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Goon Thug Cops and Gestapo Child “Protective” Services Strike Again

Posted by truthpills on 2015/04/12

By Paul Craig Roberts
April 10, 2015

Decorated Air Force heroine, 9 months pregnant, beat by goon thugs whilechild stealers kidnap her 18-month old.

The way American governments at every level treat Americans helps us to understand the US military’s systematic murder of women and children abroad.

Notice also that all the trouble was caused by a busy-body stupid public school teachersticking her nose in where it did not belong. Clearly, our rulers have us routinely turning one another in. Remember how many police murders of Americans result from some fool calling the police to report something innocent that the fool thinks is suspicious. I wonder what these busy-bodies feel like when they realize that they have murder and state-kidnapped children on their hands?

Any American who thinks that he lives in a free country is delusional. He has no protection against roving gangs of goon thugs, and the state has license to steal his children. If America is a free country, I would hate to contemplate an unfree country.


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CPS Takes Baby After Mom Asks For 2nd Opinion From Doctor

Posted by truthpills on 2013/04/30

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Refusing To Put A Normal Child On Psych Drugs Results In Swat Teams and a TANK. This is in America!

Posted by truthpills on 2012/08/06

Watch the short clip

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CPS involved in child trafficking?

Posted by truthpills on 2011/05/25

Maryanne Godboldo speaks out on the state-sponsored kidnapping of her daughter
Mike Adams
Natural News
May 24, 2011
(NaturalNews) Health freedom champion and civil rights defender Maryanne Godboldo was victimized by an armed attack led by Child Protective Services. CPS officials conspired with local law enforcement to threaten Maryanne with deadly force and kidnap her daughter. And what did Maryanne do to deserve this treatment? She refused to medicate her daughter with psychiatric drugs and, instead, chose to treat her daughter holistically.
Welcome to the new health care police state in America, where if you refuse to inject your child with dangerous vaccines or refuse to medicate your child with mind-altering psychotropic drugs, you are considered en enemy of the state.
Maryanne Godboldo recently spoke with Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews, to describe what really happened and how she is working to stand up for parents’ rights, civil rights and human rights. Watch the full interview at:

or catch it on YouTube at:


Read the full article

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CPS: The System Can Not Be Trusted

Posted by truthpills on 2009/04/15

Watch the short clip by Senator Nancy Shaefer

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