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Posted by truthpills on 2016/09/26

Low dietary selenium could be a risk factor for Zika-related defects, says UNC study

Kit Daniels – AUGUST 24, 2016

The dietary trace mineral selenium may reduce severe birth defects caused by Zika, a recent University of North Carolina study revealed.
The study, which was released in July but received scant media attention, says that Zika mimics a genetic disease known as PCCA by lowering selenium proteins known as selenoproteins.
“This research strongly suggests that selenium, a dietary trace mineral with a proven ability to improve clinical outcomes in HIV/AIDS and several other viral diseases, could also be useful in reducing the risk of neurological disorders and fetal abnormalities caused by Zika virus, including microcephaly, a birth defect characterized by small head size,” cell biologists Ethan Will Taylor and Jan A. Ruzicka stated. “…Low dietary selenium status could be a risk factor for Zika-related neurological and fetal abnormalities [experienced by pregnant women].”
“…This research suggests that Zika virus may use a known genetic mechanism called antisense to block production of some of the same human selenoproteins that are lost due to the genetic defect of PCCA.”

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