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Nebulized Peroxide

This is a hypothesis of the functions of peroxide. When we are young, we burn a very hot metabolic fire with high utilization of oxygen. With age we accumulate toxins, drugs, allergies, and infections that block the pathways that utilize oxygen. The body shifts to alternative pathways to derive energy, such as fermentation. This is a less efficient process that also forms organic acids as a byproduct. A resultant drop in tissue pH (increase acidity) along with a drop in tissue oxygen content renders changes favorable for abnormal cell growth as well as persistent infection. Under these conditions enzymes and immune function are not great. This can lead to fatigue, pain, mental fog, slow metabolism (weight gain), allergies, etc.

Nebulized peroxide is an efficient route of getting this oxygen utilizing catalyst into the body via the rich network of blood vessels in the lungs. This is not as strong a treatment as IV peroxide but it may be enough of what you need. It certainly will help maintain catalytic activity between IV treatments. Oxygen utilization is a balance. You want oxidation at “60 mph, not 10 mph, 110 mph”. I view peroxide as the “gas pedal”. For those who are sensitive, a little goes a long way. Start with 1 inhalation of 1 cc’s of our prepared peroxide solution per day x1 week. If all goes well, step on the gas slowly by gradually increasing the frequency of the peroxides. If tolerated, increase to 1 cc twice daily for 1 week. Still doing well, may increase to 2 cc twice daily. At this point, contact the office to advice nurse how your treatment is tolerated.

Measure 1 cc of peroxide in a syringe (or present dose). Unscrew the nebulizer handheld Jet unit. Squirt the peroxide into the small bowl unit. Plug the hose from the bottom of jet unit into the air pump. Turn on the air pump and a mist will come from the mouthpiece. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and breathe in slowly. At full inhalation, hold your breathe for a 2-4 count to allow absorption in the lungs. If you are treating colds or sinus problems, you can also alternate breathing through your nose. Do not mix your own peroxide, this can be dangerous.

If you feel bad after the peroxide, flu like symptoms, headache, fever, diarrhea, fatigue, etc, this is too strong a catalytic stimulation wit peroxide and you need to call the office and speak to a nurse.

8 Responses to “Nebulized Peroxide”

  1. Wendy Kraft said

    May I ask who wrote this and to whom we should speak? What would be the number to call? Would there be a charge
    Thank you,

    • truthpills said

      Truthpills are not doctors and consultants. We provide this information for free and hope the community would pitch in with their experiences. We are freedom and constitution loving people. We do not like the fascist direction of the country that everything the government do are to squeeze people for big corporate profits by hiding normal knowledge. The normal knowledge empowers each one of us to live as a free human being; no longer a slave to the government nor the corporation. The military-medical-industrial complex is killing each one of us slowly…

  2. Greg Bates said

    I was wondering what strength of H2O2 you are using…?? 3% strength…or less?

    I would appreciate your response…I really want to try this method, but I’m not sure what strenght to use in nebulizer..

    Thanks in advance,


    • georgia bill said

      Measure Australia Canada UK US FDA[17]
      Teaspoon 5 mL 5 mL 4.74 mL 4.93 mL 5 mL
      Dessertspoon 10 mL — 9.47 mL — —
      Tablespoon 20 mL 15 mL 14.21 mL 14.79 mL 15 mL
      Fluid ounce — — 28.41 mL 29.57 mL 30 mL

  3. jerry puckette said

    Began with 1% H2O2, made with food grade 35% H2O2. Was tolerated, but not very effective. Went to 2.5% H2O2, and was impressed. Can nebulize for ten minutes, without irritation. Reducing emphysema. Others using drug store 3.5%, with metalic stabilizers. Try Guardian of Eden for pints, quarts, and gallons of food grade H2O2.

  4. georgia bill said

    Percentages Exposed

    1 tsp = 5ml or 105 drops (may vary with different dropper manufacturers)
    3 tsp = 1 tbsp = 15ml or 315 drops (appox)
    1 fl oz = 600 drops
    1 tbsp = 315 drops (appox)

    So my friends….Using the above, you may now be able to see how much
    1% or 5%.or 10%..of any substance would be…most using Hydrogen Peroxide
    are using far too much Hydrogen Peroxide food grade, as it will destroy your
    lungs in no time by over doing the Peroxide….and that’s not a good thing.


    35% HP “food grade” must be cut 1:11 parts, to achieve 3% HP “food grade”

    then if you are nebulizing say.

    15ml 315 (drops) of distilled water (H2O2)…then to make any size 3% fg batch

    15ml or 315 drops x 10% = 31 drops of 3% HP fg
    15ml or 315 drops x 5% = 15 drops of 3% HP fg
    15ml or 315 drops x 1% = 3 drops of 3% HP fg

    So you see folks, most have been using far to much 3% sol HP in their nebulizers
    Never use anything but 100% distilled water to cut the 35% Food Grade when making
    3% HP food grade at ratio of (“one part” 35% HP fg to “eleven parts” Distilled water)!

  5. Susan said

    Hello. I have just bought some 35% food grade H202 and am about to embark on this journey. (have non small cell lung cancer). More input from users would be helpful. Thanks so much.

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