Daily Truth Pills

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…


There are so much manipulation and brainwashing going on, it’s hard to know what are lies and truths.  When you watch TV, read your magazines, newspapers and books, most of the materials are indoctrination and propaganda through talking points.  Educate yourself with techniques that you can use to analyse the mockingbird propagandas and not believing in their lies; lies like global warming, health, war, terrorism, and etc.  When you buy into their lies, they will take it to the next step.  You will be cooked in a frog, slowly but surely.

Indoctrination and propaganda vs Education

3 Responses to “Discernment”

  1. Mahus Bey said

    Real talk yes how true it is……..?

  2. Horus said

    I am agreeing on almost every topic. I just had and MRI recently back in 2011 had a malignant brain tumor removed now in august got another MRI and they are saying its a tumor not scar tissue and I need surgery. It’s the medical model and they are there to sell you their most expensive product it could be scar tissue but he said he won’t know for sure until he operates ? So I suggested a few things and he was shocked at what I new and suggested the patient informing the doctor? I read that the baking soda combo does not work on brain tumors, does it? I also dealt with some policy enforcers the other day that had no idea what I was talking about. Law yeah we know the law I told them no real law not statutory law they had no idea and so I said that I am a creditor or secured party creditor of the us they looked clueless except for the officer who said then what the third amendment. I told him it had nothing to do with this and was irrelevant to this matter they continued to try and trap me with a loop whole they must of learned. Even though I claimed I am the living man I know my law full rights and would be happy to explain the difference between lawful and legal. So I ask if I was being detained the all knowing constitution officer said yes I said under what law again he repeated corporate law to me but if they wanted to arrest me but I told them they would be breaking the law real law but what can I do their bosses are in on it all the way to the top so I just left. But they were so mad because they are bully’s and protecting and serving their corporation they think they are helping the community not helping all the city and privatized prison system profit. They are out of control. Before expressing real law to an enforcer they back of and shut up these guys were just that dumb or are told to treat us even worse. I did my paperwork to be free and I feel even more enslaved now. What to do?

    Thanks for reading my rant and the original reason for writing about baking soda and maple syrup.

    Horus out

  3. Horus said

    One more thing. How come becoming a free man so to speak and learning real law I feel even more enslaved now. These cops did not respect at all my natural unalienable rights at all. Even when I tried to give them a copy of my paper work they refused to read it. They all three had hands on taser waiting I did not want to be tasered so I left. But they were ready. What can I do in these situations cant call the police or state attorney general who do I contact they all seem to be in on it and hate people that know the law. This sucks.

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