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Bankruptcy filings, state by state, 2005-2009

Posted by truthpills on 2009/11/18

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Grab Your Torch ‘n Pitchforks!

Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/09


Updated 6:13 AM EST, Mon, Feb 9, 2009

Hundreds of people trying to save their homes from foreclosure flocked to Connecticut’s wealthy Gold Coast this weekend to give financial kingpins a piece of their mind.

Stamford sits in the midst of one of the nation’s wealthiest areas, and among the regions particularly hard-hit by the housing market collapse. Nearby Greenwich and other suburbs are home to many of Wall Street’s wealthiest executives and financial managers.

Homeowners are fed up – and many are frustrated that those who lead the companies that gave them their subprime mortgages live in luxury while they struggle so hard to meet their loan payments and not fall behind.

On Sunday, hundreds of angry homeowners and volunteers traveled in vans and minibuses and protested outside Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack’s multi-million-dollar mansion to tell the wealthy finance czar how they really feel.

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