United States of America has been a democratic government since the early 1900’s and everyone is a slave.  The USA did not abolish slavery for blacks, it made everyone a slave to the government.  Everything you owned is also owned by the government.  They will vote to decide what you can keep.  All rights became privileges.  With privileges, you need licenses and permits–driving, fishing, marriage, businesses, and now taking pictures in NYC.  Lawbreakers will be punished by tickets, fines, tasers, and jail time.  “Don’t taze me bro”  The majority of Americans don’t know the difference between a Republic and Democracy.  This is not surprising considering on the miss USA pageant, the recent poll says that 20% of Americans cannot find USA on a world map.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj3iNxZ8Dww.  Most people don’t know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, and they want to blow up Iran.  I digress…

If you don’t know about your rights, freedom, and the events around the world, you can be easily controlled by the NWO thru TV, newspaper, and magazines.  For example, on the issue of global warming.  This pantheistic religion is very dangerous.  It calls for protecting “Mother Earth” at all cost including killing 80% of world population otherwise the floods and natural disasters (the sky is falling) will kill all mankind.  Have you seen the movie Apocalypto?  The elites (witch doctor, seer, or wizard) using occultic (hidden knowledge) to control the mass.  The elites know when the solar eclipse will occur.  The elites tell the people that they need to sacrifice warriors to their god on the alter to bring the sun back.  If their god had enough souls, the sun will come back out.  Notice all globalists and almost all politicians are pushing to regulate people’s lifestyle using their policies.  Their ultimate goal is to enslave you.  They want to control you through CARBON CREDITS or CARBON TAXES.  They want to control your lifestyle using carbon credits–the size of house, car, type of light bulbs, distance you travel, the number of kids you have, and anything you do that creates carbon.  They want you to give up a lot so that they can have a little more.  Look at Al Gore, he is preaching about Global Warming while flying private jets all over the world.  He has a mansion that consume more electricity in a month than 100 houses in one year.  Everything he does consume much much more resources than an average America.  Do you see the picture?  Get educated and resist them.  If you want to do something about the environment, fight->pollution, toxic dumping, oil spilling, cross pollination of plants, chimeras from cross genetic of species including humans, and other real environment problems.

[The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition]
Why I would rather be called a heretic on global warming

Global Warming Hysteria

Charge consumers to fight global warming – Exec

California Lawmaker Wants to Ban Common Light Bulb

Australia pulls plug on old bulbs

Carbon Tax

Japan Needs Measures to Avert $10.5 Billion Carbon Credit Cost
[ Google to find thousands of similar articles ]

First, most real climatologists and geologists said the majority of the heat is coming from the sun.  Every time there is a solar flare, the earth temperature automatically increases in a few days.  The poles of many planets in our solar system are heating up.  They are melting!  Don’t buy the globalist idea that human causes global warming and if you don’t reduce human population, the Earth is doomed.  Second, carbon dioxide is actually a life accelerant.  If there are more carbon dioxide, the trees, plants, and grass will grow more abundantly.  They consume the carbon dioxide to create more oxygen by the process of photosynthesis.  If there are more oxygen, it supports more life.  Third, carbon dioxide does not cause the temperature to rise, it’s the other way around.  One of Al Gore‘s flaw: correlation is cause effect.  Just because carbon dioxide rises as temperature rises, you cannot conclude that carbon dioxide caused the temperature to rise.  It can be the other way around or total coincidence. Carbon dioxide actually lags behind global temperature, i.e. When the earth heats up, years later more carbon dioxide will be released.  Earth in the past was warmer than it is now.  Iceland in the Arctic had vegetation in the past.  By the way, if you saw Al Gore‘s film showing that polar bears are drowning because they can’t swim.  That’s wrong!  Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles continuously.

Polar bears are strong swimmers

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Eugenics: The Death Plan->First Jews and Blacks, then the Arabs and Asians [ The next target ], and last “inferior” Anglo Saxons

Posted by truthpills on 2007/10/30

By: Truth Pills

The Bilderberg group (global elite) wants world population of 500 million with their New World Order.  They have the means–money, technology, and control, to make it happen.  The Rockerfellers and Rothchilds have been doing a great job on eugenics.  It’s survival of the fittest.  Hitler almost made Charles Darwin proud.  He got rid of most darker skin Jews.  All Hitler’s surviving famous eugenicists were given full immunity and went straight to the ole US of A.  Eugenics has been renamed to genetics because of the bad name. Certain fractions of the US Government especially the military-industry-energy complex, Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology and Human Genome Project, pharmaceutical industry, and many large companies such as IBM are looking for ways to eliminate certain race of people via genome type specific bioweapons.  The furnaces that Hilter used were too slow and wasteful.  The best methods are to spray toxins and bioweapon germs in air, food, drugs, and vaccines.  You pay for your death and they make the money.

You need to educate yourself and understand the plans of your masters
Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007) a must watch!!! (below or order on Amazon)
Who Runs The World: Why You Need To Know Immediately
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin

In Africa, thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ($30 billion contribution) and now Warren Buffet ($37 billion contributions) support of the death machine of
mass vaccination of blacks for the benefits of “health.”  The foundation is run by Bill Gate’s father who is a famous eugenicist.  Many elite groups support the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyNo7r5wrm0 The NWO are already reaping the benefits.  As much as 1/2 of African women are steriled by Tatenus vaccines with hormones that trigger autoimmune disease.  In some African countries, 45% of their population have AIDS.  Most of the kids never had blood transfusion or sex.  After 1 vaccine, boom, they have AIDS.  Death by Ebola (engineered by DNA splicing).  Death by Malaria. DDT got rid of Malaria for the West but afterwards they ban it for the world due to deceptive environmental concerns.  Back to AIDS, AIDS is especially designed for blacks but works fairly well on Asians [Orientals, Southeast Asians, Indians, and Arabs].  Anglo Saxons with Asian genes are also susceptible.  It is very hard for Anglo Saxons to get AIDS.  Most of the Anglo Saxons who died of AIDS are drug users.

The engineered bioweapon for Asians is the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)–Bird Flu!  The mass media blamed farmer living too close to animals.  They were causing the bird flu to jump from animals to people.  Bull!  People have been living near or with animals since the beginning of humankind.  It is not recently that Chinese farmers are living with animals in their homes.  They’ve been doing it for thousands of years.  When I was growing up in China, we had chickens living in the same house.  The SARS outbreak is a bioweapon dry-run by eugenicists to reduce Asian population.  The SARS affects Asians and I believe it stopped around Turkey.  The next dry-run will be bigger.


The New World Order’s (NWO) plan is to start war in Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia) then move into China and Russia using firepower of the USA.  It’s also using Dalai Lama to stir up instability in China.  They want to start WWIII to reduce world population.  The destruction will be like no other time in history.  The book of Revelation in the Bible describes exactly how it will happen.  Jesus (Son of man) said if He doesn’t come back at that time, there will be no one left.
Matthew 24:21  For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
Matthew 24:22  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
Matthew 24:23  Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
Matthew 24:27  For as the lightning came out of the east, and shines even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Matthew 24:30  And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

The NWO has been creating a police state and labor camps in USA to stop dissent.  The US economy will be destroyed.  If people don’t wake up and refuse to accept the NWO, it will start to get much worse in the next 5 year.  It’s bad already.  The Canadian Dollar is worth more than the US dollar (1 USD = $.93 CAD), oil is $94, gold is $794/oz.  If the government keeps borrowing from the Federal Reserve’s fiat (printed) money, your money will not be worth the paper it’s printed on.  All countries have been dumping the US dollar. The printed and dumped money is thrown into wall street to make an illusion that the economy is great. Some economists said gold can go as much as $3,000/oz in the next several years.  If you can’t buy gold, buy silver (poor man’s gold).  Right now, it’s the best investment.  Silver has not had a run like all other metals and it’s going to take off very soon.  Don’t be the last person left holding worthless paper.  Gold and Silver have been used for over 5000 years and it will never be worth zero like paper money.

You government loves you and lies to you to protect you!!!
[Bush spends over $2 billion creating fake news such as this one except this one got caught]
FEMA sorry for fake news briefing

FEMA’s fake ‘news conference’

Phone Companies Refuse to Provide Data on Spy Program (Update1)

Dalai Lama’s US Medal Upsets China

Dalai Lama quotes Mao in face of China’s attack

Canadian dollar hits 47-year high

Goodbye dollar, hello inflation

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Alan Greenspan destroying the US Dollar

Posted by truthpills on 2007/09/23

By: Truth Pills

The US dollar is devaluing rapidly after the New World Order ex-money manager (Federal Reserve ex-chairman) Alan Greenspan telling to world to dump the US dollar and use the Euro as the new reserve currency. The US dollar is at a new low against the Euro.  The Canadian dollar (Loonie) is at the same exchange rate as the US dollar (greenback).  The world is moving the Euro as the world’s reserve currency at the command of Alan Greenspan.  However, they won’t be able to dump the dollar simultaneously but in the next few years the dollar would be replaced by the Euro as the world reserve currency.  Do you even know what the implications are?  The US is more broke than any country.  The poor countries that are richer than the US had to literally give their countries away to the IMF & World Bank to prevent a civil war.  Their countries are still ruled by the same people but they are no longer autonomous.  They are controlled by the New World Order.  Inflation went wild.  People are poor.  The US is currently immune to those problems because the US dollar is the world
reserve currency.  If the US dollars is not the world’s reserve currency, the United States will be a third world country.  The New World Order doesn’t care about the US anymore since it stole all its money and are ready to implement the “New World Order” for the world.  That means no sovereignty for the US.  Welcome to the North American Union.

Alan Greenspan destroyed the US and now trying to pose as our savior.  He now has a book out: ‘The Age of Turbulence’ by Alan Greenspan.  He blames everything on Bush.  Bush has obdendiently followed the New World Order’s plans.  Alan Greenspan and the NAW are now using Bush as the escape-goat.
Alan blames Bush for the war on Iraq.  He says it is about oil.  It is not totally about oil.  It is about the  “Project for a New American Centry” [http://www.newamericancentury.org] (Using America for World Domination for the New World Order), and about oil.  It is about shutting down oil fields in the Middle East.  Shut off the oil tap in Iraq then Iran.  If Iran stops pumping oil, see the gas pump to be at least $6/gallon.  The NWO discovered that oil is everywhere–Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Russia, now Sea of China (billions upon billions of barrels).  They need to slow the flow of oil.  The plan is to attack countries and create environmental groups in the US.  It is about creating artificial scarcity just like diamonds.  Diamonds are plenty; in fact, they are littered all over the world but the De Beer mafia family controls most of it.  They create artificial scarcity, i.e. restricting supply and creating more demand = expensive.

Loonie Now Equal to American Dollar

Greenspan Working To Destroy US Economy

Former Fed chief Alan Greenspan said this week that house prices may fall by “double digits” as the subprime crisis bites harder, prompting households to cut back sharply on spending.

Alan Greenspan: The Fraud

Fears of dollar collapse as Saudis take fright

Dollar hits new low against euro

Fed rate cut abandons dollar

Economist predicts housing downturn May spiral into ‘most severe since the Great Depression’

Sheikdom shakedown: Dubai moves on Nasdaq

The two precious metals that you should buy is Gold and silver!  It is being suppressed by the central banks.  When I told some of you 10 months ago to buy, it was @ $590/oz, last month it was $640.  Now it reached a peak of $746.  If gold is properly priced, it would be $2,000 to $3,000.  If the economic situations are really bad, it could jump to as high as $5,000/oz.  If you get the 1 oz proof gold coins, they are over $850 right now.  If you have money to buy some gold, check out http://www.bullionvault.com.  You will get the best price and you don’t have to store the gold.  With gold bars, it’s best you don’t take physical delivery because the integrity of gold is violated.

Gold Rises to 27-Year High

Fears for global economy propels gold price

Gold futures’ next stop: $800, then $2,000 or bust?

When the Fed devalues the US Dollars, everything goes up because the dollars are worth less so it takes more to buy the same thing.  The stock market and inflation (tax) also go up.  There’s a caveat with the stock market.  People have to spend more to buy the same thing so people might have to cut down on their spending.  This will create less profit for the companies.  The companies lower forcast on their earnings, the investors freak out and dump the stocks.  The stock market drops but this drop occurs several quarters later.  In other words, when the Fed lowers the interest rate, wall street gets excited and jumps.  After certain among of time, it drops as a result of lower earnings.  Gold however, will rise higher because of inflation.

Science or Pseudoscience
I know many educated Americans worship science, scientist and doctors.  They read all the science study summaries and believe in 100%.  They follow their doctor’s orders without question.
I was one of them but when I found out most of the new science discoveries and revelations are frauds created by politicians, money, government and company grants, and pride,  I decided to follow the money
trail and I didn’t like it one bit.  Science that produces technology is still one area that I trust a lot because they have been proven many times over.  I even get to play with the tech products.

Did you know most studies published are not verified or verifiable?  Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist is one example that comes to mind.  The Wall Street Journal reported by scientists that most science studies are false.  You’ve heard that so many studies contradict each other.  Vaccines are one dangerous area to stay away.  Some vaccines used live virus that attacks the brain and the immune system.  Many women who took tetanus shots has auto-immune response.  The tetanus shots in the early 1990’s has additives added that create auto-immune response to sterilize women.  These days more and more women are having problems bearing children.  This is not by accident.  The shots (vaccines) injected into the vein bypass the body’s immune system.  Whatever the vaccine maker puts in the vaccines goes into the blood unhindered.  In some cases there are HIV. If you understand how live virus vaccines are manufactured, it would freak you out! Also with the new HPV vaccine, there are thousands of young women reporting major side affects including auto immune disease, boils, and death.  The reports are under-reported by at least 100%.  It is not easy to report vaccine adverse affects.  Listen to what happened to this woman:  http://www.mikeanddana.com/share/tetanus_shots.mp3

Most Science Studies Appear to Be Tainted By Sloppy Analysis

Deaths Associated with HPV Vaccine Start Rolling In, Over 3500 Adverse Affects Reported

Red Alert!  The barbarians are attacking the country.  They are destroying the Constitution.
The world changed after 9/11.  Who benefited from 9/11?  Now we are the terrorists!  The borders are wide open. Many illegal immigrants coming into the country by the second.  Executive Orders made Bush a dictator.  Bush gave the continuity of government to the UN.  We are being spied, checkpoint stopped, false arrested, beaten, and tasered to death.  Most people could care less as long as it doesn’t happen to them.  If you take this attitude, your days are numbered too.

Bush calls for expansion of spy law

Mexican curriculum in Oregon schools stirs debate

Student tears Mexican flag; suspect remains at large

Man Attacked By Police At City Council Meeting David Snyder released from jail after being bloodied at council meeting

Kerry Taser Incident….raw footage

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times
State rules Taser death homicide

‘Hog-tied’ woman sues jail officials

Amnesty International Exposes Widespread Taser Misuse

Denver Sheriff’s Office Helps Private Companies Take Blood And Saliva At Checkpoints
Drivers subjected to “voluntary” procedure say they feel like DUI stops

Did you know that the US have more mercenaries than US troops in Iraq?  Mercenaries are killing Iraqi civilians for fun. Blackwater got the contracts for patrolling Iraq.  Do you know who owns Blackwater?  It’s the people in the upper echelon of our government.

Iraqis Reject Blackwater Mercenary Thugs
Private army thrown out of Iraq after years of unimpeded killing

180,000 Private Contractors  Mercenaries Flood Iraq

Get latest and real news from eye witnesses, victims, and experts on:

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The stock market is in for more trouble. The world has changed. China is in control.

Posted by truthpills on 2007/08/14

By: Truth Pills

I have written to most of you several times regarding the fiat US dollar, fake capitalism, bad economics and the stock market scam.  The US was covered with riches in the past and was able to take the abuses of the robbers of today.  Now the US is beyond broke, debt beyond imagination, bubbles in every sector, and greedy people all over.  There are no more creative ways for the elite to get us to borrow any more money.  The average American is maxed out on debt.
The axe is coming down very soon. The global stock market is in real trouble.  The US government have built hundreds of FEMA camps ready for any resistance.

The Best of the Best stock investor Jim Cramer is freaking out about the stock market.  Listen to the attached file.

Just look at what happened three weeks ago when the DOW passed 14,120 points.  In the past week, it’s down almost 1,000 points.  I believe it would have gone down 1,000 points last Thursday and Friday alone if it were not for Europe Central Bank that injected $323.3 Billion into the market,

Central banks pour money into bank system

Central banks inject billions more in cash
European Central Bank again leads the pack with $84 billion

and Federal Reserve pouring $24 Billion then $38 Billion into the market.
Fed injects $38 bln, conducts third operation

Fed Pumps Another $38B Into US Financial System Friday to Stem Credit Turmoil

How much money can the Fed print out to put more money into the market.  Every time the Fed prints money, there’s inflation (your money is automatically worth less).  It’s called the Inflation Tax that Ron Paul is talking about.  Your dollar devalues.  What happens to your investment–IRA, 401K, mutual fund, CD,…?   It’s worth less.  If the inflation is 10% and you got return of 10% at the stock market, you are not breaking even.  You are losing your shirt!  The inflation is really more than 10% not the 2.1% the Fed tells you in the news!  They will say—Core inflation exclude food and energy.  Back in the housing market booms, core inflation excludes food, energy, and housing…  Most of my money is spent on food, energy, and housing!  Statistics lies!!!  You just pick the data you want to show.

Most research on Health and Wellness is just statistics and not real science!!!  One research will say breastfeeding may be bad, the next month another
will say it may be good!  May be good, may be bad, may be good, may be bad.  Make up your mind.  Most studies using statistics uses could, may, increase xx%, decrease xx%.  It’s not science!!, but it influence social behavior and purchasing behavior.

While I have divert into the health topic, let me remind you that fluoridated water is bad for you!  It’s very toxic to your brain but good for mind control!
There are many ways for mind control but the general idea is to interfere with your electromagnetic brain waves then use other methods to influence your decisions.  The Chinese just use plain propaganda after numbing the brain.

Ex-official: China news outlets exercise ‘mind control’

Sodium Fluoride (Rat poison) in water doesn’t protect your teeth!  Calcium Floride does that.  The water treatment uses other fluorides, mostly Sodium Fluroide (a Rat Poison!). Bottle water from municipal water does NOT filter fluoride (Aquafina, Daisana, etc).  It filters out some/most pesticides, prescription drugs, oil, antifreeze, detergent, microbs, and a few others. It is very very hard and expensive to filter out fluoride because the particles are very small.  The Water Berkey system is the best filter system out there.  I love it! The normal water filter doesn’t filter out fluoride.  I have to buy the special fluoride filter to do the job.  They are much more expensive.

600 pros urge Congress to stop fluoridation
Docs, dentists, scientists cite new evidence of serious health risks, ineffectiveness

Now back to real economics…
Why is the stock market so bad?
1.  Subprime loans (interest-only, 3-5-ARMS, creative financing (0 down)
a. loans to people who are buying properties for investment
b. loans to people who could not afford them
c. lonas to illegal immigrants without id and credit check!!!
d. jumbo loans
2. people can no longer pay their mortgages it because of interest rate hikes
3. (1) (2) wrapped as CDO (collateral debt obligations) and sell them to the stock market for hedge funds
4. The health of the US economy.  Jobs are offshored.  Jobs are outsourced to short term H1B.  Mass hiring of H1Bs.  Illegal immigrants.
5. Exodus of US Companies to foreign countries.  It’s like the Exodus in the Bible.
6. Devalue of the dollar.  The US dollar is not the only reserve currency.

I don’t have anything against H1B holders or ex-holders.  I have several good friends with H1B.  I dislike the corrupted system. See this video.  Lawyers building businesses to teach companies how not to hire Americans by using loopholes!
H1-B Video Angers Lawmakers

Do you still think the US is the most powerful country?  If so, what century do you like in??? In year 2000, the elites saying the 21th century belongs to China!  Let’s see just what happened last week!
China’s “Nuclear Option” is real

The news article says China can drop a economic nuclear bomb at US.  It will destroy the US without firing a single shot. Last week, the ambassadors went to China to demand an immediate revaluation of the Yuan or face sanctions.  The Chinese said, if you do that I will dump 1.3 trillions of US treasury.  Of course all other countries will follow.  No one wants to hold worthless paper.  The global market bubbles is in the trillions of dollars.  China also says:  I call the shots on interest rates not Fed Reserve.  I am sure China will influence tainted food import s and war with Iran.  The US wants to build permanent militaries bases in Europe and Middle East (Iraq, Iran, …)  to prepare to attack Russia and China.  China knows that. China finances American wars.  The banker (China) now wants to see Uncle Sam.

What should you do to protect yourself and your family?  Get out of debt and get some hard currency instead of holding all soft fiat currency (US dollars).
Hard currency such as Gold and Silver.  Get some silver coins if you can’t afford gold coins.  A silver dollar is now about $30.00.
Current value of the US dollar after devaluation is 1/30 = 0.0333 or 3 cents.
If the US dollar was backed by silver like it used to, it would be still $1.00, not 3 cents.

I am not here to scare you but to prepare you for the coming crisis.  The crash can happen in many ways such as a nuclear “terrorist” attack in as many as 10 US cities. I didn’t make that one up.  The neocons said, we need a new Pearl Harbor event.  So, you got water? food? hard currency on hand?  guns?  You don’t want to go to the FEMA camps for food.  During the Katrina disaster, DHS left all the food outside of the camps and refused to allow people to get it.  Those who went out were shot in the back.  You should google that one too.  See the news/video/pic with your own eyes.

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IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability

Posted by truthpills on 2007/07/29

By: Truth Pills

The IRS is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve, a private corporation that controls the monetary system of the US.    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is the master of all its legislation and commerce.”
President James A. Garfield

The “Federal Reserve” is not a government institution but a private central bank owned by a handful of major banks and bond dealers. As such, it is a cartel owned, controlled, and essentially for-profit driven, not by the people of the United States but, instead, by the banking industry’s ruling elite. This oligarchic setup generates the most costly, debt-based, money system and greatest conflicts of interest in the history of the world. It is a system clearly at odds with the intent of the founders of the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve creates boom and bust cycles to reconsolidate assets for private central banks and their investors–Great Depression, 80’s depression, dot com bust of 2001, and the coming global depression which is right at our door steps.  The 500+ point drop last week is a small taste of what’s to come in the very near future.

The Federal Reserve and IRS are illegal entities of the United States.  It is forbidden by the Constitution.  Throughout history, there were many lawsuit cases the Supreme Court of the USA ruled that the income taxes the IRS collects from personal wages were unconstitutional.  Many federal courts ruled for the people when it comes to lawsuits by the IRS.  The latest one is:

IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability
Lawyer is acquitted after arguing income levy lacks legal foundation

The IRS loses cases after cases but that didn’t stop the IRS from using US Marshall & FBI to hunt down people who challenge the tax law.  They will use snipers, tanks, robotic drones, apache attack to hunt them down.  No one in the government, Federal Reserve, or IRS can show people the law that requires them to pay income taxes!  In fact, there’s a law that says you don’t have to pay income taxes if the income was earned wages in the US.  It doesn’t matter what the courts ruled, they got the bigger guns.

Did you know that not 1 cent of the money collected by IRS goes to serve US citizens?  Most of the money goes to attack other countries, build and maintain military bases.  The rest are dividend given to the investor of the Federal Reserve.

The government collects other taxes for roads, schools, infrastructures, and whatever–  Property Tax, sales tax, Gas tax, business tax, cigarette tax, licenses of all kinds, park permits, luxury tax, and tons of others.  We also pay inflation tax!  This is a big one because our dollars have been devalued into nothing (no intrinsic value) .  The value of the dollar is the confidence of the US economy as stated by Federal Chairman Bernanke.  If the stock market drops enough, the foreign investors will lose confidence and bail out.  (China has close to 1 trillion dollars in reserve and they are bailing out now but slowly…)  The value of the dollar goes to ZERO!!! USA is now a third world country.  The parent company of the Federal Reserve, the IMF & World Bank will take over like many other countries that owed tons of money to them.  This might create a civil war.  Actually there’s one already started but it’s at the political level and the US militia have been mobilizing for the last couple of years.  If the political method won’t work, the militia are ready for battle.  The US government is worried and that’s why they have concentration camps built all over the country for protesters, dissenters, and revolutionaries (and you?).  Most of the camps are owned by FEMA (Google on what happened to people who went to FEMA camps during the Katina disaster)…

The 2008 Presidential candidate Senator Ron Paul (Constitutionalist) wants to take this country back.   He doesn’t want a violent civil war so he’s working very hard at Capital Hill.  Ron Paul says if elected president, the first week he will abolish the IRS, the second week, the Federal Reserve.  He’s has already fired the first political shot by introducing a bill to abolish the Federal Reserve.

Please pray for this country as the big storm is at our coast.  Our livelihood can change from good to bad in matter of days (Not that the events will start in days but once it starts, your life can change almost overnight.).   All it takes is for Bush to declare martial law!!!  He wrote all the execute order to allow himself to be declared a dictator.  He is above the law and have thrown out the Constitution.  He says Congress has no power over the Executive Branch; they should just approve the financial funding for Bush to spend as he likes.

For the latest info:

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Health Tips: Vitamin D, Vaccine, Autism

Posted by truthpills on 2007/07/17

By: Truth Pills

Most of you probably already know that I don’t like the pharmaceutical, insurance industries, mass media, and corruptive government.   They are there to deceive us, rip us off, and make bondage of us for the rest of our lives.   Here is one lie:  Stay away from the sun.  It will cause melanoma skin cancer.  Use lots of sunblock, sunscreen, and etc.  Oh really, then…
1.  Why is skin cancer a 21th century disease?  People have been exposed to the sun for 6 thousand years and skin cancer was almost unheard of.  People in the past actually were exposed to the sun many times than we do today.  We sit in the office all day.  We drive the car everywhere we go.  We hardly ever work outdoors.  Now, getting cancer is like catching a cold.
2. Why are skin cancers more prevalent in places further from the equator?
3. Why do skin cancer occurs in body where it gets the least exposure to the sun?  or why don’t areas of the body most exposed to the sun get skin cancer?
4. Why do people who work in the office tend to get skin cancer more than people who work outdoors?
5. Why do some doctors cured melanoma with sun exposure?  There are many researchers that confirmed this.

Use common sense when we are outdoors.  The sun can cause burns to the skin but there is no proof that it is the cause of skin cancer.  There are many studies that proved using too much sunblock WILL cause skin cancer!  There are many toxic chemicals in the sunblock that will rip your skin DNA apart but they do provide limited burn protection.  I do use sunblock but only if I am out on the sun for hours.  I used to get burn very easily but now I don’t.  I found that taking extra vitamin D really helps!  Also applying “extra healing” moisturizer like aloe vera periodically does wonders.  Don’t just use it after the burn, use it to prevent the burn.  The sun dries your skin, give it some moisturizer.

Oh btw, don’t drink that diet coke, it has Aspartame (google it!) in it.  That’s a sure way for a slow kill with different types of cancers.  Your family will wind up with huge hospital bills and prescription bills that your spouse may have to work the rest of his/her life to pay off.  Bondage!

Anyways, on to the real doctors in this article…!!!

July 13, 2007 Why am I getting this?

STOP POISONING YOURSELF with this “healthy” sweetener…

Aspartame, the sweetener being used in everything from sodas to salad dressing, may be making us sicker and fatter than good old sugar ever could! Now, discover how this “healthy option” could actually kill you…plus learn more REAL medical truths that could save your life!




Could vitamin D deficiency be the key factor in triggering autism? If so, do childhood vaccinations also play a role? HSI members weigh in on this controversial condition in the HSI Healthier Talk community forums.

Howard: “I know many/most of you have already read the latest letter from the Vitamin D Council, but for those that haven’t, go to vitamindcouncil.com. Click on the Autism article. It’s fifteen pages long and presents a theory of autism related to lack of vitamin D.

“It seems that the pointy heads in the eastern US medical establishment decided in 1989 that the sun was our enemy. This after 4000 years of humanity living ‘under the sun.’ (the Bible has almost 30 references to this.) By 1999, autism had exploded in the US and the theory explores the potential connection of disallowing our kids from playing outside without being slathered with sun block.

“I find it interesting that autism is more prevalent in up-scale families than poor families. The suggestion is that the poor folk can’t afford to buy sun block.”

Rkcannon: “Earthshaking idea. There seems to be so many ills attributed to low vit D recently. How on earth could that be missed for so long?”

Howard: “Vitamin D is free. (Pure natural sunshine with no sunblocks.) No way for BigPharma to make money, so might as well bury the data, come up with sunblock, which should create many new diseases, (i.e. Autism) in order to make a few bucks and hope nobody figures it out.”

Liverock: “Another study showed that fathering a child when over 40 years of age raised the chance of autism by more than 600%.”

Skipper: “The Sunday Binghamton Press recently ran an article re autistic children and stated that the Amish are not afflicted. Could it be that they do not have their children vaccinated?”

Rosezs: “Skipper, I’d say you are probably right about the vaccination theory, but I think it may also have a lot to do with the fact that they make their living from the land in the great outdoors and sunshine.”

Dawnanewday: “Bobby Kennedy, who is bringing the case against the FDA and vaccine manufacturers, was on radio the other day. He was relating that in China, prior to 1999, autism was virtually unheard of. Then manufacturers started providing vaccines for Chinese children in 1999 and since then, the autism rates in China have soared. This is very suggestive that it is the vaccine that is causing much of this condition.

”Children used to only get 3-6 vaccines before the age of 5. Children have to now get upwards of 23 doses of various vaccine including the thimerisol (mercury) that sterilizes and preserves the vaccine. 23 doses of thimerisol in a very short amount of time. The brain damage is occurring when any of the noted side effects are occurring…fever, lethargy, seizures, etc.

”Do you know the story about the mad hatters who used mercury in the molding and shaping of hats? Mad hatters…they weren’t angry. They were brain damaged.”

Other topics being discussed this week in the Healthier Talk community forums include:

  • General Health Topics: Chemicals deliberately added to our food?
  • Cancer: CoQ10 and melanoma
  • Health Revelations: Natural ways to use apple cider vinegar
  • Arthritis: Alternatives to hip replacement surgery
  • Vision: Dry eyes
  • Diabetes: Type 2 diabetics success stories, what’s working

You can easily reach the HSI Healthier Talk community forums on our web site at www.hsibaltimore.com. Just choose “Forum,” and join in with any of the dozens of discussions about nutrition and natural health care.


“They said I wouldn’t live to see my next birthday—
and that was 21 years ago!!!”

…Meet the doctor who saved her own life by discovering the secrets of mankind’s GREATEST NATURAL MEDICINE…and now she’s passing on these secrets to you!

At just 24 years old, the doctors called me a lost cause. I had leukemia…and one of the worst kinds. It left me rail-thin, feeling completely nauseous all day. I was so young yet completely sapped of energy, barely able stand up without collapsing. Without a doubt it spelled certain death…

Learn how my story can help you.



HSI On the Spot
July 9, 2007
Tamiflu for Toddlers
Back in 2005, there was some suspicion that Tamiflu was triggering “odd behavior” in children. That “odd behavior” included delirium, hallucinations, and suicide. Though over 100 cases were reported – mainly in Japan where the drug was used in about 10 times more children – no definitive link was ever found. So the FDA decided to keep monitoring adverse events for up to two years. Which brings us back to now. The FDA has just approved lower doses of longer-shelflife Tamiflu specifically for use in kids at least 12 months old – both for treatment and preventive use. That’s right, the drug is recommended in a once-daily dose to prevent the flu.

You can read Michele Cagan’s full posting about this topic on her “HSI On the Spot” daily blog. http://www.hsibaltimore.com/redir/blog.html

To start receiving your own copy of the HSI e-Alert, visit:
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Saturday July 7, 2007
See More Clearly Without Annoying Reading Glasses!
Would you like to free yourself from eyeglasses without having to rely on strenuous eye exercises or expensive and dangerous surgery? We’ll tell you about a natural, permanent solution that has the potential to reverse a host of vision problems, including eyestrain, near-sightedness, far-sightedness and poor night vision.

Monday, July 9, 2007
Round the Mulberry Bush
There’s a health secret hidden in the mulberry – a secret that may prove very beneficial for anyone in danger of developing type 2 diabetes. But research shows that the mulberry is just one of many botanicals that help manage blood sugar levels.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Mystery Bees
The mystery of the missing honeybees may have a simple solution. The bad news: It might require giant agribusiness corporations to curb the use of genetically modified crops. So…will anybody listen?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
If Anyone You Love is Suffering…
“Please,” said Hugh Downs at the start of his recent TV broadcast, “if anyone you love is suffering from heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, memory problems – don’t miss this!” He then proceeded to document an amazing outpouring of new cures, from a project unprecedented in the history of science…

Thursday, July 12, 2007
The Ruling Class
Could the “threats to our health care freedoms” be just a little bit exaggerated? The FDA has put that question to rest with a recently issued rule titled “Final Rule for Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements.” With this rule, our health care freedoms have suddenly changed course and headed south.


Just say “NO!” to Big Pharma

Finally…a drug-free way to prevent just about every pain, syndrome and disease

What if I told you really can live your life free of prescription drugs — and even over-the-counter medications? Better yet, what if I told you can actually treat the actual cause of your pain – not just the symptoms – and rid yourself of the condition forever?

Well, before you call the men in the white coats to take me away, visit:


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Must Watch Documentaries For Freedom Loving Citizens!!!

Posted by truthpills on 2007/06/19

By: Truth Pills

When you guys have time, you MUST watch these documentaries.  I added the titles to the links so you can look them up.  Google and YouTube are constantly censoring them (either be removing the films or reset their counters).  I have personally experienced censorship and counter resets many times.  Oh BTW, don’t forget to check out Senator Dr. Ron Paul for President 2008 on youtube!!!

alex jones predicts 9/11  (MUST WATCH!!! about 2 minutes)

Lose change second edition

Terror Storm

America: Freedom To Fascism

911 The Road To Tyranny – Alex Jones

Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (part 1/3) [ full lengths are censored ]

The Order of Death (Alex Jones)
Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease part 1

Psychiatry – Industry of Death (multiple parts)

Checkout:  www.infowars.com!!! Podcasting 24/7 on the upper right hand page.

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