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Having Children Brings High Carbon Impact

Posted by truthpills on 2009/08/11

August 7, 2009, 10:32 am
By Kate Galbraith

Having children is the surest way to send your carbon footprint soaring, according to a new study from statisticians at Oregon State University.

The study found that having a child has an impact that far outweighs that of other energy-saving behaviors.

Take, for example, a hypothetical American woman who switches to a more fuel-efficient car, drives less, recycles, installs more efficient light bulbs, and replaces her refrigerator and windows with energy-saving models. If she had two children, the researchers found, her carbon legacy would eventually rise to nearly 40 times what she had saved by those actions.

“Clearly, the potential savings from reduced reproduction are huge compared to the savings that can be achieved by changes in lifestyle,” the report states.
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These type of propaganda is preparing people to accept a coming one-child policy because it’s for the Earth. There’s no global warming in 2009 but a global cooling (coolest July in record in many states in USA). Can’t change your mind? Change the terms–climate change! Thank God for climate change otherwise we just get a season and most likely to be either super hot summer or super cold winter. Global warming or climate change propaganda is getting us to accept hundreds of carbon taxes and total control of all aspect of our lives like what kind of light bulb we use, how low/high is our thermostat, how many children we can give, and etc. These people are the shaman of the Apocalypto movie. In the movie, in a coming solar eclipse, the shaman/magician tells the people to do whatever they say or the sun will not come back out of the black hole. Because they know the eclipse will end momentarily, they use that knowledge to scare and control the people. Pure crap! But, people throughout history fall for it. Will you in the 21st century?

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Did leak from a laboratory cause swine flu pandemic?

Posted by truthpills on 2009/07/02

Same strain of influenza was released by accident three decades ago
By Steve Connor, Science Editor
Tuesday, 30 June 2009

It has swept across the world killing at least 300 people and infecting thousands more. Yet the swine flu pandemic might not have happened had it not been for the accidental release of the same strain of influenza virus from a research laboratory in the late 1970s, according to a new study.

Scientists investigating the genetic make-up of flu viruses have concluded there is a high probability that the H1N1 strain of influenza “A” behind the current pandemic might never have been re-introduced into the human population were it not for an accidental leak from a laboratory working on the same strain in 1977.
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You can be sure that the swine flu wasn’t “accidentally” released in 1977. The research labs in CDC and many other bioweapon labs around the world have been and continually “accidental” releasing deadly viruses and bacteria for over a century. It is for eugenics purposes and for profit. Google on all the newest “accidental” releases of viruses like foot and mouth, mad cow, and etc.

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Neighbors close in after sex charges

Posted by truthpills on 2009/07/01

Published: Sun, Jun. 28, 2009 02:00AM

Sitting in a Durham County jail cell, Frank M. Lombard, the Duke University researcher accused of offering his adopted 5-year-old son for sex, awaits a trip to Washington, D.C., this week to face federal criminal charges.

Federal authorities say Lombard, 42, of 24 Indigo Creek Trail, performed sexual acts on his son and invited an undercover investigator online to fly to North Carolina and do the same.

Lombard, a licensed clinical social worker with a master’s degree in social work, is a health-disparities researcher who studies HIV/AIDS in the rural South.
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Please pay attention if you have kids. Be careful of Child Protected Services (CPS) (social workers). The family courts, CPS, and many “officials” are above the law for kidnapping children for profit. As much as 2/3 of social workers are pedophiles. They are given the power to take children without going to court. Families are not given a jury trial against their accuser(s). Most of the family court judges get kickbacks for kidnapping children. The social workers get bonus for the number of children kidnapped. The “system” gets paid as much as $250,000 per children that are “ordered” by rich families. The children that are in state custody or foster parents are 5 times more likely to be abused–physical and sexual. The system doesn’t investigate and report on the evil of itself. Know your laws. Don’t let them in your house unless they have a warrant (with probable cause).

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Obama’s Financial Reform Proposal – A Stealth Scheme For Global Monetary Control

Posted by truthpills on 2009/06/26

By Stephen Lendman

When politicians plan reform, it’s wise to be skeptical and hold on to your wallets. So fixing the economy by bailing out Wall Street is wrecking it, and Obama’s proposed health care reform taxes more, provides less, places profits above human need, avoids the most vital solutions, and leaves a broken system in place.

Now there’s “Financial Regulatory Reform, A New Foundation: Rebuilding Financial Supervision and Regulation” – announced June 17 with Obama saying he’ll send Congress a plan to create new government agencies, give the private banking cartel Federal Reserve more power, and address five major problems needing regulatory and legislative measures to fix.

— a new regulatory “Financial Services Oversight Council;”

— more power to the Fed over “all firms that could pose a threat to financial stability, even those that do not own banks” such as insurance companies;
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Obama’s solution (It’s really his boss’ solution) is to give more power to the people who caused the Great Depression and Greater Depression of 2010. We don’t need troublemakers to bring peace! How about arrest the robbers especially the private the Federal Reserve corporation–it’s like Federal Express, and its affiliates. We do not need more agencies, i.e. bigger government. Every agency starts out good for about 1 year and after that it turns against the people who they were to protect. How about following and enforcing the Constitution! This is
REAL change!

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NASA moon bombing violates space law and may cause conflict with lunar ET/UFO civilizations

Posted by truthpills on 2009/06/23

June 19, 4:14 PM
The planned October 9, 2009 bombing of the moon by a NASA orbiter that will bomb the moon with a 2-ton kinetic weapon to create a 5 mile wide deep crater as an alleged water-seeking and lunar colonization experiment, is contrary to space law prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies. The NASA moon bombing, a component of the LCROSS mission, may also trigger conflict with known extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon as reported on the moon in witnessed statements by U.S. astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and in witnessed statements to NSA (National Security Agency) photos and documents regarding an extraterrestrial base on the dark side of the moon.

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This is very odd that to find water in the moon, you need to blow a 5 mile wide deep crater and devastate the surrounding environment. Don’t the explosion and heat evaporate the much of the water if not all the water? NASA has a proven way to find things, i.e. to send in the rovers. They send two to Mars, they should be able to send scores of them to the moon. Is NASA trying to hid something? Or maybe even start intergalactic war?

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This Guy’s Getting More Power

Posted by truthpills on 2009/06/21

Joe Weisenthal|Jun. 15, 2009, 5:26 AM
The White House is set to unveil its much-anticipated revamp of the financial regulatory system this Wednesday, reports WSJ. Among the big, new changes: The Federal Reserve is set to get the power to unwind and shut down large institutions as the FDIC currently has for more plain vanilla banks.

There will also be a new, specifically consumer-oriented regulator, which you may call the Elizabeth Warren position, since it’s a notion she’s advocated a long time.
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The criminal private corporation–Federal Reserve is seeking more power in order to be a real part of the US government. The Federal Reserve is the one who is causing all the financial problems. They call it “business cycle”. And they will be the one who is fixing all the problems. Huh? Give them more power so they can screw it up even more? They need to be audited, tried in court for the million counts of criminal activities. I hope you will support Ron Paul Audit the Federal Reserve: HR 1207 and S 604. Yes, the US government currently has no power to audit the Federal Reserve. Can you believe this? Everything these days are done in darkness and in secret. There’s a lot they have to hid because they are thieves and criminals!

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Obama to propose strict new regulation of financial industry

Posted by truthpills on 2009/06/21

The plan would give the government new powers to seize key companies whose failure jeopardizes the financial system, as well as creation of a watchdog agency to look out for consumers’ interests.

By Jim Puzzanghera
June 16, 2009
Reporting from Washington — The Obama administration this week will propose the most significant new regulation of the financial industry since the Great Depression, including a new watchdog agency to look out for consumers’ interests.

Under the plan, expected to be released Wednesday, the government would have new powers to seize key companies — such as insurance giant American International Group Inc. — whose failure jeopardizes the financial system. Currently, the government’s authority to seize companies is mostly limited to banks.

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Did you get that? Any “key” company that “jeopardizes” the financial system can be taken by the dictator President Obama. This is contrary to what the title implies. This is corporate fascism where washington is wall street and wall street is washington. Soon, Obama will be Maobama.

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Your gold is safe with us, mint tells clients

Posted by truthpills on 2009/06/18

Reassurance comes amid fears there will be a ‘run’ on holdings

By Ian MacLeod, The Ottawa CitizenJune 13, 2009Comments (11)

To halt a possible “run” on the gold it safeguards for private businesses, the Royal Canadian Mint is reassuring customers their deposits are fully accounted for and in secure vaults as the investigation continues into as much as $20 million in lost precious metals.

Since the scandal broke last week, some precious metals market advisers have been trying to instigate “some kind of a run” on the custodial accounts of the Ottawa mint and other mints around the world, said Jon Nadler, senior metals market analyst with Montreal-based Kitco, one of the world’s leading precious metals bullion dealers.

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There is no such thing as a run on the mint or vault if the gold is accounted for. If they sold or leased or leveraged the gold without permission and they don’t have enough in the vault as the books say they should, then when all their clients withdraw their gold, there’s a run. There’s a run on the bank because they are leveraged 9 to 1 in the old days but now they are 50 to 100:1; just a few percentage of clients with full withdrawal would put the bank out of business.

run on the

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Global warming? Temps on an 8-year decline

Posted by truthpills on 2009/06/18

Pete Chagnon – OneNewsNow – 6/16/2009 4:30:00 AM

The Science & Public Policy Institute has released their monthly CO2 report for the month of May.

The monthly CO2 report is edited by Lord Christopher Monckton, who says the organization takes satellite and scientific data and presents them to the public without any alteration. He says the data collected shows a surprising trend.

“Temperatures have now been declining quite rapidly for nearly eight years,” he notes. “And none of the U.N.’s models predicted that.”

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It is very scary that much of today’s science are based on computer models. This is pseudo science. Computer models can be programmed to predict whatever “scientists” want. The “expert” scientists will create computer model outcomes to whomever funds their research. Even if some scientists were honest, they don’t have all the variables to make good long term predictions. If they miss one variable, the outcome can be completely different. Today’s experts are more like anointed religious priests of the ancient Mayan ages. The only difference is now we called them science or scientists.

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Crops under stress as temperatures fall

Posted by truthpills on 2009/06/17

Our politicians haven’t noticed that the problem may be that the world is not warming but cooling, observes Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker
Published: 6:04PM BST 13 Jun 2009

For the second time in little over a year, it looks as though the world may be heading for a serious food crisis, thanks to our old friend “climate change”. In many parts of the world recently the weather has not been too brilliant for farmers. After a fearsomely cold winter, June brought heavy snowfall across large parts of western Canada and the northern states of the American Midwest. In Manitoba last week, it was -4ºC. North Dakota had its first June snow for 60 years.

Three factors are vital to crops: the light and warmth of the sun, adequate rainfall and the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis. As we are constantly reminded, we still have plenty of that nasty, polluting CO2, which the politicians are so keen to get rid of. But there is not much they can do about the sunshine or the rainfall.

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The propaganda is that CO2 is pollution and nasty. That’s the brainwashing. Don’t download that matrix program in your mind. The previous sentence shows that CO2 is required for photosynthesis. The more sun, rain, CO2, the more photosynthesis and more life. CO2 is a life giving gas. The global elites are making hundreds of billions of dollars from cap-n-trade carbon & tax program. It is only possible by brainwashing you! By the way, polar bears can swim over 200 miles in open sea! Go to your local zoo and check out the descriptions. They don’t like solid ice for hundreds of miles, food is in/near water.

Most of the heat is caused by the sun like a car with closed window on a sunny day. It can reach 150 degrees or more. At night, inside that car is much cooler. You can warm that car and pump some CO2 in it, after about 5 minutes or less, it’ll be cool again and go back to it’s original temperature (equilibrium).

The real environmental disaster are toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, fluoride, pharmaceuticals drugs, and etc dumping into our water source and environment by the large manufacturing companies, hybrid species engineering that are released into the wild, growing dangerous GMO foods for profit, chemtrail spraying of our skies by government agencies everyday (google: direct and indirect aerosol spraying) for weather modification), and etc.

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