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Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas have been used in medicine for over 100 years. Coffee enemas were considered the standard of practice in medicine before the advent of drug therapies. Coffee enemas help the body rid itself of toxic waste in the colon and the liver/gallbladder. When caffeine is used as an enema, it is primarily absorbed in the liver, where it becomes a very strong detoxification chemical. The caffeine also helps improve the functioning of the enzyme system of the liver. Coffee enemas are particularly useful for the detoxification and prevention of viral and bacterial syndromes (if used at the onset of illness).

Procedure for Coffee Enemas

1. Get an enema bag that you can see through (CVS, Walgreens) [cleansing kit].
2. Get a foley or a French catheter that has very soft rubber, cut off tip from original enema kit tubing otherwise liquid will escape out of side port.
3. Folgers caffeinated coffee (red can), or fresh ground organic coffee.
4. Put 4 cups of filtered water into a pan (stainless or glass), add 2 TBSP of coffee (optional 1 TBSP organic molasses unsulfered) and bring to a boil for 2-5 minutes, brew 5-10 minutes, and turn off.
5. Let it cool to a baby bottle, warm temperature. (optional strain thru 2 organic unbleached paper filters)
6. Pour 4 cups of the strained liquid into a measuring cup, without the grounds.
7. Pour this liquid into the enema bag and hang it at waist level in the bathroom, with a coat hanger. Hang at doorknob level.
8. Loosen the clamp and allow the coffee to run out of the end of the catheter tip and re-clamp the bag when all the air has been removed from the enema tubing.
9. Sit on the toilet and gently insert the tip into the rectum a few inches. If lubrication is needed, use olive oil. Allow 2 cups or 1/2 of the contents of the bag to flow in slowly over 2 minutes, then clamp the tubing, remove the tip, and lie on your right side on the floor.
10. Try to hold the enema for 10 minutes. Hold it as long as you can. Even a short period is useful. After you have emptied the bowel, proceed with the remaining 1/2 quart (2 cups) and likewise hold that for 10 minutes, if able, then void again.

11 Responses to “Coffee Enemas”

  1. Wendy Kraft said

    Fr most people, are there any downsides or toxic reactions associated with this?

  2. Miriam Waters said

    I have MCS…chemical injury. Coffee enemas have saved me. I do not use the molasses..sugars…caused gas. It does help one hold the enema. Eventually it becomes very easy and enjoyable.
    The key is the 10 minutes….the coffee which contains 17 alkaloids + caffeine stimulates the liver to release the toxic load it is dealing with for the moment/day. If the caffeine is too strong one can start with 1 1/2 Tlbs of coffee and build up. I use coarse ground organic whole foods brand, it is the best price and is organic and I grind it fresh at the store. Fine grind makes the coffee too strong for me and it over stimulates, which is not good for the body’s healing.
    One needs to use proper mineral/vitamin supplementation while using theraputic use of coffee enemas.
    People with pain from cancer find great relief with this enema. It is a shame that most physicians have no idea of it’s healing magic!

    • mar de said

      Ikea’s organic coffee is near half the price of Whole Foods, if Ikea is not near you, you can order from them online.

  3. Cherie said

    I don’t know where to leave this comment, it is about b17, please do not advise people to take this. I am a walking miracle. I took b17 and ended up in the hospital with cyanide poisoning. This is not a joke, I speak the truth, love your site otherwise, but please, stay away from b17. Call poison control if you have any questions, thanks

    • truthpills said

      I am sorry to hear that you needed medical assistance after taking b17. I don’t know your circumstances but everything has a toxicity level including water (water intoxication). If you drink enough water, water will kill you. I’ve taken B17 without any problems. I am not a doctor but I’ve known many cancer patients who have taken B17 (Laetrile) via injection without any major side affects. One friend of mine who has breast cancer said she can feel the cancer being killed. I’ve personal seen dead cancer cell slowly accumulating on her upper chest since she started taking b17. I am interested to know quality, quantify, frequency, forms of B17, how were they taken, and etc. Thank you!

  4. healthyone said


    would love to hear more on the B17 issue also , also, should one get on B-17 after diagnosed with cancer or is it an preventative ….

  5. I have just discovered coffee enema’s. I have been researching a lot! Do you have any personal experience? I’ve read a lot of positive results.

    • truthpills said

      Yes, I do have experiences with coffee enemas. I’ve been doing coffee enemas almost daily for over three years. I had to do coffee enemas because three years ago, I discovered my gut (stomach, small intestines and colon) was in terrible shape. I had major obstructions in my colon due to decades of over-eating. I could not have bowl movements. I had an ultrasound performed on my abdomen but the radiologist found no problems. I was not convinced but when I saw my chiropractor I asked him for an X-ray and the film showed large areas of my abdomen blocked the x-ray. This caused me to take action and so lifestyle changes. I now can have 1 to 2 daily bowl movements in addition to the coffee enema. Here are some of the benefits I’ve received from coffee enemas and gallbladder and liver flushes–No more horrible heartburn at night, no more pain in the back of my shoulder blades, from near impotence to very hard erection, urination from trickle to normal pressure, and many others.

      The pharmaceutical funded quacks at Quackwatch.com will tell you to stay away but my experiences told me otherwise. I’ve never had an infection from coffee enemas. The germs are my germs and that’s why my body is used to. Don’t share your bags with someone else! I have experienced minor pain into my third year once in a while because the large fecal matters were going through some smaller sections of my colon on the way out. This would last for a few days. I always take several digestive enzymes capsules before meals and before going to sleep. Also, I take several PB8 probiotic capsules after each coffee enema. I think the best time to do the enema is in the morning on an empty even though I do it late at night when I have time. Oh yes, I always massage my abdomen during coffee enema… and throughout the day. May Jesus bless you with your seeking of wisdom and understanding. He has blessed me throughout my journey and open me to new understanding. I am healthier, stronger, and more muscular than I was two decades ago.

      BTW, I purchase the enemas bags (MDI Center Hang Enema Bag, 1500cc, 50/cs) from medexsupply.com for about $100 USD with shipping. I wash the bag with soap after each use and throw it away after about two weeks. I hope this helps!

  6. Non-organic coffee has pesticide residue, because coffee is sprayed several times a year. Only use non-organic coffee in an emergency. The use of instant coffee even works in an emergency. (Example: while travelling overseas you get a migraine headache. You have your enema bag packed for emergencies, but you have no facilities for making your organic coffee. Just use whatever coffee is available, even instant coffee. I took organic instant coffee on my most recent trip to Israel and had occasion to use it twice.) I read all sorts of claims on various blogs, but for the absolute soundest information I suggest reading Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson. Her father, Dr. Max Gerson, was the first to use coffee enemas on cancer patients almost a hundred years ago. The information in her books is rock solid and she anticipates almost any question that one might come up with. Also, she writes in a very readable format, which makes her books not only informative but entertaining while teaching at a deep level. The gerson.org web site has a store from which enema buckets and foley catheters may be purchased reasonably. I take a Walmart enema bag on lengthy travels, but for weekly use greatly prefer the enema bucket available through the Gerson Institute web site. $100 for an enema bag is about 10 times too much!

  7. Paul said

    I have been doing coffee enemas for about 8 weeks in order to detox.One strange thing that I have noticed taking the enemas is I always get a very strong erection while taking the enema,is this normal for some males?

  8. Dwight said

    I too use coffee enemas and also get a very strong erection when retaining the coffee.No complaints about this,it’s a pleasant surprise.I can maintain the erection until I expel the coffee.I think that it might have something to do with the extra pressure on thew prostate while retaining the enema.

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