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A New System For The Privleged Is Not A Remedy For The Economy

Posted by truthpills on 2009/11/09

Posted: November 7 2009
By: Bob Chapman

Lessons to learn herein our newsletter, president ratings disgraceful, US citezens reduced to credit addicts, paper rife with fraud, AIG still bonusing staff after TARP, US laughing stock of capital finance.

IF subscribers are people who have taken the red pill. We are happy to show them how deep the rabbit-hole goes. – BOB aka Morpheus.
Our usurping, non-citizen, spendthrift President, together with our corrupt, elitist-bootlicking Congress of money-grabbing Dumbos and Jackasses, are spending us into a multi-trillion dollar hyperinflationary oblivion as their ratings by their constituents drop into the toilet bowl, ratings which are disgracefully the lowest in all of US history. With a diabolical “Robin Hood in Reverse” plan in place since 1913 for the extortion of money from the US middle class to reduce their serfs to poverty and abject slavery, the Illuminati have managed to use the Federal Reserve Act and US income tax, together with the Social Security Ponzi Scheme, phony, orchestrated wars for profit, socialization of bankster-gangster losses, the globalism/free trade/off-shoring/outsourcing/legal-illegal immigration agendas, and a totally bought-and-paid-for President, Congress, judiciary and regulatory agencies, to reduce US citizens to consumerist credit addicts, living pay check to pay check like narcissistic hedonists.

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Errant Policy Continues to Threaten Market Stability

Posted by truthpills on 2009/09/20

we wonder if the recession – depression has really ended, delusions of grandeur among monetary policymakers, sudden rises followed by sudden collapses, bad moves for the economy to force gold and silver down that could also fail, end to market funds guarantees, capital continues to flee,

To borrow from an old joke about politicians, we ask our subscribers if they know how to tell when Helicopter Ben Bernanke, the current Fed Head, is lying. Answer: Whenever his lips are moving. Now we hear from the Dollar-Destroyer that our recession has technically ended (heaven forbid that we should call our current Fed-caused calamity a depression, which is what it has been since Obama took office) . So we guess that we should take his word for it, seeing that every call he has made during his short tenure as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board has been 100% wrong.
Surely you’re joking, Mr. Bernanke!!! Apparently, we are just supposed to ignore our tanking dollar, rising unemployment, ever-weakening consumer spending (which only accounts for 70% of our GDP), a moribund real estate market, trillions in losses lying dormant in the zombie bank mark-to-model scam, not to mention all the off-the-books losses in derivatives pawned off on bank customers after Glass-Steagall was repealed as well as a glowing, smoking Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death Star waiting to go supernova to the tune of tens of trillions in losses that will vaporize the entire world banking system thanks to the total deregulation of OTC derivatives courtesy of the Commodities Futures Modernization Act. Then there are the ongoing multi-trillion dollar money siphons in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of banks, including all the “anointed” legacy banks, that are buried in derivatives and about to fail, a bankrupt Social Security System, a totally naked FDIC, a Fed printing trillions of dollars out of thin air, in secret, without any accountability, and future multi-trillion dollar budget deficits being incurred to keep a totally comatose economy on artificial, taxpayer-sponsored life support. If that sounds like the end of a recession to the people on planet earth, then beam us up Scotty, we’re on a planet full of psychopaths suffering from hallucinations and delusions of grandeur. Oh, and Scotty, make sure you remember to beam our gold and silver up with us. We’re certainly going to need it the next time we come back to Planet Earth for an exploratory visit to see if the collective, ongoing phantasmagoric, mushroom-induced hallucinations of its inhabitants have finally run their course.
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Gold To Stand Against Big Devaluations

Posted by truthpills on 2009/05/31

Posted: May 30 2009
threats of devaluation and harder times are to be considered seriously, big players have reasons to acquire more gold, Large gold holdings have a history of their own, China caught in a dollar trap, Russia in an oil trap, America in a debt trap

What we are about to tell you may be the most important information that we have imparted in almost 50 years. something very bad is looming – we don’t know the exact configuration yet, but we think the key is the collapse of the dollar, which will send gold and silver to considerably higher prices. These events could unfold over the next 2 to 4 months. There could be devaluation and default of the US dollar and American debt. You must have at least a 6-month supply of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, a water filer for brackish water, and assault weapons with plenty of ammo and clips. You should put as much of your wealth as you can in gold and silver coins and shares. You should not own any stocks in the stock market except gold and silver shares, you should not own bonds the exception being Canadian government securities, you should not own CDs, cash value life insurance policies and annuities. And, needless to say, except for your home you should be totally out of real estate, residential and commercial because it will remain illiquid for many years to come. Continue to pay your normal debts down because we do not know how they will be treated when we arrive at devaluation and default. We certainly don’t want to have to tell you this, but the way things are shaping up it doesn’t look good. As we write this the dollar is breaking 80 on the USDX. Interest rates are climbing, and have broken out to the upside. Gold and silver are poised to break into new high territory and the stock market is preparing to retest 6,600 on the Dow. You have been warned, act accordingly.
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Boosting The Dying Dollar With A False Rally

Posted by truthpills on 2009/05/13

Posted: May 9 2009
By Bob Chapman

Suckers rally sets up the unwinding of the market, Rally just like in 1933, wealth producers becoming impoverished, Fed officer busted for fraud, troubles in the Economy are far beyond fixing, interdependence of banks around the world expected to worsen economic problems

On Friday the dollar completely broke down, with the USDX collapsing to about 82.5, as monetizations by the Fed became a stark reality. A world stock market collapse could be imminent as a source of dollar support. We wonder how low they will let the dollar go before they collapse the stock markets to chase people back into US treasuries, which have also broken down, with treasury interest rates on the rise despite various Fed purchases of treasuries in the hundreds of billions. So much for the bogus stress tests as things turn much uglier than anticipated by the boneheads in Goldman Sachs South who are attempting to resurrect the Goldilocks Matrix. The suckers rally is simply the loading and winding of a catapult meant to throw the dollar upward as the stock market spring unwinds at the moment chosen by the PPT, which moment has already been telegraphed to Illuminist insiders for their continued looting of the sheople and for the filthy aggrandizement of their growing mountain of ill-gotten gains. The stock market shorts are being set up in the dark pools of liquidity beyond the purview of regulators as this article is being written, so if you plug yourself back into the pod electrodes of the Goldilocks Matrix again, you are in for a major shock.
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The Direction Of The Economy Is Not Going To Change

Posted by truthpills on 2009/05/03

Posted: May 2 2009
By Bob Chapman

Suckers rally in the markets, Dow will be driven down again, market gyrations motivated by insider greed, bank acquisitions point to a greater agenda, despite what economists and institutions are attempting, the economy will remain in a spiral

In the first three weeks of April this year, insiders for NYSE listed companies sold 8.32 times more stock, by dollar value, than they purchased. What does that tell you? We won’t insult your intelligence by answering. If ever there was an indicator to identify a sucker’s rally, this would be it. This is the ongoing Big Sting Two as strength is created by the PPT for insiders to sell into as our economy collapses under a dollar-busting juggernaut of fiat paper, aka Federal Reserve notes, being monetized at light speed as our President and Congress go on a spending spree that makes the spending habits of a Saudi sheik’s entourage look like those of a group of Welsh penny-pinchers. So much for “beloved” Emperor Obama’s promise to put an end to legislative pork and fiscal profligacy.

The insider sales being made in public view pursuant to insider trading rules are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Big Sting Two trades, most of which are done behind our backs in dark pools of liquidity such as Project Turquoise, Baikal and the OTC derivative markets, which are totally opaque and unregulated. As a result, the SEC has no public record of insider trades to scrutinize, not that it matters, because they only prosecute the scapegoats set up by elitist flimflam artists while the real criminals profit handsomely from their crimes. Then, of course, once the rally has reached its manipulated end as disclosed in advance by the PPT to insiders, all the elitist insiders go short while strength on the sell side is created for them to short into as investors are terrorized by Cramer and/or Buffet. If you are not an insider, you need to get out of the stock markets and bond markets – NOW!!! – with the exception of gold and silver shares or short postions. It is suicide to try to beat them at their own game. Do not empower them by giving them your money so they can steal it from you.

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The Clock Ticks Towards Financial Judgement Day

Posted by truthpills on 2009/04/30

Posted: April 29 2009
By: Bob Chapman

cronies Run America, incompetents get bonuses, at least our readers wont be totally blindsided by events, a fantastic increase in money and credit is coming to the third world, massive monetization to come before the final collapse,  debt and corruption remain as major problems in first world, massive pension shortfalls, no way to raise money for large entities,

America is no longer a republic. It has degenerated into a system where the rich run the country by having purchased all of our political institutions. As a result Americans have become sheeple who are being terrorized by the ruling illuminist class. We recently saw signs of unhappiness at the “Tea Parties held around the nation. Those kinds of activities are healthy in a Democracy, but they have to be turned into further action – not just an email here and there to Congress. Remember your government considers you the enemy. You are a terrorist because you disagree with what government is doing. You disagree with a mob of white-collar criminals, who are stealing everything not nailed down and most of whom are willing to go along with a one-world government. Is it any wonder so many Americans are leaving the US?

The long arm of government is reaching into every cranny of our lives. We do not think Merrill Lynch and AIG’s incompetents should have received bonuses, but the very fact that government was ready to institute a retroactive 90% income tax rate should send shivers through every American. It should also be very disturbing when the CEO of Bank of America testifies under oath that Paulson and Bernanke forced him to shut up over the Merrill Lynch bonuses. Paulson said Bernanke directed him to do so and the Fed said no such orders were given. They are all liars.
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The Much Much Greater Depression

Posted by truthpills on 2009/04/16

By Bob Chapman
Posted: April 15 2009

unfavorable forecasts in the years to come, deficits set to increase, the devastating impact the inane bailouts, failing production and tanking consumer spending will have on our economy, a toxic asset sale wont fix the world economy

Barack Romulus Augustulus Obama claims that his Administration will end the budget deficits by the end of his first, and hopefully last, term in office. Our peerless leader’s projections are based on an average GDP of 2.6%, while Congress disagrees, using an average GDP of 2.2%, in their budget forecasts for what will be the next wildly excruciating four years. Would these be the projections for the US Economy, or are they for Never, Never Land, or for the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland? Perhaps Tinker Bell can sprinkle some fairy dust on our economy to make these phantasms come true. What kind of utterly preposterous poppycock will the Illuminati come up with next? It appears that the Puppet Masters, their Wall Street henchmen and their US government flunkies have now added crack-smoking to their usual Satanic rituals and occult New Age meditations as they fire up the Goldilocks Matrix for another round.
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An Asset Bubble for the History Books

Posted by truthpills on 2009/04/09

By Bob Chapman
Posted: April 8 2009

Big bank money bombs will blow up money supply, economic data distorted beyond recognition, Fed magically conjures money, dollar set to lose its status in world currencies, zombie banks suck in healthy banks, just like in the movie, mark to market rules still hiding trillions in losses

Many of you may recall that there was a tulip mania in Holland in the 1630’s that has become synonymous with asset bubbles. Just to give you an idea of how over-the-top this mania became, the price for a single tulip bulb at one point during this mania was in the tens of thousands of dollars in terms of today’s prices. And believe it or not they were writing futures contracts on tulip bulbs! Now, courtesy of our new Treasury Secretary, Kissinger protégé Little Timmy Geithner, who is on loan from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Little Timmy’s sidekick, Buck-Busting-Ben, chairman of the privately owned Fed, we are about to experience a hyperinflationary money bubble as Little Timmy and Buck-Busting-Ben create and unleash a money supply mania. That money supply mania will cause many other manias, including gold and silver manias, as tangible asset prices skyrocket.
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The Easy Days Of Wall Street Are Over

Posted by truthpills on 2009/03/19

By Bob Chapman

zero interest rate mantra, world production fallen drastically, consumer spending fallen off a cliff, how many banks really have problems right now we wonder,  next G20 may end the era of free trade and globalization, hyperinflation is on its way, de-leveraging has dried up bank liquidity, hedge funds live in the Cayman Islands, BVI, and Bermuda, mainstream media not serving the needs of its viewers in how it reports the economy.

The new mantra for central banks is ‘zero-interest rates’ and an increase of 2% of GDP in money and credit. After this game has spent itself the only room left to maneuver in will be more inflationary increases in money and credit and monetization. Parallel to these actions are exploding budget deficits worldwide.

As a result of this short-term, opportunism stock markets worldwide are suffering, most recently have broken to new lows not seen in years. Earnings are plunging and dividends are being cut to the bone.

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Now As The Much Greater Depression Progresses

Posted by truthpills on 2009/03/06

Posted: March 4 2009
By: Bob Chapman

Gold price suppression still at work and you can benefit from it now, how we would love to be hangmen to the criminals who caused this financial crisis, fiat currency now used to plifer wealth, Dow will never return to 14000, stimulus for hyperinflation, trillions lavished on bankster-gangsters, Japan’s lost decate

For once we can thank the criminal miscreants in the gold cartel for all their suppressive efforts. As they buy time for themselves so they can bail out of dollar-denominated paper assets and roll the proceeds over into gold, silver and other real tangible assets on the cheap via the scheme we have referred to often as the Big Sting Two, they are also letting everyone else in the general public have more time to learn about gold and silver while precious metals are still affordably priced. These financial sociopaths are giving newsletter writers like us, and the hard money community in general, more time to educate the public about the nature of money, about inflation and about what they can do to protect themselves and their financial future with gold, silver and their related assets. In the end, their criminal enterprise will turn out to be self-defeating.

The more gold and silver the public has a chance to acquire in order to protect themselves against the corrosive effects of hyper-stagflation and a high risk financial environment, followed by the devastating impact of deflation and depression, the more people there will be to fight effectively against the move toward world government as the elitists destroy the world economy to pave the way for their One World Disorder. The more gold and silver we, the general public, own, the less power the elitists will have over us as the world financial system unravels and these fiends attempt to enslave us in a one-world police state which they intend to create out of the ensuing social, political and financial chaos. What they will get out of the ensuing chaos is violence, social upheaval and revolution, followed by trials, recriminations, confiscations of their property and striped suits.

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